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CNN Sunday night March 3rd, "The Whole Story"

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Walked into the lions den and did an interview with Van Jones, it will air next Sunday night at 8:00 Central.

Jones is a Jackson, TN native and a graduate of UT Martin.  An avowed communist, his crowning accomplishment was his tenure as Obama's "Green Jobs Czar", (from which he had to resign) now a commentator on CNN.  The interview on my part lasted over an hour and a half, I doubt there will be 5 minutes used in the program if that, but I gave as good as I got.

This is the trailer...


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Good on you for engaging in the dialogue, @Worriedman .  We need more interaction, not less.

I'd imagine this will be CNN focusing a good bit on what happened during the last legislative session with the "Tennessee Three" as they've become known nationally, and how the state supermajority is conducting politics.

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What started as an account of a tranny monster shooting up a school quickly turned into accusations of white supremacy, unfair gerrymandering and a host of other insidious conservative overreaches.  The big question they didn't answer is how they lost a decades-long Democrat majority after Obama became president.  Maybe because of far-left extremism?  Kudos to @Worriedman for delivering the knockout blow of the night--if we lose the 2A, what other constitutional right goes next?

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Pretty much what I expected. A total hit piece. Because Tennessee has a Republican Super Majority we are a bunch of racist and evil people who pose a major threat to democracy. What a crock! 🤬

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7 hours ago, Grayfox54 said:

Pretty much what I expected. A total hit piece. Because Tennessee has a Republican Super Majority we are a bunch of racist and evil people who pose a major threat to democracy. What a crock! 🤬

Yep. Who could have seen that coming. LOL

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I wouldn’t have expected anything else. It’s all democracy until they lose then they claim this or that. Mostly this and that IS democracy! Majority wins. That’s it that’s all. If my side don’t win this time around then I need to get out and talk to more people who believe differently! I need to explain thing the way I see them. Try and win over more support. I thought that was democracy at its core! The Tennessee 3 was booted for acting like children because they didn’t get their way. Then cry racist. I get that they want gun control instead of teaching their kids right from wrong, but if you don’t have the support of the people then you need to talk to more people who think differently. WTF am I missing? Is my thoughts of democracy really different from reality? 

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In truth, it was less heinous than I expected.  The treatment they gave Matt Shoaf was actually remarkable in my eye.

The interview I gave was over an hour and a half, they used less than a minute.  I have to give Van props for at least fact checking me on the Bath School Massacre and putting the newspaper page up to verify the truth of what I said.

Had I been able to pick a segment they should have aired, it would have been his question about "Safe Storage".  His supposition was that if one is getting gas at Sam's, and a criminal opens the vehicle door while you are at the pump and shoots a baby in it's carriage and a cop in the head, shouldn't the gun owner be liable for the crime?

My answer was no, as my vehicle is understood by Tennessee statutory law to be my "castle" and an act of breaking and entering said castle to take my property to commit a crime was antithetical to the rule of law, but offered him a similar scenario.  Suppose while pumping gas a thief opens the door of your vehicle and snatches a baby out the car seat and runs over to an overpass on I-40 and tosses the baby over the rail and it smashes the windshield of a semi passing underneath, causing an accident that kills numerous people, should the car owner be charged with those deaths?

He did not have an answer and that segment of course did not get televised.

Can't be afraid to show up though...

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