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  1. et45

    Red rider

    They make an adult size Red Ryder with a longer stock
  2. I’ve watched from the first episode.It veered off the track years ago but I had to see it through
  3. Pythons have always been pricey.Most people who bought them fired them little if any and put them up.
  4. Just an FYI the CMP is still accepting orders for Round 3.Rumor is they haven’t received enough orders. I think part of the reason is they upped the price $200 on each grade.
  5. A lot of them had parts replaced and or mixed up at the unit level.Only guns sent to an arsenal were stamped.
  6. No but according to the sheriff’s FB page it is going to be rescheduled
  7. My niece was going to go but found out beforehand it was canceled.
  8. 30+ years ago there was a rusty VW Beetle body at the edge of a field bordering AEDC.Sitting inside it in a lawn chair during a shotgun hunt I thought was a great idea,didn’t get a shot all weekend.
  9. I owned a couple USPs over the years one in 9mm and the other 45 ACP.They were accurate and I liked the DA/SA or cocked and locked option. I didn’t like the clunky feel they had.The 45 wouldn’t feed 200 gr swc reloads (I’ve had 3 Glock 30s that wouldn’t either).
  10. The only sentimental gun I have is my grandfather’s 410 dbl barrel that will go to my daughter.That being said she’s not really into guns but she will go shooting with me once in a blue moon and she loves shooting an old model Ruger Super Bearcat that I picked up at a pawn shop.She wouldn’t have clue how to load a NM Ruger because she’s never shot one.For that very reason and because I want one too I’m going to get a Colt SAA for my 60’th Birthday in 2024.I will leave her those 3 guns.The rest will be sold or traded like every other gun I’ve owned.
  11. You could put grip tape on it.Several pre cut options on the market or buy some skateboard tape and DIY.
  12. Not something I would want on my Glocks but super cool nonetheless.
  13. Basically yes.You pay up front in the regular store but go to the back room in Tn to do the 4473 and background check.This is only for handguns,you can buy a long gun in Ga.
  14. Antique stores in old small towns seems to be a trend now. I worked in Clinton back in 89 on a construction job.We fished the Clinch River a few times.
  15. The building is right on the Ga/Tn line.They built a room on the back.You go down a short hallway to it.
  16. Hilton Yam did a very informative Q&A about the Prodigy on IG.He hasn’t shot it yet but did a deep dive into the differences between it and the Staccato. The gist of it was the Staccato is almost $900 more for a reason,better parts and fitting.
  17. I got a Rack Grade Colt slide and frame in the 2nd Rd.Very pleased with it.
  18. James Yeager passed away yesterday.He had been battling ALS.
  19. I forgot to suggest the Gerber LST.I think they made them in 2 sizes.
  20. I like 1911s and Glocks equally.I bought my first 1911 in 87 and my first Glock in 90.I have around 4-5 of each at the moment.I’ve owned various DA/SAs and striker fired pistols over the years,I’ve even went down the BHP rabbit hole a couple times but I settled on the 1911 and Glock platforms as my go to pistols.
  21. Check out the MAM knives.Very similar to Opinel except most of them are liner lock and the handles are flat.Light and very sharp.
  22. I when or if this crap settles that’s not the new normal price for primers. I paid $16 for 200 SRP at the last gun show. I remember paying $12 a thousand back in the early 90s when I started reloading.
  23. No name eBay kydex IWB at 2 o’clock.I like the ease of being able to remove it quickly as my job doesn’t allow weapons in the workplace.
  24. The DL renewal used to be easy to remember,it was every 5th birthday,35,40,45,etc. I had thought about getting the lifetime carry permit but the years vs money didn’t add up. I will be doing good to get 2 more renewals.


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