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Well i need some help


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Alright guys, its almost time for me to buy myself a early Christmas present.

I pretty much think i am looking for a gun that doesnt exist but.....humor me with any suggestions you might have.

-9mm, .40 or .45

-manual safety

-Double action

-I would prefer single stack. This is why; i want to find something i can carry OWB without wearing "guy with gun "clothes.

-Under $800 (well.....if you think of something that might work i could MAYBE go a little more :))

Thanks for the help.


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Do you mean double action or striker fired? a single stack slim sticker fired gun is any Kahr you find- they have only single strike capabilities. The Taurus Mellinium Pro's on the other hand are striker fired that have double strike capabilities. Kel-Tec has the P11 that is 9mm DAO and single stack.

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Guest Matchguy
S&W 3913, "lady Smith" single stack 9mm, DAO, manual safety.

I agree. You might also take a look at the CZ lineup as they are DA guns but with a sear blocking safety like the 1911 and they have some very nice new models out too. They make several compact and subcompact models as well, and CZ guns are generally considered to be underpriced. www.czusa.com is where you find all the models. www.budsgunshop.com usually has very good prices on them, as does www.czcustom.com.


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Several 3rd generation SW's fit that description. They are some of my favorites also. Besides the 3913/908 there is the mini little Chief Special CS9, CS40, CS45. The slightly larger 4513/457, 4013(there is a double stack and single stack version of this one, the 4563TSW(this is a Commander size and is my personal favorite) plus others. Some of the older SW's make great carry guns also, the 39's, 439's, 539's, 639's plus another favorite, the 3906. Gunbroker is a good place to look plus a lot of the older guns are popping up at the gun shows lately as people are cleaning out the sock drawers.

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Guest buddysattva

Check my post to Kelevmor's thread titled "The right gun for me". Best buy you're going to find is the Stoeger Cougar for the price and the features. Sells for right around $400, I've listed its virtues in that post.

If there's a Bass Pro/Outdoor World shop anywhere near you, they have them at the gun counter. Trust me, once your hand wraps around it, you won't want to hand it back, it's that just right. ;)

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One other that fits that description in a single stack is the Sig P6/P225. Summit Gunbroker had some new ones recently.

Firearms, Guns, Rifles. Grain Valley, Missouri.

They also had the 239's. One other they have that fits your description that I would look at is the Sig 245 carry. Price wise the SW's cost half what the Sigs do....that is why I am such a SW 3rd gen fan. I have never had a bobble out of one of mine...yet.

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wow you have got a LOT of possibilities.

Here is a suggestion... Whenever I am looking for a new gun, or have friends that want a new one, I go to budsgunshop.com and go to their power search.

The power search allows for you to search pistols with the specifics you want. For example: You can look for action (you want double, is that Double ONLY, or DA/SA?)

Look For Safety ( Manual) It does not limit double stack vs single...

Galleryofguns.com - but their search is not so narrow...

This can point you in a direction you have not thought of.

The Kahr seems to be in the field...

If you could limit the caliber, it will better focus your selection.

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Any single stack S&W. There was a 908 on here recently, but it was overpriced. Maybe a PARA LDA.
How about a Para Ord 1911 with their LDA trigger.


Para LDA

I've got a Para 14.45 LDA, in stainless, it's 45 ACP but it's the easiest straight shooter (as far as recoil) I've seen.

It's for sale at the right price.;)

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A group of us are meeting Sat the 14th at the Sevier Indoor Range around 4:00 and then dinner at the Shrimp Dock at 6:00. I'll throw a Sig 229, a Kahr MK 40, Smith 342ti and a Keltec P3AT in my bag if you want to join us and try any of these out. It's about an hour or so's drive from Johnson City

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The Taurus 709 slim fits that, though its SA/DA. I held one last week though and hated the feel of it so I would definitely hold one first, though that goes with any gun.

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