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  1. I called customer service to find out the hours and if they were open the day I wanted to go. The tech told me to bring all my Glock magazines and Glock pistols that I owned and they would go thru them and replace any worn parts in the pistols. I had some old magazines that the tech traded for new ones at no cost with my permission. I paid for Glock night sights for my pistols with no labor or extra parts. Not many manufacturers will give this service.
  2. The battery powered MoJO dove decoys work well at times also. I have used one when none of the hunters in the field were using them and the doves would come to my decoy.
  3. Dremel Tool, AcraGlas Gel kit, molding clay, masking tape for edge of stock before release agent.    The first one I did I used a cardboard box to hold rifle while placing AcraGlas in stock after preparation to prevent mess.  Brownell's web site has video's showing how to do it as well as the equipment you need.  I have never paid for having a Remington Rifle glass bedded.
  4. Brownell's or Midway USA might have the screw but I doubt shipping would be cheaper. I personally would order from Browning.
  5.   If Sig doesn't make quality AR's I guess I got lucky because my M400 has performed flawlessly and is very accurate.  I did drop in a Timney trigger from Brownell's on sale and improved my groups.
  6. Illinois Public Act 99-0029 effective 7-10-2015 made changes to Section 65b and a person with a concealed carry permit from their "Home" state does not have to unload the weapon inside the vehicle to store the weapon in the trunk.  Handgunlaw.us has the latest changes.   This section also defines the "case" needed to store weapon.    I try not to spend any money in Illinois even though I live within 25 miles of SE portion and have friends and relatives there.  Things are better having to cross the Ohio River bridge but with the Route 60 (Mississippi River) closed until January 2016 driving thru Cairo for me is not pleasant.  A couple of weeks ago coming back from Nashville, Tn Cairo police had 2 cars running radar on our drive thru town.  Obey the 30 MPH speed limit thru Cairo.... :(
  7. My brother lives near Blytheville, Arkansas and had not found a trailer yet he wanted so he asked me to haul the Polaris home. He had a machine and no way to get it home. ? I guess it may be close to 100 miles from Sikeston to Union City but good road. As for the food at Lamberts we get our food there to go usually. We call in order and go thru exit door to cashier and don't fight crowd. Lamberts takes care of "to go" orders in a timely manner even if lined up down front of store.
  8. My brother bought a Polaris last week from Abernathy and I hauled it home for him Tuesday. Salespersons were nice and lots of stock. Great prices. We went across the road to the Abernathy Harley Davidson portion and there were some very nice bikes. Lots of chrome on dealership floor. :)
  9. I have a .280 Remington also but it isn't Ackley Improved.  I have read a lot of good reviews and post on the .280 AI but never needed the extra umps for what animals I hunt.  The velocity of my .280 reloads are not far below the 7 mag.  I shoot mostly 140 grain Sierra BT bullets.   I do own a Remington Classic .250 Savage Ackley Improved with 40 degree shoulder that is a tack driver and is a nice accurate rifle.  Good luck if you decide to go the 280 AI route. 
  10. For those needing brass for 300 blackout Brownells has processed 300 blackout brass by "Brass Guys" for $175/1000. I bought once fired 5.56 brass on sale a few days ago and all I had to do was chamfer the necks and run thru neck sizing die before loading. Most if the 5.56 brass was Lake City.
  11. What jh225 said. Clean it well and shoot it like you stole it!!
  12. Sikeston is the trailer capital of Southern Missouri.
  13. If you cant find anything closer Google "Redneck Trailer Supplies". Click on "locations" in the pull down menu. They have several locations but none in Tennessee or even Arkansas but if you ever have a reason to come to Sikeston, Mo they would probably have a replacement axle. Redneck supplies the trailer manufacturers around Sikeston with parts and sell to general public reasonably. Call and inquire if interested in cost of parts.
  14. Clyde Orton was the sheriff's name.  He ran a nice place.  You are right on delta asphalt.  To get back to the thread subject.  I buy some things from Midway as they stock a lot of items.
  15. Taylor sand and Gravel dredged sand and gravel out of Miss. River at Caruthersville plus had a contractor or contractors that had asphalt plants at Hayti. Lots of activity in the 70's including bootleggers running whiskey into TN.
  16. I was an inspector checking sand and gravel for Interstate and other projects for gradation and quality.
  17. Haiti? I spent a lot of time working in Caruthersville.
  18. I have posted this before but a black bear was killed at Marquand, Mo with a .22 caliber rifle so the .40 cal taking one down doesn't surprise me.   Black bear killed near Marquand Tuesday, May 17, 2005 Scott Moyers ~ Southeast Missourian snip from Article:   The man said the bear stood up on its hind legs as the man's dog advanced. Standing up, the bear was 6 feet tall. "He was afraid the bear was going to tear up his dog," West said. "So apparently he shot the bear three times." The man used a .22-caliber rifle. The wounded bear ran into the woods, West said, and the man called the Bollinger County Sheriff's Department, which contacted the Department of Conservation. The bear couldn't be located that night. The next morning, the man called the agency and said he'd found the bear dead 150 yards from the shed. Monday morning, conservation agents retrieved the bear, a male, and stored the carcass in the walk-in freezer of a Fredericktown, Mo., taxidermist.
  19. Wideners.com had Hodgdon's H-335 also in 1 and 8 lb containers ($156.50/8 lbs.) not long ago when I looked to see if they had .223/5.56 Lake City Brass.  They didn't have any brass in stock for .223   The H-335 is a good powder for the .223/5.56 and produces good velocity and accuracy.
  20. I would work up a load of about 5 rounds each starting at minimum and going to near max.  I use a Oehler 33 chronograph and record data along with 5 shot groups to choose the load I use in my rifles including the AR15.  Most of the loads I shoot are near the max as I use powder that almost fills the case.  The H335 is good powder along with CFE223 and Varget IMHO.  I haven't tried other powders in the AR15.  The H335 had most velocity of the 3 and good accuracy but I am shooting CFE223 at the present time as I got 8 lbs from David.
  21. I found an old manual and was editing my post while you posted.  Sorry!!  See post  #14.
  22.   I don't have access to the latest manual with the Vmax bullets but the 3rd edition Hornady manual that I have from years ago shows the 55 grain spire point bullet starting load at 21.4 grains delivering 2800 FPS in the test rifle.  Maximum load from this manual is 26.3 grains and shows 3300 FPS but was fired in Remington 700.  I think you might be on the low pressure side of the load rather than max. 


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