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  2. Kel-Tec PMR-30 Fail to fire

    I have ran a few boxes through mine with no issues...cant remember if I had any minor glitches or not, but if I did they weren't significant. I want to pick up the CMR-30 to go with it...and I saw some aftermarket magazine floor plates I liked that I would mind getting as well, except they aint cheap, lol.
  3. Traditional style pocket knives

    On the silver trading website which I frequent, we just had a group buy for Case Trappers... two variants in yellow (stainless and chrome-vanadium), and one in Amber bone (c-v). Sheathes were also in the buy. I got one of each and three sheathes... entire package was just shy of $120. Due to get it first week of December. The whole buy was inspired by a fellow silverer who got his house totaled by Harvey, but was able to save enough of his Cases to send back to Pennsylvania, which they did refurbish. AFAIK Case was bought, finally, by Zippo... and is still up, as stated, in PA. I look forward to mentioning about the craftsmanship herein. SWC a/k/a KI7CIL
  4. That It for Butch?

    I'm waiting for Bobby Petrino to come slithering out of whatever ditch he is currently in... Maybe Gus Malzahn is ready to get out of the SEC West.
  5. Sooo.....I was looking for a dog

    Yea, i know PJ. That is why I am consulting with my Vet before I pull the trigger on her. I know she has been pined up in a 10X10 pin for 7 years of her life. I don't have a pin but I do have a big back yard and she can run and get a lot of exercise and I know she is a Border Collie but she is also a mix so I am hoping she maybe some what calmer than a full blood. I am not holding my breath on her because Vet knows my situation as has been my Vet for many years. She knew Kasey so well that she cried when she had to put her down also. She won't permit me to make a mistake I don't believe. Thank you very much for your input and concerns my friend. Oh yea, I can still throw a Frizzbie or a ball if she wants to play.
  6. Muzzleloader ban-suppressor edition..

    Yes, because so many drive bys happen with supressed muzzle loaders.
  7. A Week of Thankfulness 2017

    I am thankful for the love of my life, and the fact that she only owns six handguns. My safe was full when I met her. And no, she won't let me upgrade.
  8. Protech Strider PT knives

    1 left folks
  9. Sooo.....I was looking for a dog

    Thanks Hozzie, At first I thought I could get by with just having Kaseys ashes on my TV console and I did for a few weeks and I would look at her urn and after a while I realized that I don't just want another dog. I "NEED" another dog in my life. As much as I love Kasey and will forever!!! I need that companionship that I have had most of my life back in my life. I think anyone that has had a dog all their life kind of knows where I am at right now.
  10. Sooo.....I was looking for a dog

    Yes. Our dog was on several arthritis/pain meds, and just like people meds, they get expensive. We were spending better than $150/mo on pills for the dog over the last couple years. Shots and laser therapy were offered at even higher cost. This dog will keep you busy. Border collies aren't couch potatoes, they need a job to do.
  11. A different kind of 300 Blackout pistol

    Dolomite, have you used the PT&G stuff before? I really want a bolt action rifle in 300blk that takes standard AR mags. I'd become resigned to buying a Ruger Precision Rifle in 223 and having a barrel built for it. I would have been stuck with crazy expensive AI mags if I did that. This looks like a much better option. I need to get Mike to get me a barrel and weld a suppressor mount on it so it will be 16.1" overall. I await further details on your project. It looks cool...
  12. Muzzleloader ban-suppressor edition..

    Was not aware what the Stay Woke button on New York city Councilman lapel stood for so I looked it up. Stay Woke Wake up from the bull#### you're speaking. Say this when someone is obviously talking out of their ass.
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  14. A Week of Thankfulness 2017

    I am thankful that God chose to be merciful to somebody as unworthy as me, and to allow me to become one of His. And for His blessings. I am thankful for my family. My boys have become fine young men. I am thankful to have settled my list of priorities: God; Family; Tribe I am thankful to live in a country that produced men like Elmer Keith and Skeeter Skelton I am thankful that there are still people who'll do to ride the river with (some here will understand that). I am thankful for good friends, not just friendly aquaintances (there's a difference). Also thankful for knowing the difference. And I'm thankful for the simple things in life - you know, like nice wheel guns!
  15. for-sale M&P 9mm w/Ameriglo I-DOT PRO NS

    Has this sold? If not, Im in Cleveland and interested. Thanks Sent from my SM-S902L using Tapatalk
  16. Muzzleloader ban-suppressor edition..

