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  3. 2017 Deer Season Thread

    Don't worry about the chiggers this year... I already got 'em ALL.
  4. .410 for Turkey

    That's a great point, I think it's kinda crazy how expensive .410 shells are.
  5. 2017 Deer Season Thread

    My wife loves her ThermaCell, but I have just never had that much trouble with skeeters. Ticks and chiggers are a whole other story!
  6. 2017 Deer Season Thread

    I soaked all of my hunting clothes in permethrin last night. Don't have a ThermaCell yet but plan on getting one.
  7. Vintage Gun Photos

    Boy, I done told you, keep your hands off my melons!
  8. M1a or ar10

    Yeah id like sticking with nato/readily available calibers... mostly have 22 lr 9mm 556 and looking to get into 308 with this next purchase
  9. 2017 Deer Season Thread

    Up until a couple years ago I thought ThermaCell was a bunch of hooey. I just knew that I wasn’t gonna emit those fumes and not scare deer off. After hearing SO many people say they won’t hunt bow season without one I decided to try one. Worst case scenario if it made me feel deer were smelling it, I’d use it for camping. Man! I am now a firm believer in those suckers. Unbelievable the difference it makes and so fast after turning it on. I with the rest of you now!
  10. Freedom Munitions...squib

    Just for clarity: What you picture is bullet setback. Not good of course as it raises pressure of the round considerably. A squib is an underpowered load causing the bullet to remain in the barrel after firing. - OS
  11. Pure genius - way to give a dog a bath

    That's my Redbone Coonhound also. He's about 85# and will spread all 4 legs out so I can't even drag him through the door. We have to tie him up after a walk on the leash and then he gets a shower from the hose and shampoo. That method can't always be used in winter though. He hates water. I have a feeling he would find a way to get that peanut butter and avoid the bath.
  12. Ive bought and shot probably 7-8000 rounds of Freedom Munitions before... This is my first time trying their "American Steel" line, I purchased it "New" not reman... So Im a bit saddened to see this...
  13. Vintage Gun Photos

    In preparation for Deer Season, a few past hunts.
  14. Pure genius - way to give a dog a bath

    Unfortunately I don't think my Great Dane will fall for this. He HATES baths, and a 150lb dog that thinks he's about to die if he gets a bath is not fun to deal with. The goober loves swimming. I don't get it.
  15. The Vietnam War

    My wife and I sat down and watched most of the first episode tonight. Even she enjoyed it. Sadly, I learned more about the war tonight than I can ever remember learning in school. Perhaps I'm just older now and more interested in learning. I had no idea France played a major role in us being there. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.
  16. 2017 Deer Season Thread

    I'm thinking about a full-body duct tape wrap soaked in OFF with a Thermacell hanging around my neck
  17. 2017 Deer Season Thread

    Have to work Saturday morning, but I'll be in my Happy Place in the late afternoon. (With at least 2 thermacells....)
  18. for-sale H&R Handi Rifle 45/70

    Wish I could figure out how to delete some of the duplicate pictures.
  19. for-sale H&R Handi Rifle 45/70

    Maybe I could deliver it.
  20. for-sale Sig Sauer P220 Dark Elite TB

    Is $800 a fair price? There's no wear/scratches on the gun. Only wear is on the barrel
  21. Ruger Precision Rifle, Anyone have one?

    I don't own one but a good friend of mine does. His is in .308 and is wearing a sightron 10-50x50 AO scope. When I make this next statement please understand I am not brand bashing or being a "hater" or anything like that, I am just not a big Ruger fan. I am not saying they don't make fine shooting instruments, they are just not my cup of tea. That is just my opinion and that is all it is worth. I'm saying that to emphasize the next statement. His Ruger precision is an amazing rifle. The bolt is so well machined that I swear I think the bolt, receiver and chamber are all machined from one billet by machinists with elfin like magic. The trigger, while clearly a blatant copy of the accutrigger, is amazing. The whole rifle is just really a well made system. I will say it will make you a better shot, as a matter of fact, if you have any long range shooting skill at all, it is almost boring to shoot at less that 400 yards. at 225 I could get 3 out of 5 touching and the last two were because of me. It is hard to get a good cheek weld when the scope is set up for someone else.
  22. Here's the simulated roof for Stage 5 Zombie Invasion.......and yes it's steep....
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