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  1. Will you throw in any ammo?
  2. I got an XDs NIB I could let go for some 300aac, let me know what you have.
  3. A Marlin Model jamalot 22LR semi-auto with a tube mag, that I could not wait to get rid of. Kept me away from 22-LR rifles until I was introduced to 10/22.
  4. The humvee was a good, mobile troop carrier for state side use with really bad gas mileage, which we took to combat with no armor on them. It was a death trap even when it was armored and I am glad to see it gone. This new vehicle seems like a lighter version of the M-ATV which is the crapiest of the MRAP family, one that provided the least protection when hit by a taliban IED. So, even though this provides better protection than the humvee, and seems like it has a V-hull, it is not as mobile as the humvee and does not provide the protection of a proper MRAP, plus I bet it has really crappy gas milage.
  5. Pocket knives are in, compact and more useful and you can clip them on the molly webbing. The only fixed blade we carried was our issue k-bar, and those ended up on the butt-pack.
  6. People, especially Veterans should be protesting his funeral. But then again, why waste ones time with this hateful, poison spreading douche bag's funeral.
  7. mk19

    What gun are you?

    I am the M2 Browning Machine gun, muwahahahaa.
  8. Beautiful, sunny morning in Nashville, I am pissed and feel cheated!
  9. To me, somewhere around $350.
  10. What is this snow you are talking about? We are at zero inches.
  11. mk19

    Sig P210 In Stock

    I was hoping that the price on these would start to drop, since SIG has started making them again. A few months ago the new ones were running around $1600-1700. I've always said I'll buy a P210 ones I find one for around $1200. 
  12. Rough times, my thoughts and prayers to you and yours.
  13. mk19

    SCAR 17

    Scar 17 is one of the best guns out there, shoots great, accurate, and loved by those who carry it overseas, unlike its younger sibling. I don't own one but have shot one, and it is just awesome. Not that anyone stateside would get to, but it is very controllable on full auto, plus the change of stocks makes it more operator friendly. It would be my next gun, if I decide to sell some stuff from my safe. 
  14. mk19

    My new Toy!

    Now that looks great.
  15. I' always for training, I have trained people, and every chance I get to seek more knowledge from someone who might know more than me, I seek it. However, I would not seek or advice anyone else to seek a course for $1500+, specially if you have some familiarity with firearms, even if you don't there are much less expensive ways to learn how to become a better shooter. 
  16. mk19

    My new Toy!

    They are sexy to look at, post up some pics of it when you get the accessories on it. You'd have some fun time shooting it. 
  17. This picture had popped a few years back, all I can say is BLASPHEMY!!! when I think of Mosins I think of a Medieval jousting lance.
  18. HAHHAHAHA,    Tickled to Death by Chuckie, while trying to run....
  19. Looks interesting, much better looking than the original SL8. On a side note, Tom is very well known and respected in the HK community as one of the best converters. 
  20. They showed that on the news this morning, I was :rofl: The guy just opened the door calmly and they just pushed him aside to get inside the house. It would not surprise me if they had the wrong house.  :rolleyes: I wanna know who makes that door.
  21. Awesome, it would be a dream job, working for a gun manufacturer.
  22. That just sucks, both front and rear! That is not just "not paying attention", that is like going monster truck on someone's car. Karma is gonna get him.
  23. The whole micro stamping thing was pushed by the company who owns the patent on it and ofcourse Ca politicians took the idea and run with it. To them the oppositions of and campaigning of millions of Ca gun owners,LEOs and gun manufacturers did not matter. Ca gun owners are very organized and have found many ways and loop holes around stupid laws and restrictions, however it really does not matter since the politicians don't listen to anyone but themselves.  I have not visited Ca gun forums in a long while but last I checked the whole micro stamping thing was moot anyways, it had something to do with the wording of the law, that the technology be available to everybody in order for it to take affect and it is not. The bigger problem facing Ca is the whole ammo restriction.
  24. Freaking bed wetters, Reminds me of a time when some other bed wetter called the cops on us while we were shooting legally in Ca. I feel for the poor guy. 


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