    The gang banger's weapon of choice......the Kentucky Rifle!
  17. Sooo.....I was looking for a dog

    Like you say, your vet knows what you can and can’t handle. I think that is the right way to go about it. I hope it works out for you with her or another rescue dog.
  18. wanted WTB: CZ P-01 or Rami BD

    I have a RAMI BD (actually have 2) I would sell. PM sent.
  19. Sooo.....I was looking for a dog

    I can understand your concerns Hozzie and that is why I am going to get in touch with my Vet and talk with her and have her check into the actual condition the dog is truly experiencing. She told me to contact her if I found a dog I was interested in adopting and she would do the research on the dog before making a recomendation whether it would be a dog I could handle. She knows my situation as far as income and expenses. I don't think she would allow me to adopt a dog that would be a money pit. I have left a msessage for her to call me back. The lady that answered the phone said they have done some work with this Dog Rescue service in the past so I guess it will be up to what Dr Ashley says more than anything but I do respect your views very much also. Thanks Bersa
  20. Well, how about a statement from the guy across the table of the man that had the accidental discharge? After having a Thanksgiving lunch in a meeting room of the church the discussion went to what kind of handgun a lady at the table should get for concealed carry. The gentleman just across from me said " I carry everyplace I go ". With this he reached into his pocket and pulled out his LCP. Dropped the mag and cleared the chamber He handed me the gun, I gave it a proprietary look and handed it the lady we were talking about. She also gave it a 5 second look and handed it back to him. He then returned the mag and charged the chamber. Then put it back in his pocket. [Never saw a holster] He then took it back out of his pocket to show my wife the paint he put on the hammer so he could see at a glance if the gun was cocked. If you've noticed I didn't say anything about him clearing the gun again. He had the gun in the palm of his hand facing away from my wife so she could see the back of the pistol and unfortunately toward his. Why, I don't know but his finger ended up inside the trigger guard and accidentally pulled the trigger. The blast from the gas blew a great deal of the tissue from just under his thumb away. The bullet impacted his wife in the lower abdomen, traveled just under the skin for a distance of 3-4 inches exiting and continuing on to hit her in the underside of her forearm, impacting both bones. Now let's talk about the way Tennesseans react to such an emergency. It took 15-20 seconds for the rest of the people in the room to realize what had happened. You might expect them to run away from the danger, but that wasn't the case. Several went outside and were in the process of calling 911. Some moved the tables out of the way. Many were cleaning up the blood off the floor. Those of us with medical training were working were working with the injured. Minutes later the Tellico Plain Police were on the scene. Followed by those from the next town North, followed closely by EMS. The man was taken by squad and his wife was taken by helicopter to UT.
  21. Sooo.....I was looking for a dog

    Bersa, to be honest she is probably a bit much for you to handle. Even with what she has been through, she will still need to be exercised to help her arthritis. Not to be taken lightly is also the potential cost for either food with Glucosamine or pills. They can be expensive. It could also progress to needing shots. I know you will take care of any dog you get, but those would b some of my concerns.
  22. Sold new at Reeder Chevrolet in Knoxville. All service done at the same dealership since new. Everything works as it should. Unmolested, unmodified and completely original. 74U Victory Red 19I Ebony black interior. 41T Black automatic convertible top. It is extremely quiet with the top down. You can easily have a conversation at highway speeds. QG7 Polished Aluminum wheels 2LT package Bose premium sound system with U2K XM Satellite Radio 53K miles Recent oil change at the dealership with full synthetic oil Two sets of keys with fob Keyless entry Driver memory, set it to a fob and the car will remember your settings. MX0 6-Speed Auto Paddle shift Has switchable driving modes. This thing is a dream to ride in. Very smooth until you switch it to competitive mode. Rides better than the Escalade we had. Heated, power seats with memory UV6 Heads Up Display NPP Dual Mode Exhaust. This is the same exhaust found on Z06 Corvettes. It also has a key fob to open the exhaust. Sounds MEAN when open. Very quiet when closed. LS3 motor with 430 horsepower One of only 1,116 cars built Needs nothing, drive anywhere Gets an honest 29 MPG on the highway with the top down. We reset the MPG when we left Knoxville for Colorado and it got 29.3 MPG the first day of travel. Day two with the top up it got 30.5 MPG with the A/C on. Corvettes are meant to be driven and enjoyed. This one has been driven and enjoyed but not abused in any way. I hate seeing people buy a Corvette only to park it in a garage. It is my wife's car and she drives it like a grandmother. We do NOT need to sell it. Wife was looking at buying a different car that we don't have room for so this one must go first. If we do not sell this one we will keep it and continue to enjoy it. PM me for the price. No joy rides but if you are serious I can meet you at Reeder and we can go from there. Not interested in any trades.
  23. Sooo.....I was looking for a dog

    I'm having the same problem, I keep being drawn back to one dog. I'm pretty sure if I saw this face in person I would be hooked . This statement in her bio is a big plus. She's very well mannered and does well when left alone. She would make a great walking partner or couch potato! As long as she's got her human, she'll go with the flow!
  24. A Week of Thankfulness 2017

    I'm thankful for my amazing wife. She's not just my wife but rather my partner and best friend. She makes me realize I need to be a better husband. She has to be the most easy going person I've ever met. I'm also becoming more thankful for our health. You don't appreciate this when you're a kid and feel invincible. This can change in an instant so I try always keep this in mind and be thankful for it. Lastly, my friends and family. It's nice to know I have people I could lean on if i needed help.
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