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Kyle Defoor says lose the plate carriers, batman belt, kevlar helmets...

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Civilian? Bring whatever you REALLY will use to carry mags. If that is one mag in the gun and a spare in your back pocket of your pants then good for you for training the way you are really going to be using it. 


That sounds like me.  ;)


One of the classes I took from Randy was one of the rifle classes he offers.  Since I have absolutely zero tactical gear, the first day of the class I was doing mag changes from my jeans pockets. 


I enjoyed the article.  I did have a question on what is meant by drawing from deep cover.  Due to the way my frame is put together, IWB (outside of appendix carry) just doesn't fit correctly on me.  In the fall and winter I am wearing an owb over an oxford style shirt, and in the summer it is appendix carry over a polo.

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Some of the best classes I've had yet were taught by CIS back when Todd and Dustin were doing their thing, and we never once "popped smoke" or fast-roped into a shooting position. Yeah, there was some shooting from the ground, but it was practical stuff. It was stuff that taught you how to deal with shooting from awkward positions because you had just gotten knocked on your ass, or because you were simulating operating a firearm while slightly incapacitated.

You forgot the waterborne incursion, space shuttle door gunner, and ninja roll training evolutions. Edited by TN-popo
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I think it's been more of a "this is what we know and this is what we teach". I know I have seen Suarez grow over the last 2 years that i have been hanging out over there. I know that I see more and more people trying to break into the field and with the MagPul videos that were out and popular that was the IT THING!


It's the same with IDPA, they focus on the carry permit crowd and since the training junkies can't sustain income levels in this slumped economy they have taken to seeing what is really needed by people. The more "real world for the rest of us" training that gets offered the better. 

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[quote name="Cruel Hand Luke" post="878113" timestamp="1357581623"]If the object is to make yourself more prepared to deal with likely situations you might face then you really need to train with the same kind of equipment and clothing you will likely be wearing when you have to use it for real.    [/quote] In that case I might show up for training with a bean bag chair, Cheetos, flip flops and a light coat of oil.
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In that case I might show up for training with a bean bag chair, Cheetos, flip flops and a light coat of oil.



In that case I might show up for training with a bean bag chair, Cheetos, flip flops and a light coat of oil.

And beer. Can't forget the beer.

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Guest 556or762

I've worked for some folks over the years that I'd like to see wetting themselves in a corner while being pinned down by simmunitions fire.  :D

Uh, 10-4 roger, out!

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Guest 556or762

You forgot the waterborne incursion, space shuttle door gunner, and ninja roll training evolutions.

I saw about an 18yr old wearing a surplus acu shirt with the space shuttle door gunner patch on it and I have to say it made me throw up a little in my mouth, this guy wouldnt fit in the door!

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I would be interested in this type of training. The "tacti-cool" thing just isn't for me. When i get dressed, i try to look like the guy who HATES guns.........anything short of a Obama shirt.


With that said.....I have thought about the facial expression on a bad guy if i pulled a firearm in a defensive situation while wearing a OBAMA shirt........

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After 30 years Active Duty in the Marine Corps and three very credible civilian tactical courses I am proud to say that none of the training is really worth much. My environment pretty much presages that I am most likely to be attacked from 10-30 feet in a WALMART parking lot after dark! I pocket carry a S&W 642 snubby. I now practice drawing from my pocket  aiming quickly at eye level and blasting into a 8" circle at 21 feet and shooting from the hip at 10 feet, again at an 8" circle. You would be surprised at how difficult this can be, It is a whole different world for shooting.


I firmly believe in training to your most expected threat. I don't put myself in positions where I will need more. I am getting very good at hiding and escaping. The Marine Corps even endorses that, they call it Escape and Evasion (E & E). Some fights are not for a single combatant but some fights, up close, will happen too fast to avoid.

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