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  2. He was tactically sound in engaging when he did, didn't look like a busy area, his weapon was trained right at the driver/passenger area and apparently was enough to bring the pursuit to and end. Great Job! Go home to the family and take a breather.
  3. Garufa

    New mega gun parts sets web sight.

    Do they still print Shotgun News?
  4. I did too. Very wild. Made me wonder what that cop is in store for. That can’t be standard or accepted protocol, lol.
  5. I saw that video earlier today. It is a wild video.
  6. I saw a couple of rifle kits that I might get! And could be an easy way to get a .45 auto. Don't they still sell stripped frames in Shotgun News? Been a while since I picked on of those up.
  7. bud

    Bridgestone Arena?

    Posted. Wanding and Metal detectors to keep ya safe lol. As for your walk to and from the event, maybe request a police escort who ya going to see?
  8. https://www.theblaze.com/news/2018/07/17/watch-cop-fires-11-shots-through-his-windshield-at-murder-suspects-during-high-speed-chase WATCH: Cop fires 11 shots through his windshield at murder suspects during high-speed chase 6 hours A harrowing police bodycam video showed an officer pursuing a pair of murder suspects in a high-speed chase near downtown Las Vegas last week during which an officer fired 11 shots through his windshield. (Image source: YouTube screenshot) Follow Dave Urbanski Article GoalINFORM SHARE TWEET A harrowing police bodycam video showed an officer pursuing a pair of murder suspects in a high-speed chase near downtown Las Vegas last week — during which an officer fired 11 shots through his windshield at the suspects, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. Police on Monday released the video which showed officer William Umana pursuing Fidel Miranda, 22, and Rene Nunez, 30, last Wednesday and yelling “shots fired, shots fired” into his radio, the paper said. Special: When is the precise date Bitcoin’s price will begin climbing higher What led to the chase? Miranda and Nunez are suspects in the death of 25-year-old Thomas Romero, who was shot multiple times in the chest Wednesday at a car wash, police told the Review-Journal. Romero died that morning at a hospital, the paper said. Police spotted a 2000 Ford Expedition that matched the description of the suspects’ vehicle just after 9:30 a.m., the paper said, and then the SUV sped off through oncoming traffic while firing at pursuing police, Metropolitan Police Department Assistant Sheriff Tim Kelly said at a briefing Monday, the Review-Journal said. When another police cruiser joined the chase, Officer Umana warned his fellow officer to stay back, the paper said — and that second officer’s cruiser was hit by bullets at least twice and couldn’t finish the chase. Umana, 43, pulled his vehicle closer to the SUV and fired 11 shots through his windshield, the Review-Journal said. The officer also fired seven shots through his open window, the paper said. The suspects fired 34 rounds during the pursuit, Kelly told the paper, while officers fired 31 shots. What happened at the end of the chase? One of the suspects — Nunez — exited the vehicle while it was still moving near an elementary school and ran up the school’s steps in an attempt to enter, but the door was locked, Kelly told the Review-Journal. The other suspect — Miranda — moved to the driver’s seat and tried backing up toward Umana, who left his vehicle and continued firing at the SUV. The plainclothes officer Paul Solomon, 46 — who was not wearing a bodycam — approached the passenger-side door of the suspects’ vehicle and fired his shotgun once, hitting Miranda, the Review-Journal said. Miranda was handcuffed while medical was called but was soon pronounced dead at the scene, the paper said, adding that Officers Umana and Solomon were not injured. Police arrested Nunez, who had gunshot wounds from the pursuit or from a shooting earlier that morning, the Review-Journal reported. One civilian’s car was struck by gunfire, Kelly told the paper. What happened to the suspect who survived? Nunez is accused of stealing the SUV on May 20 in North Las Vegas, Kelly told the Review-Journal, adding that one of the guns Nunez used during the chase had been reported stolen May 20. Nunez faces multiple charges of murder with a deadly weapon and attempted murder with a deadly weapon, the paper said, adding that he was in jail Monday without bail. Miranda and Nunez had aliases — “Cabezon” and “Kreeepper,” respectively, which could be gang-related — Kelly told the Review-Journal. What was said about the officers? Kelly characterized the actions of Umana and Solomon as heroic, the paper said. Referrring to Umana, Kelly said he “could have backed off, but he didn’t.” (H/T: Blue Lives Matter)
  9. Today
  10. bersaguy

    Words I had given up on hearing!!!!

    Celebration may be a little premature but still good news. My son Ronnie went over to the sheriffs office today to talk with the sheriff about the guns. The serial numbers match what I reported back in 1988 so thats the good news. Not so good news is the drug raid was a DEA raid which means the Feds have the guns and not the Sheriffs office. The Sheriff was the one that reported that the guns were reported stolen back in 1988 by a Cheatham County resident and requested that they be place in his care but because it was a Federal case the Feds have the guns and it could be upwards of a year before we get them back which will be after the trial. I have no clue how long this can be dragged out but I am still optimistic they will be home soon. At least we know they have them.
  11. bluemailman53

    Bridgestone Arena?

