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Newbie here looking for some advice from the seasoned pros. I’m looking for the best way to storage large(r) quantities of water say 50 gallons, multiple and how long they’d likely last. 

It would be for consumption-myself and pets.

What are the preferred methods. I’ve been researching but there’s so many varying opinions. Hopefully there’s some of you here that can give some pros n cons. I have a rather large garage that I can easily store multiple in no problem. 

Thanks guys. 

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If you are going to collect rainwater or well water for storage it will contain no chemicals that would reduce the growth of mold and such.  Even ‘processed’ water will only last a short time.  If I were doing it, I’ve have a filter system upon extraction then boil water for say ten minutes (research this) before drinking.  If you are extracting true ground water and not surface water, you should be good in the short term.  The earth is a great filter.  I was a geophysical well logging engineer for 21 years but you will be the judge.

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We keep much smaller amounts of water more for when town water goes out from anywhere from a few minutes to a day. Seems to happen several times a month, old infrastructure. We keep a three 5 gallon plastic jugs and 3-10 1 gallon jugs. Of this two 5 gallon and three 1 gallon we put about 1/4 teaspoon of Clorox/gallon in to keep it from going bad. The rest is not for drinking but just to wash hands and flush toilets. Try to dump and refill every year or so.

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IBC totes are a pretty common option. They can be stacked, but I am not sure if more than 2 high. You can get new, or like @ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ get a used food grade one that has had something safe in it. I have seen local ones that had cooking oil, but I worry about getting them clean enough for drinking water. I am not close to you, so I am not help on a local source.  Good Luck. 



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    We have a couple of IBC totes for our rain water collection system.   The water in one tote is used for our gardens, we always keep one tote topped off, and the water is cycled due to using it in the garden.  We also have 5 gallon containers and one gallon jugs that are kept full, with about 50 gallons in portable containers.  If we end up using our rainwater, it would be filtered and then treated with either chlorine or UV light, depending upon the quantity needed.

    We also have a spring, and the water from that would also be filtered and treated.  Additionally, we have a pond for non-potable water.  Water sources were a major consideration when we were looking for property.


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Jackalope.  The secret to a spring is does it it run even in the hottest months.  If so, it’s ground water.  If not it’s surface water.  You live in an area with a lot of limestone and dolomite (low grade limestone).  Depending on where you are in that area, sandstone can be a problem. You may be drinking water that went into the grounds thousands of years ago.  Due to the high mineral content, you may develop stones.  If you wish, I would recommend a filter system for your drinking water to remove the calcite.


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All great feedback guys, Thank You. 
Think I’m going to go with a few of the IBC totes. Seeing as I do not have running water nor ground water (time to move?)I will go with the collect and store then chlorine purification with the extra added safety of boiling route. 

Hopefully I live to report back 😂 

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