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  1. I never thought I'd be writing in after all these years, but I have a new relationship. Today we did it 150 times and only had 2 issues. It's ok, it was in the first 25 times and we were just warming up. I was smiling and I think my partner was, at least, willing and able. Strange wobble when we did it, but it's the law of physics. Even though we just met, my partner does need some cosmetic surgery. It is not for self esteem, we don't care what other think about us when they see us. It will make it better when we do it.
  2. I just acquired a FI Industries Model D .380 Doing some research, I read the following from experts on the web: This was the predecessor of the pony. Introduced as a joint venture with multi companies (including Star) to assemble. Colt needed a partner as they were then emerging from bankruptcy. Some were great, other horrendous, regardless of who put it together. My particular specimen is roll marked FI IND WASH DC / FI MOD D CAL .380 I don't see any import marks so I really hope it was assembled and sold from DC. It might have been the last one to escape. S/N begins with CPA, which supposedly denotes Colt Patented or Pony Automatic. No firing pin block with very positive thumb safety Full length guide rod and barrel bushing set up which is kind of cool. For size comparison, is it virtually identical to the Kimber Micro .380 Slightly heavier. The sights are usable thought the adjustable rear sight was cute sales gimmick. If anyone know more about this little pistol, please post!
  4. http://www.fox13memphis.com/top-stories/gun-manufacture-offering-voluntary-upgrade-program-for-those-who-own-sig-sauer-p320/600686931 If you own a Sig Sauer P320 handgun, you may want to check into this. After concerns that the gun could accidently discharge, the firearms manufacture issued a voluntary upgrade program to address the potential concerns this month. According to policeone.com, the Dallas Police Department temporarily suspended the use of the firearm last week due to safety precautions. “A Stamford Officer is suing Sig Sauer for $6 million in damages for a January incident,” News 12 Connecticut confirmed. The officer claimed his pistol was in its holster when it dropped. The gun then went off when it hit the ground and shot him in the leg. FOX13 discovered this video on Omaha Outdoors' YouTube Chanel showing the potential of discharge when dropped. Omaha Outdoors said when the handgun dropped at a certain angle, the P320 could fire. The YouTube Channel also said this was repeatable among multiple P320s in multiple calibers even when they were dropped from as low as thigh height. FOX13 discovered the Bartlett Police Department used the gun as equipment for their officers. The department told FOX13 they have been in contact with Sig and have opted into their upgrade program. Effectively getting 120 new P320's that exceed the drop safe mandates. So while the P320's that are on the shelves meet and exceed all U.S. standards for safety, the company said in a Q&A: Q: Is my P320 safe in its current configuration? A: Yes. The P320 meets and exceeds all us safety standards. However, mechanical safeties are designed to augment, not replace safe handling practices. Careless and improper handling of any firearm can result in an unintentional discharge.
  5. Picked this up from my local FFL today... CZ P-07 Gen 2 I was pleasantly surprised to find that it also came with the new CZ P-10C compatible magazines with the ambidextrous mag release notch in the front of the tube, and the red followers.
  6. I recently got my first AR pistol in .223/5.56, 8.5" palmetto State armory with a melonite barrel to be exact. However I'm having trouble sighting it in at less than 50 yards. I tried some cheap flip up irons and a sight mark red dot. Since then I've put a laser and wrote it off as a hip fire spray and pray fun gun. Next I bought a Palmetto AR 9 10.5" barrel that accepts Glock mags. I mounted the same two sights to it and could not zero them on this set up either. I recently ordered some MBUS sights and a bore sight to see if that helps. What would be your preferred red dot? I would like to not splurge on a EoTech but still have something reliable. The more low profile the better also.
  7. I'm going to get a new pistol for 3gun and general range fun, and I like the way the 5" M&P 9 Pro feels in the hand. I've read some conflicting reports about the accuracy of the older ones. How are they now? I'd be interested in opinions comparing it to the VP9 and full size P320 also because I'm considering them as well. I have plenty of Glocks and love them all, but I just want something different this time.
  8. I recently purchased a cz75d that appears to be an older model. It has a ring on the end of the pin that goes through the hammer spring. I would like to replace the ring pin assembly with a standard pin but I'm not having any luck in finding one online. Any ideas?
  9. DJTC45

