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  1. I’m a NRA Life member.I got the Life Membership on the installment plan because it was cheaper and mainly because Cleveland Hunting Rifle and Pistol Club requires you to be a NRA member.
  2. Regarding his legal troubles,I wonder the same thing. I was on a waiting list for a Springfield Vickers Master Class 1911.The quoted price was $1400 but when it arrived 2.5 years later the price was $1900.I passed but wonder now if perhaps I should have bought it.
  3. No.I haven’t went to the range for fun since the 80s.It’s for a specific purpose since,doesn’t make it any less fun
  4. Go to Harbor Freight or Home Depot and buy a plastic mallet,remove the slide and whack the rear sight until it where you want it,
  5. et45

    Springfield Echelon

    And Glocks always will.You can take a M&P,XD,PDP,etc and a Glock to a gun show and you will probably sell the Glock before you get in the door,if not then certainly within an hr.You will probably end up taking the others back home with you.That’s why I don’t buy or trade for any plastic pistols except Glocks.
  6. I’ve watched Shooting USA since it was on the Nashville Network.Great host, sad to hear this.
  7. et45

    Springfield Echelon

    That’s darn near slightly used Springfield 1911 prices.
  8. Looks like Springfield introduced their version of the 320 tonight.
  9. It was Skeeter Skelton"s favorite whiskey,a lot of old boomers like it just for that
  10. Anyone familiar with them?. I saw them pop up a couple days ago online.Pricing for their remanufactured ammo is cheaper than reloading it yourself with today’s prices,$220 a thousand.1K bullets and primers alone will run that much now,.The only dealer they listed is the Glock Store in Nashville.
  11. I used to own one of those.The manual says not to fan it,20 yr old me did and messed up the timing.I sold it at a gun show a couple years later for a $20 profit after telling the buyer it was messed up.
  12. Wish I had known this last year.I had a .44 mag Vaquero I got rid of.You probably know the 44 mag is the least produced caliber in the original Vaquero configuration.
  13. I know the Chattanooga Symphony played an annual concert on the 4th of July at the Wilder Tower in the Chickamauga Battlefield.I’m not sure if they resumed post Covid or not.
  14. et45

    Inherited 1911

    If it’s a Milspec they are good guns.I consider them a step above any Tisas or Rock Island on the market.
  15. Bullseye is good,Outpost is worth the visit although I and my daughter both preferred the old location.41 Hwy has 3 pawn shops that are worth a look,sometimes a gem shows up.
  16. Great carry gun.I too am thinning the herd but my 43x is staying even though I carry my 48 more now.
  17. Chattanooga placed signs prohibiting carry at Bragg Reservation on Missionary Ridge.The problem with that was Bragg Reservation is NPS land on which you can carry with a permit.
  18. et45

    Ruger Bearcat

    As a kid the first handguns I remember seeing in my family were a couple of Bearcats.My cousin had one and later my step dad had one too.Fast forward nearly 50 years and I found an original Super Bearcat in great shape. It only took the first trip to the range with my daughter for her to claim it.She’s going into the Air Force in September so I’ll keep it safe for her
  19. From the chatter on the various 1911 forums it’s my understanding that Springfield Armory has discontinued the Vickers Master Class.They only made 2 runs of them.It is still on their website.I handled one at GT Distributors a couple years ago and was impressed enough that I put my name on the waitlist,I was 3rd in line. No more ever came in and the one on display went into their private collection I assume because they don’t sell their display models if it’s the only one they have in the store.
  20. My initials are ET and my favorite caliber is 45 acp.
  21. Did you eat at the Smith House in Dahloniga?
  22. Y’all are a bunch of buzz kills
  23. Yep,my range requires a NRA membership so I got the lifetime one when they dropped the price down to $300 several years ago.
  24. et45

    Tiger McKee

    I heard this morning that Tiger McKee has passed away.He was the owner of Shootrite Academy in Alabama.He had stopped teaching and was doing custom conversions on S&W revolvers.He was only 63 or 64.


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