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Glock 44 for the Missus?


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The SW 317-3 I have is an Air Lite, 8 shot revolver with a 3" brl and target sights with a green light gathering Hi Viz front sight on it.  It is a great revolver to start out new shooters with.  I have put 1,000s of rounds through the one I have had for years. I purchased it used from a pawn shop so they are rugged IMO. I have no idea how  many rounds were fired in the revolver before I acquired it. I cleaned and inspected the brl, and frame, for cracks, and found it to be in great shape. 

I always start new shooters on the 317  then go to my 22 Lr Sig Mosquito pistol. Most like the Sig but when we move up to 380, and above in caliber, their hand strength sometimes limits how big of a caliber they can rack the slide on. 

I mostly have taught ladies to shoot, and I have had one lady who has stuck with a 22 revolver. I will say that a few years ago a close by neighbor had 2 night time (2AM) prowlers, on her front porch, and they were trying to gain entry to her house, but she had a good locked storm door that they could not get opened. She told she was inside, with no kind of weapon, and could listen t their conversation. She said one told the other, "I know that old lady is in there and she just got her medicine and check." Told the Deputy they shook the storm door several times and even walked to the back door and tried.  

She was 80 Y O, and could you just imagine the fear she must have been going through.  She had called 911 and it was 20 minutes before a deputy arrived. She was lucky she had  good doors and they didn't pursue the forced entry any further.  I would think that even a 22 LR pistol would have been a good friend to this lady in that situation, if she could use it. She lived in a large subdivision with 90 houses close by and around her. Shame on her neighbors for not helping her, sooner, to let her know they would come to her if she needed them. We don't talk to our neighbors any more and that is sad.   

ReeferMac, I say, without a doubt, allow your misses to use the 22, if that is all she can handle. If a situation like this one I told you about above, arises, you can have a good 38 spl revolver that operates like the 22 revolver she has, or 9 MM pistol that is like the 22 pistol she chooses. She could go to the larger caliber, in an emergency, and be familiar with knowledge of how it fires,  in times of emergency.  Of course if she is out in the public, then she will need to rely on the 22 she has with her, if she conceal carries. I am happy to say my wife does carry. She carries a Ruger LCR in 38 Spl and her house gun is a SW Lady Smith mdl 65, in 38 Spl or 357 mag. She carries the same ammo in both, Cor Bon DPX in 38Spl.  

Guys, if you have close by widow neighbors, who are living alone, make friends with them and give them your contact information in case they ever need it in an emergency. By the time I heard about this incident, from her next door neighbor, she had left the house, never to return.  

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 Try to find something in .32 caliber for her to try. Very light recoil and considerably better than a .22. My real concern with a .22 is that it is a rim fire. Not the most consistent ignition system and current production .22 ammo is getting worse all the time. Way more misfires than there used to be.  For that matter, you might try a little .25acp pistol. It is a center fire, much more reliable and she's probably like the small size for a purse gun. Don't dismiss the idea. Any gun is better than no gun. ;)

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On 3/2/2020 at 12:17 PM, Grayfox54 said:

 Try to find something in .32 caliber for her to try. Very light recoil and considerably better than a .22. My real concern with a .22 is that it is a rim fire. Not the most consistent ignition system and current production .22 ammo is getting worse all the time. Way more misfires than there used to be.  For that matter, you might try a little .25acp pistol. It is a center fire, much more reliable and she's probably like the small size for a purse gun. Don't dismiss the idea. Any gun is better than no gun. ;)

You might look at this, if a .32acp is something you might want to try,  I know they are used, but they seems to be really accuate and soft shooting pistols. 


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Thanks everyone!

Went into my local store today, got to paw a Glock 44 for a good 20 minutes. 

Oh. My. Gawd.

Listen, I'm of German descent, you don't have to convince me a whisker about the quality of German/Swiss/Austrian engineered devices. Honest. I own a plastic pistola myself (S&W M&P 9C) but Oh My GAWD!!!!

Seriously, I've held airsofts that felt more robust!