    Here's a new one

    I just got this about two weeks ago and have been busy adding a few things to top it off. This is a SIG MCX Pistol w/ Sliding Brace in 300BLK. I installed the Troy Battle Sights, TRIGCON MRO, BCM Hand Guards and a Hand Stop. Haven't got to shoot it yet been a little busy, here are the specs. SIG MCX SNAKEBITE lmtd. edition of 300, it has a 9 3/4" Bbl. 1:5 Twist done in two tone FDE/BLACK a Sig Sliding Arm Brace. Let me know what you guys think about it. Here are a couple of pics. and I'll post a range report as soon as I have time to get it out and run some rounds down it.
  10. For some odd reason lately I've had a hankering for a S&W revolver chambered in the mighty .32 S&W Long. Scratched that itch today at the gun show with this pristine example. Think it was made around '68 or '69 and appears unfired outside of the factory. Even had the original manual and registration card in the box.
  11. https://www.gunsamerica.com/blog/181-round-pistol-new-caracal-enhanced-f-quick-sight-full-review/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=20170717_BlogDigest_233&utm_campaign=/blog/181-round-pistol-new-caracal-enhanced-f-quick-sight-full-review/
  12. The latest video I've seen (as of Aug 3, 2017) on the Hudson H9. Plenty of good overview in here from the company including some really close-up views of the gun. I've got to say that the included Trijicon HD sights, three mags, G10 grip panels, Hogue backstrap and black nitrided stainless steel construction make for a compelling reason to open up my wallet and pay the $1147 MSRP they're asking. I've paid more than that for lesser guns!
  13. Ok, here's the question, I am looking for a decent 9mm to buy for my Brother in-law. Last year for Christmas I paid to get him his CCW for his present, and he went to a pawn shop and bought a little Jennings .380 for a carry weapon SMH, now let me preface this by telling you he is CHEAP!!!!!! He got the Jennings because it only cost him $50 and imho he got ripped off. Out of a 8 round mag this thing will jam at least twice every time. I have tried and tried to get him to upgrade but he wont spend the money for anything better. He works in Hvac and is always going to peoples houses and such so my wife worries constantly that that POS paperweight he carries is going to fail him one day when he needs it. So she has begged, bartered, and threatened me into agreeing to buy him a decent 9mm for his birthday next month. Now I don't want to spend a lot of money on this weapon, mainly because I've seen the way he treats the one he has and it makes me cringe every time. It has to be small enough that he can conceal it easily while crawling under houses and such and I'd say my price limit would be around $300, and I would prefer all metal, again he is rough on his and I'm not sure Tupperware would hold up. O and he wont own anything that doesn't have a manual safety, His words when I was trying to talk him into a Glock or S&W. Any suggestions would be appreciated
  14. I've done the rounds of my usual crack, err...gun dealers looking for one of the new style MC Operators ( Factory G10 grips and the checkered front strap) yet they're nowhere to be found. Has anyone stumbled across one in their browsing lately?
  15. Buds Gun Shop has them. $226 to my door. Ordered on 08-062017 and arrived 08-09-2017. Have not had a chance to shoot it yet but feels nice and loads/ejects many different types of 22lr ammo I have on hand.
  16. Hey I was just curious if there was a market for used factory Glock barrels. I have a 4th gen Glock 19 and I was thinking about selling my current Barrel and getting a stainless one. Does anyone know what a good price would be? Also what do people typically do with factory barrels that would be interested in buying it? Thanks
  17. Has anyone seen this yet? I own several Sigs, but this one is truly awesom! https://www.sigsauer.com/store/1911-we-the-people-full-size.html i want one!
  18. So I've been looking for a 320 subcompact for a while now. I've seen a lot of listings for accessories for them and have talked with the guys at Mahoney's multiple times about this gun chambered in .45. So yesterday I called sigs customer service line to find a broker that could place an order for one and he said that they didn't make the subcompact in a .45. Am I taking crazy pills? Do they not offer it in the subcompact?
  19. It would seem, IMHO, that the FNH FNS series of pistols has to be the closest thing to a "perfect" pistol. The 9mm version is Glock 19 size with 17 capacity, the grip texture and angle are what they should be, they are fully ambidextrous... why is this not the most popular pistol on the planet? Or is it, and I just don't know it?
  20. Just saw a review of this compact 9 and I must say I like it. I've been looking for a pocket 9 for a while now, and I really like this one. Need to find one and see if it is pocket size. I love the way it offers several carry configurations with both a safety/decocker and a trigger, with da/sa options. Normally I like bigger guns but I want to replace my 380 pocket gun with a 9mm. Anyone try this gun yet?
  21. I finally found a CZ P-10C at a good price online and snatched it up. While I might have usually gravitated towards an all-black model, this FDE was readily available and it seemed to me that I could use some variety in the palette department as well. Tomorrow will be the maiden voyage with it at the range, but I've been dry-firing the snot out of it and took a moment to black out the rear sight's luminescent dots to provide a more simple sight picture until better irons come along. My impressions so far are: The grip texture is perfect. Anyone who says it's too rough doesn't do any sort of manual labor and needs to harden the heck up. The trigger is phenomenal. Crisp, predictable, and the reset is short, tactile and audible. It feels better than any Glock trigger I have tried yet. The safety lever sits flush with the trigger face when depressed so I clearly don't have one that is going to rub a blister or anything silly like that. The true ambidextrous mag release is excellent, albeit pretty stiff coming new out of the box. I've been repeatedly ejecting an empty mag over and over tonight to loosen it up some. The FDE is an interesting color and changes a bit depending on ambient light. It's darker with more of a grey tinge than most pictures show. It is pretty close in color to Magpul's FDE plastic AR-15 furniture. Anyway, pics. If you right click them and open in a new window, you can see them at a higher resolution.
  22. I picked up a 386 Hunter XL today, it's the scandium 6" 7-shot model. I got it for a pretty good price I think. I was trying to find another to compare price to but can't seem to find one. I didn't have time to shoot it before leaving work. So my questions are, who has one? How is it? I hate using this word, but how "rare" is this? Picture is attached for some gun porn.
  23. I am, and have been looking for, a CZ75B SA in a 9mm. Everybody, keep your eyes and ears open if you hear of a gun shop that has one for sale.
  24. " Ruger recently discovered that all Mark IV™ pistols (including 22/45™ models) manufactured prior to June 1, 2017 have the potential to discharge unintentionally if the safety is not utilized correctly. In particular, if the trigger is pulled while the safety lever is midway between the "safe" and "fire" positions (that is, the safety is not fully engaged or fully disengaged), then the pistol may not fire when the trigger is pulled. However, if the trigger is released and the safety lever is then moved from the mid position to the "fire" position, the pistol may fire at that time. " https://ruger.com/dataProcess/markIVRecall/index.php
  25. This thread is dedicated to photos of your Dan Wesson 1911's gents (and ladies). Post them up. I'll start with . . . . . The Twins - Dan Wesson Classic Bobtails - CBOB's - 10mm & .45 ACP (yea, I'm a lousy photographer)

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