    I have tickets for an event at Bridgestone. I do not know if they are posted. I'm sure someone here will let me know.
  12. Eray


    I have sold three homes in the last 2 years. Did all of them without a real estate agent. Everyone looks on Craigslist. I could sell them cheaper without the realtor and the Buyer got a better deal. Nothing against realtors, I just think their fees are a bit high for the service they provide.
  13. I will keep the scope and knock $200 off the price if someone wanted it that way.
  14. Wish we were closer, seems like all the good deals have been in middle TN lately
  15. Hozzie


    My recommendation, don't use one at all. I understand not being from the area and maybe wanting someone who knows to take you around, but with everything available on the internet now, I would create a list of houses I wanted to see and make an appointment with each individual selling agent. I will disclose that I dislike real estate agents and have no real use for them. I don't see the value, but know it is an intimidating process for some so I don't care if someone wants to use one, just realize you are paying for it. With that said, the basics are any listed home has a seller and buyers agent fee percentage. Typically this is 3% to each for a total of 6%, but can vary from 1% to 3% each depending. The way I look at it is that I can represent myself as a buyer. I can make an appointment to look at any house I want with the sellers agent. If I like a house, I immediately take 3% off the top of any price I may consider offering as they do not have to pay a buyer's agent. This can be a fair amount of money. They love people that don't understand these items so they can double dip. I actually make it a point to make sure the sellers know why I am asking 3% less as it shouldn't be on them to take the hit for my lower asking price all on their own. The agent should agree take some of the cost since they don't have to pay it out. This all of course depends on how desirable a house is and how fast it may sell, but don't pay an agent any more than you need to and use it to your advantage. If you feel 3% is fair to represent you by all means do it. Some argue they are not paying so they don't care. You are paying it, they just want to make it feel like someone else is paying it. You also feel it when you go to sell. YMMV
  16. Hello, I'm selling my Heritage Rough Rider .22/.22 mag fiber optic model RR22MB6AS. $190 (They are selling new at Bud's Gun Shop for $250 - I'm not sure if it's ok for me to include a link to that, but if you look it up make sure you use the model number RR22MB6AS Rough Rider) I bought it from Academy Sports in Franklin. I put approx 100 - 150 rounds through it with zero issues. I haven't shot it in 3 years. I have a couple of Ruger 22/45's that I shoot as my range guns. I figured out that I'm just not a revolver guy. Face to face in Franklin / Spring Hill / Cool Springs area. Local deals will require you to show a TN driver's license or carry permit. You will also need to sign a simple bill of sale.
  17. Great price for a solid pump action.
  18. cajunpredfan

    TN Senate Preference

    Paint it Black, all the way
  19. bersaguy


    This is a little long and a little old but still remains of many country folks. Back in about 1970 a guy came down from New Jersey. His last name was Harris. He purchased 150 acres of prime timber and hunting land and he posted all of it with no trespassing signs and no hunting signs and he had a smaller camper type living quarters placed on the land. At the time he had the only posted private land in that whole area and when hunting season came people went hunting and those signs didn't slow them down. The people hunting that land had been hunting that land for generations. Well there was a local man and his two sons where hunting one moring after a snowfall and Mr. Harris had come in before the snow and was staying in that little camper. He heard gun shots so he goes out to investigate what it was and the father and 2 sons had 3 deer down and we dragging them back to the old pick up truck. Mr Harris saw them off in the distance and hollered for them to stop. The father told his two sone to keep dragging and he began to drop back slowly. Mr Harris was moving towards them and he hollered again for them to stop and just about that time a gunshot went off and a small tree limb fell right next to Mr Harris. He turned around and began going back the way he came and the man went back and joined up with his 2 sons and they loaded their deer in the truck and left. The truck was to far away for Mr Harris to tell what brand it was and all he had was a Royal blue color to report to the police. Police ran all over the roads for 20 square miles looking for a truck matching the description given and they didn't find anything. About noon the pedestrian door of the mans garage opened up and the local game warden walked in while the man and his 2 sons where still processing the deer. A conversation took place between the warden and the man. The game warden left and nothing ever came of that incident. The game warden spoke to the sheriff and the sheriff called off the search for the truck. The Sheriff, the game warden and Mr Harris went into a room to discuss the days events. It was explained to Mr Harris that the land he purchased had been hunted by the local folks in that area for several generations and that deer hunting mean't many families would have meat for the year that otherwise would not. Mr Harris was still not phased and said the man shot at him and could have killed him. The game warden looked at Mr Harris and said if the man would have wanted you dead you would be dead. He just wanted to you to leave them alone. Mr Harris said then you know who it is and they said yes and no, we are not going to arrest him. Harris was ferious until the game warden told him he started this fight with those signs and he will contnue to have these issues in the future because unless he wants to hire private security to protect his land he will have people hunting it. I was gone when all of this had happened but was sitting around one day after I got home and was talking to one of the mans sons that was with him that day that I had went to school with. His father had died of a heart attack a few years later. I never did find out what ever happened to Mr. Harris other than there is a road that leads off the main road named after him. I don't condone the actions of the man and his sons for their actions but it all started because an outsider that had grown up in a complete different lifestyle and beliefs had came into an area without taking the time to learn the lifestyles of who would one day be his neighbors and began to try and change the lifestyles of his new neighbors...............JMHO
  20. Why is all the stuff I want so damn far away?!
  21. Erik88


    I've known several people who have moved here from up North. They legitimately could not understand some people with a thick southern accent. I'd recommend watching Deliverance a few times to brush up on your country.
  22. bersaguy

    TN Senate Preference

    Blackburn 100%
  23. Chucktshoes


    Much obliged for that kindness and consideration.
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