I'm sure it's a fine gun, really, Glock's name says it all... And I get they're trying to manufacture to a price point... BUT OH MY GAWD!


I wouldn't give you 200 bucks for that piece of plastic, let alone 360 + tax.

Honest, I'm sure it's great, if you have one and love it, more power to you! But I'll never spend that kind of cake for something that looks and feels like chinese crap, I don't care who's logo is on it. Period. Put some damned metal into the gun! The stinking guide rod is plastic! Frankly I wasn't 100% sure about the barrel, either (kidding!)


Wow... Maybe I really am getting old?

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Ha! Ha! Well ok then. :rolleyes: I haven't seen one yet and frankly not interested. But there have been reported problems with those. I mean really, a .22 cracking slides? :eek:

Seriously, check into a .32 or even a .25. And don't rule out revolvers. They do work.  I told the story many times about my wife's arthritis limiting her choices. She absolutely loved her S&W Model 30 in .32 Long. Didn't bother her to shoot it one bit. She shot it very well too. :up:

The Beretta 81 Moped listed would be an excellent choice. 

Darn shame you're plumb at the other end of the state. I have several that I'd be happy to let you try. You ever get over to the west end?  HEY! Anybody on the east side got something Mac's wife could try out? 

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1 hour ago, ReeferMac said:

Wow... Maybe I really am getting old?

It could be you expect more than junk for your money. M&P 22’s are the same way. The so called “Full size” is made overseas by an air soft company and the “Compact” is 80% of the size and about half the weight. That’s unacceptable for me. I own a 617 and just bought a Ruger Mark IV Competition, and would spend the money on a full size quality M&P 22, but not the junk they are serving up now. And I’m a Smith & Wesson Fan Boy.

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On 2/29/2020 at 6:17 AM, ReeferMac said:

Anyone try out that new Glock 44 in .22 LR?

Rimfires are not reliable....period. I would never trust one for a primary CC gun; maybe BUG. Even center-fire can have issues, which is why I CC a Beretta with second-strike hammer action.
Personally, I would look at one of the Smith EZ models or in our case, a Walther CCP (since I already own one in 9mm).

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Thanks for suggestions fella's.

I talked with her about it last night and she agreed to try shooting her 9mm again one of these weekends. She agree's with my assessment of the need to carry more regularly.

I've started reloading again recently. Might try putting together a few mags of lighter-touch, maybe 115 gr instead of the 124 I usually use? I'm concerned however that some Winchester 115gr. I've used caused FTF's and stove-pipes. I could reload HP's, but would prefer factory ammo from a reliability stand-point. I use Speer Gold Dots and HST's in 124 gr., and match my target ammo as well. For plinking around I use Berry's 124gr round nose and 4.5-4.7 gr Titegroup. Never chrono'd the rounds, but it feels about the same as when I use commercial target rounds.

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I was at a gun show today and after reading Mac's comments I made a point of looking at a new Glock 44. Holy Cow! Mac was right, it feels like a toy!  :eek:  I'll bet a full 9mm magazine by it self would outweigh that entire gun. It just looks cheap too.  Of course, being a Glock, it has the ergonomics of a 2X4. :rolleyes:

I'm not a Glock guy, so it doesn't really matter to me. But I am surprised that a well know company would produce such a thing. :confused:


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38 minutes ago, SonnyCrockett said:

best to let the Mrs pick out her own weapon of choice or you will end up with several  nice guns she will never shoot

So... You're saying I should go but a bunch of nice guns "for my wife"? 🤔

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Update: Father-in-Law lives not-too-far, I spoke to him the last time he came to visit (big aficionado, used to shoot target .22, in his advanced age he carry's a .22 Magnum). She went to see him for a visit Monday, and low and behold he sent her home with one of his .22 semi-auto's to 'practice' with.

(lately she has been bringing her Ruger with her in the car when she travels, we're going to try some practice with it these next few weeks, since, well, there ain't much else to do! Thinking about putting together some softer loads on the press, but find the gun has trouble cycling if I do that).


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