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  1.   Quote from a engineer friend of mine: "We don't know the curves of a woman anymore, but hell yeah we know geometry."
  2. Dude that sucks. Before she passed my wife's grandma had dementia as well. Some of things that she did/said really made us worry about my in-laws safety.
  3. Both are good. Different strokes for different folks.
  4. [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FopyRHHlt3M[/media]   There we go.
  5. I actually looked into doing Falconry a few years ago. Apparently not many people teach a skill like that stateside =/.
  6. Oh man! I would love to have a bird! I'm just not sure I'm up for it for the bird's lifespan! Hell, at this point a Parrot would probably outlive me.
  7. Me and the wife are going back to the Standard this weekend I think. She says I owe her a nice dinner haha.
  8.   This is probably the finest first post I've ever seen.
  9.   My female is the exact same way. Hell, she is deathly afraid of a baby gate we have because if fell over once and made a loud noise.
  10.   You obviously do not know anything about Dobermans.
  11. Some part of me wants to say at some level this was a ingenious plan by Sony to hype the movie. The rest of me knows how sony handles most everything else, though.
  12. Yeah TICS was pretty slammed on Friday/Saturday. It wasn't an isolated issue to that one Walmart.
  13. Ohhhh Sour Kraut. You've  obviously never had *good* cornbread. If you were closer I'd make you and Dolo my cornbread.   One thing I never cared for was sawmill gravy. Me and the wife went to Charleston for vacation this year and Hominy Grill completely changed that opinion. They had a chicken biscuit smothered in sawmill gravy that will change your life. Since then, I've been experimenting with making my own.
  14. Ohhhhhh man. I am the weird one in my family. I have many hangups and the biggest of which is I *will not* eat food prepared by someone I do not know. One thing working in retail has taught me is that most folks have a different idea of what good hygiene is. Food preparation is a whole nother thing. I am hypocritical of this when it comes to restaurants, but I have a certain expectation of quality for something I'm paying for from someone who does it for a living.   Birthday cake. I go to a b-day party for a niece or nephew or friend or whatever, and they blow out the candles on the cake. I then have to explain or play like I'm not hungry because fuck me if I'm going to eat a cake covered in some kid's spit.
  15. OK I *think* I have everyone now. If you still haven't received a name please PM me.
  16. Most people should have the name and address of their giftee now. I still have around ten or so folks to go, just waiting on address responses.
  17. Just sent out a wave of PM's asking for name/address. If I somehow missed you, please PM me.
  18. Sorry guys. I had a death in the family over the weekend. I will work on getting names out tomorrow.
  19. Got a couple in this evening. The grip zone thing is pretty dumb, but it does feel pretty decent. An improvement, at least.   Oh God. It's worse than I thought. From Springfield's website:   "Every time you pick up an XD® Mod.2â„¢ pistol, you’ll enter the GripZoneâ„¢."   Man, I hope they didn't really trademark that.
  20. Closest I can get is $609.24 out the door, and would take me a couple days to get one in the building.
  21. It doesn't need to be this complicated. Try your best to get your gift out before Christmas. If it's a few days later closer to New Years no one is going to come looking for you. Christ.


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