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  1. gomer pyle

    9mm 1911

    I've consolidated most of my calibers and got rid of all my 1911s and while I like my glocks they just don't fit my hands like a 1911 does. I want to stay with 9mm and I'd like to get another 1911. I've looked online at the EMP but from what I've read, due to the composite frame(?) you can't shoot +Ps thru them. Also, I wonder if the smaller frame will fit my hands? What other 9mm 1911 options are out there? I know there is costume shop stuff in the $2k plus range but that's out of my league right now. I'm in the dreaming stages right now, due to unexpected medical bills.
  2. http://m.imgur.com/gallery/L9q6lvQ
  3. Has S&W, Ruger, Charter Arms etc... stopped making a .327 Magnum with a 2" to 3" barrel? I have looked everywhere I know to look and can't find one. I've found several 1.8" and 4" barrel revolvers but none in the 2" to 3". I can't even find a used one!!
  4. Just a heads up. Tennessee Gun Country had a Sig P320 Tac Ops, operative word is had! $703 before taxes and background check. Also Academy in Clarksville is carrying the new Canik SF Elite model. Titanium colored slide, $430 before taxes and background check.
  5. So i found a really good deal online on an arizona "classifieds" website.. contacted the person using the email address from ad... seems kinda fishy, dunno why but doesnt seem right... is there a way i can ensure im getting the gun before i pay this individual... just seems to good to be true
  6. I've been looking at getting a different pistol in .40 caliber. I currently have a Gen 3 Glock 23. I've had mine for several years and I like the gun except for the grip size. I have smaller hands (cue the Trump jokes...lol) and shoot okay with it but the grip is slightly larger than I care for. I have been looking at the Glock 23 Gen 4 and it seems to be smaller but not by much. I have also looked at the Springfield XD MOD2 (Service Model with 4" barrel) in .40. I liked the feel of the gun and think it could be a contender. The last and possibly new favorite gun I handled is the H&K VP40. I really liked how the gun felt in my hand also. I have read some reviews and watched Hickock45's videos) on those guns. His review of the VP40 stated that it felt more snappy than the G23. I know the .40 is snappy but making a gun even snappier is a negative. I have also read that several people complain of a higher bore axis with the Springfields and H&Ks compared to the Glocks (I don't know if that is anything to concern myself with or not or if it's just preference).I am looking for input on anyone's experiences with the above mentioned guns that may help narrow down my choices. Thanks.
  7. Hey guys. I started a conversation previously regarding handgun laws and I got great answers that helped a lot. But I have one more question that I didn't think of but would've been helpful to know today. The castle doctrine extension enables me to carry a loaded handgun in my vehicle without an HCP as long as I am not unable to own a handgun by law and if I'm in lawful possession of the vehicle. My question is....if someone I am riding with (friend,relative etc.) is in lawful possession of their vehicle, would that be covered by the castle doctrine? Or is it only if I myself am in possession of the vehicle and am driving? Thanks for the help!
  8. Goldsquare


    I'm looking for a nice price on an AR-Pistol upper 7.5. I'm in Dyersburg so i will drive if i have to in the area. But if you know of an online site that has one that'd be great too. So please guys help me out. I would like it complete with quad rails. I don't like the key holes. I have the lower complete. I'm going flat dark earth and black colors. Thanks
  9. Hey guys, i bought a G4 19 MOS last year but never installed a red dot, recently a buddy offered me a real good deal on his old Trijicon RM04, this is the fiber optic version with the amber dot. The problem is the Trijicon plate that came with the gun doesn't fit this particular sight. Anyone else run into this problem/find a place to order other plates for different red dot options? Any help would be appreciated!
  10. Got a S & W Victory model revolver a few weeks ago @ an auction. Parkerized finish worn smooth, plain wood grips , serial # S V109345... Anyone know about when it was made/shipped from factory ? Thanks !
  11. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced the same issue I've had. When trying to chamber a round from a fully loaded 30 rd magazine I'm finding that the bolt doesn't go completely forward like it should. If I try using the bolt release it will get hung up just about every time. If I do the slingshot method using the charging handle it will work correctly but only if I really let it rip. Anyone else experiencing this? I really don't think I would trust this gun if I had to do a defensive reload. Other than this issue it feeds all types of ammo without fail
  12. Aim Surplus sent me a e-mail showing the Canik SF shipped at $332 and some change. Just a heads up.
  13. I haven't added a Smith and Wesson to my collection for quite some time, but recently, I ran across three different ones I just couldn't pass up. top: model 38 no dash middle: pre 34 kit gun bottom: 14-3 (came with box and papers)
  14. Would someone with a S&W reference book help me out with the year these two Model 10-6's were manufactured? C753XXX (Think it is 64 or 65) D881XXX (" " " 75 - 77) Thank you!
  15. I've had my current Ruger Mark II for going on 20 years and can only take a wild guess at how many rounds have gone thru this lil work horse of a pistol. All I know is that there were some summers where it saw a 550 round box of Federals EVERY single weekend. Conservatively I'd estimate it's about 5K rounds/yr, so I don't have a damn thing to complain about. You can't put that many rounds thru any gun without replacing a worb out spring here or there. I've also upgraded to a set of Hogue target grips, Volquartsen extended mag release, and FO front sight. Every other part is original. Yesterday I was indoctrinating a co-worker from CA, err, introducing a first time shooter to the wonderful world of firearms and of course the Mark II comes out first. We put about 400 rounds thru the old gal with zero issues. However, when I got home to clean it, the mainspring was stuck. It took me about 30 minutes to take it apart (this was the normal reassembly time back when I first got the gun and there weren't such thing as a YouTube video to show you how to do it right). I found that the bolt stop pin had broken just above the mainspring. The bottom part is still attached to the mainspring by the pivot pin. I'm guessing the love taps with a rubber mallet over the years to unjam the mainspring or align the bolt stop pin holes finally had their toll. I'm not whining, the replacement parts are $15 including shipping from Ruger. I just thought after all these years this thing was indestructible.
  16. Kimber new 6" 10mm hunting 1911. Personally I think this is sexy AF. Then the MRSP of $2688 brings me back to reality.
  17. A new pistol in 9mm that looks like a Glock. http://www.schmeisserusa.com
  18. I have now put several thousand rounds through my Glock 20 and I am just not in love with the trigger. It is a bit too spongy for me and doesn't break like I want it to break. Can any of you recommend someone in the Nashville/Murfreesboro area? I'm looking for first-class work so I'm willing to open the wallet. I hardly ever modify a stock Glock but this is going to be the exception. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.
  19. New guy here, but not new to forum discussions. Thought I would throw this out there. Is any forum better/worse for posting 1911 related topics, questions, photos, etc? Just curious. Off to bed, I'll get your replies in the morning.
  20. Use Code FEB15 to get 15% off of Firearms and Ammo online and in Gander Stores. Expires tonight at Midnight (Sat Night)
  21. ... iffen you buy one of their heaters, now through last of June. http://www.springfieldpromo.com/ - OS
  22. Not sure if this is the right place to post this. But....... Where is the best place to find a good Smith 640 or especially the 640 Pro? I've been wanting one for a good bit, but the Pro is usually pricey. It wouldn't hurt my feelings to go for a used one at all, but you just don't see them come up very often.
  23. I am sure most of you know this but entering the code NRA10 at checkout at Gander Mountain gets you 10% off on the website.
  24. Hydor

    S&W 686 Markings

    I recently acquired a S&W 686-2 that is purported to be a TN state issued law enforcement duty weapon from the late '80s. Does anyone know the significance of following markings located on the frame below the cylinder?

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