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  2. Wanted: (New) Ammo Cans

  3. for-sale FS: Romanian RH10, 100% bone stock

    Any interest in a trade for a Colt AR-15 or a PSA AR-15, less than 20 round through them?
  4. Wanted: (New) Ammo Cans

    Bill, you beat me to it. Here is a link. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Stout-Stuff-Metal-Ammo-Box/181890587
  5. Folks, i just put put an order in for some exclusive Shot Show Pro-Tech Knives I will have some not released yet TR5 models and some BR2 Magic 2 Knives that are incredible I will update this when they come in with prices and such
  6. SIG P365

    I was just about to pull the trigger on a Shield 9 2.0 when the P365 was announced but now I’m going to take a chance on this new Sig.
  7. My grandmother and Mom had one too. No idea where they ended up at.
  8. Vortex quality/CS

    If all else fails just break the thing and send it back to them for the warranty claim.
  9. New Glock 19X model

    Just stating Facts, i also should have included the P99 in my list! I do plan on getting a 19X, cheapest online price i seen for pre-order was $644. but someone ordered 1 from his LGS for $599. + Tax, so i would think they would be about $550. online? I have only 1 Glock a 27 bought in 1995 or so and its my EDC inside a tuckable holster under my shirts with no issue printing and i use a 13 rd. model 22 mag with a grip extender on the 27 and find it perfect for me!
  10. Vortex quality/CS

    Well I heard back from Vortex again. They have decided to replace the scope. Interesting enough they said that there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THAT CAN AGE IN A SCOPE. Nothing. Also said there is nothing wrong with mine. Well see when this one shows up. If its not up to snuff I will just sell it this time. I actually had it listed before but removed it. I will update when I get the replacement. Jason
  11. Looks a lot like the one my mom had ... GLWS
  12. It’s snowing

    Talked to a local guy today who is one of those hobby is "weather", his totals for last night's snow was 8", on top the ice and snow we got last week.
  13. Yesterday
  14. New Glock 19X model

    I'm noticing a trend with your posts to date.
  15. I saw that you have a thread on SN about it, I’ll leave my feedback there. Its already off to a much better start than Hard2Kill ever got to. I think SN is broad enough and appealing to a large enough demographic that it will do well. Better branding and mission statement as well.
  16. for-sale Beretta 92 9mm

    Thanks for that effort bro...love that it's a whole package, and agree that's a good deal for a true Berettaphile but I'm already FS/S rich, or poor, depending on how ya look it. Btw folks, most of the contemporary 92FS factory mags fit this S model, they have both the upper and lower cutouts for either: - OS
  17. New Glock 19X model

    I noticed here also as on other forums the same thing, which is all the folks complaining about the large grip and small slide are really not very familiar with current modern guns and are just "Running their Jaws" since at least 6 + more of the current most popular guns have basically the same dimensions as the 19X, Sig P320 Carry, FN 509, FNS, SW M&P FS, XDm 3.8 , VP9 all follow the same format as the 19x or I should say the 19x is following their format, The only 1 on my list which s about 1/4' longer in slide is the M&P 2.0! So if u got 1 of these guns and u hate the Glock then get rid of ur other guns on the list! Nough Said!
  18. for-sale Two smaller blades for sale...

    You're killing me... you know I like smaller knives. They are gorgeous! I can't swing it right now, but those that buy these will be very happy for sure.
  19. Cor Bon DPX

    the-armory.com Has Corbon DPX on sale for 19.99 + Shipping. Just purchased 8 boxes of 115 gr 9MM + P DPX. Good price guys.
  20. for-sale Two smaller blades for sale...

    Fine looking knives as always GT
  21. I'll take it just not sure when we could meet
  22. New to reloading

    DeepSouth, Welcome to the forum and casting reloading community. Casting or reloading can help take your mind off the worries your going through. Kemo is no fun and will ware you down but try to keep up good spirits. Worry will eat you up. I had major surgery 2 yr ago and life changes. Still here cause God knows I need to cast and reload till I can’t shoot no more. All that casting reloading stuff you received is to keep you going too. Have faith, chin up and enjoy this fine hobbie you inherit. We are all here to help you learn and answer any questions you have. Mike.
  23. Which features are you missing the most? Xenforo (the SN software) is definitely a little more basic out of the box but there are a lot of add-ons for it. Lifetime memberships eventually. Maybe sometime in June/July. I want to make sure it keeps the momentum up so that everyone (myself included) has some confidence in it first.
  24. New Price, Going to be over towards Murfreesboro later this week!
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