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  1. Hunted a harvested corn field north of Sikeston, Mo. My friend and I shot limit of 15 by 8:30 am opening day. I used a pair of MoJo battery powered decoys and my friend used 1. We were hunting near an irrigation pivot. The doves came to the decoys as well as a few small Hawks. Try them if legal in TN. The decoys worked well for us and a pair is better than 1. Yesterday I only got 12 doves by 9am but lost 2 in corn stalks that I couldn't find trying to shoot doubles. Season is over for me. I cleaned shotgun and put it away.
  2. I purchased a prepaid funeral plan in 2003 for my mother. The local funeral home used Forethought Life Insurance Co. Batesville, Indiana. I received a certificate that could be used at any Funeral Home in case the one I bought from was out of business. They paid our claim when Mom passed in 2005 with no problems. There was no additional expense to our family at this time.
  3. I have a CM9 that is carried in a RJ Hedley (Lisa) leather holster in front pocket. I have never owned a PM9 but from what I understand the barrel rifling is the bigger difference and both shoot equally well. PM9 has polygonal rifling like Glock and CM9 is conventional rifling. I would rather fight than switch. Lol
  4. I got a free sample of Miltec grease several years ago and still using this on rails. EWL 2000 on AR.
  5. Slickguns.com shows Sportsman Guide with a DPMS Oracle .223/5.56 16" bbl for $503 plus $4.99 shipping. You might be able to find one local for that price. There was some for sale in this area for that price a couple of weeks ago.
  6. The Cape Girardeau, Mo store had 3 Ar's advertised this week in ad that came in newspaper. I went inside the store to look at scopes and no AR's out for display. I didn't ask a worker if they had any in stock.
  7. You are correct that the following residents can apply for non resident permits but the price of permits and training is expensive. I try not to spend any money in Illiniois and I am just across the line from Cairo. I no longer have to disarm to cross the bridge to KY and this is very nice. 1. Hawaii 2. New Mexico 3. South Carolina 4. Virginia
  8. But if you have a permit from your state of residence you can carry inside the vehicle and outside if you are placing weapon in trunk. Best thing is leave it inside car in glove compartment or console and lock doors. Not perfect but helps crossing from MO to Kentucky. Not sure if they recognize an out of state permit to car carry or not. Southern Illinois residents are working to get things perfected but are having to fight Chicago and Springfield.
  9. I have a 20 qt Pelican that I bought to keep in trunk of car when traveling. It kept ice really well the first and only time I used it. Lifetime guarantee compared to 5 years on Yeti. Amazon and others have deals on Pelican occasionally. We were at Branson 4 days the first part of May. I put a couple of ice buckets of ice from motel just before leaving and drinks were cold a day after we got home. I used Blue ice the first night at home on top of the ice I bought to help cool the cooler but left blue ice at home.
  10. Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas require you to inform if carrying and stopped by LEO.
  11. For casual wear I have a 5 stitch 1.5" black "original instructor" belt from "the wilderness. Com". My weight fluctuates and this belt is adjustable when wearing holster. For casual dress I have a nice leather custom belt that maker is out of business.
  12. We use a king sized sheet to lay on ground to catch brass from AR shooting from bench.
  13. Missouri Bullet gave Mo Shooting Sports (Mo NRA affiliate) a discount. They might give TN Gun Owners a discount if someone with authority from forum asked for the discount. IIRC it was 5 or 10%. I don't shoot cast so never ordered from MB.
  14. If you don't find what you need or want local CDNN Sports.Inc usually has a good selection of police trade ins. They are in Texas if you aren't familiar with them. Call toll free and talk with sales. They grade very conservative and shipping is reasonable. I have been very with my purchases.
  15. There is a Kahr Talk.com forum that has a very helpful group of guys and gals.  It is provided by Kahr.  Go over there and ask the question, someone should be able to help you.
  16. deadeye111


    ^^^^ This. Prayers sent
  17. Abernathy's has a good selection of Harley Davidson motorcycles and across road there is a tremendous amount of ATV's of different brands. Honda, Polaris, etc. I was there earlier in the week with my brother for service on his Polaris. Lots of good stuff on hand.
  18. I don't understand not being able to dispute charges either. That SUCKS!!
  19. How long do you have to dispute the charges on Credit Card? Is it possible the inspection and possible repair by Century eat all your time? If so personally I would send the product back and call credit card co. Just saying.....
  20. I use a transfer switch but they aren't cheap. I am not a electrician but was told by reliable sources that beaker that you threw could fail and back feed electricity to lines possibly electrocuting utility workers.
  21. You will be able to work that one out to your satisfaction I would think since a credit card is involved.
  22. Apparently you didn't pay with credit card. 2 months and store credit is unacceptable to me also
  23. We traded an IPhone 4s and a 5 for 2 IPhone 6+ when the 6's first came out. AT&T gave us $200 each for the old phones.


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