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  1.   I must have overlooked this post yesterday but it is completely true. I've played MMO's for years and EVERY guild I've ever been in ever has at least one of these chicks. You learn the warning signs and to stay the hell away from them.
  2. http://www.thesafehouse.org/forums/showthread.php?t=33031&highlight=DHITP   For those curious.
  3. If you just need a test fire it, you're more than welcome to come up to Greenbrier and do so. Just give me a heads up beforehand.
  4. "I need a holster for my S&W 40."   "OK, what model S&W do you have?"   "I dunno."   "Well, it could be a M&P, or Sigma, or one of the older metal frame ones."   "Hang on, it's out in the car I'll go get it."   It's a Glock 22.
  5. I open the door for no one. If it's anyone I know, they know to call me before coming over. My wife is the same way, if not even more aggressive about it than I am. A AT&T salesman (at least, that's what he said he was) came to the house last week. I was at work, and my wife was outside in the garden. She and my dogs were less than pleased with this. He left in a hurry.
  6.   I would totally watch this.
  7.   I was being sarcastic. Apparently it matters that the new Thor is a chick. I was imagining people's heads exploding when they figured out that the captain is now black.
  8. Just wait until you guys find out the new Captain America is now black.
  9. Thin crust, bacon, onions, and diced tomatoes.
  10. They are just helping with the opening of the next Taco Bell location.
  11. Never heard of RecTec, lemme know how it works for you! Pellet grills have really blown up the past couple years it seems. Where there used to be only a handful a manufacturers it seems more and more companies are springing up making them. I love mine, and I have no doubt you'll love yours.
  12. I own a Yoder YS480 http://www.yodersmokers.com/pellet-grills.html, and I have used a Green Mountain Grill http://greenmountaingrills.com/. I have a friend that has a MAK grill https://www.makgrills.com/.   The green mountain grill was great, but from the time I played around with one to the time I was going to sit down and order one the company had since shifted production to China and their quality control took a big hit. Traeger grills were the same way. Traeger's are sold at Sams (or Costco? one of the bulk stores) via live demos and are a somewhat popular non-professional grade pellet grill, but they are made in China, despite what the company reps will tell you. I've seen them not even be welded together right.   For me it came down to the MAK or the Yoder. Both are American made and high quality. Both have electronic temperature control/feeding like you'd expect them to. They both cook evenly. It came down to not only price but what deals the company had at the time I ordered it. MAK was a $1500 grill and didn't come with much in the way of accessories, but they did have a wide range of different racks/griddles/whatever you'd want to help you cook specific foods on the grill. The Yoder didn't have as many little unitasker accessories but was $1100 (I think) at the time I bought it, but they were willing to throw in a couple bags of pellets and discounted the grill grates I bought as an extra.   Cooking is super easy on them. You turn it on, set the temp you want to cook at, and it automatically feeds pellets from the hopper into grill. They have a small igniter in the bottom corner of the grill the fires the pellets. I've found that I get better results if I prime the igniter first, as in take a small handful of pellets out of the hopper and set them on the igniter to jump start the thing. Mine I can set to 400 and it goes from cold to temp in about 5-6 minutes if it's not freezing cold outside. The colder it is the longer it will take to come up to temp by a few minutes and it will burn more pellets staying there. Pellets are thankfully cheap though unless you go buy the boutique ones. You can buy wood pellets from home depot and the like really freaking cheap but DO NOT DO IT. As tempting as it may be, they are not food grade wood pellets. Those things are made from ground and pressed anything. Old trim, wood panels, old cabinets, anything thrown out really. They can contain paint and other chemicals you do not want consuming. Not good eats.   Also don't be tempted to buy the biggest grill you can afford. The differences between the starter models and the more expensive ones are a lot of the time just square inches of cooking space. I bought the smaller Yoder and the thing is still pretty large on the inside. I can easily fit enough burgers/chicken breasts to feed an army on the thing and still have room to spare. If you cook a lot of larger items like whole chickens and several whole racks of ribs or whatnot, you might consider going with a bigger grill, but I have plenty of room for anything I've ever wanted to smoke/grill on this thing.   There are good YouTube videos of both in action and demonstrations of how they work. I've owned my Yoder for about... 3-4 years now and it works great. Here lately the internal thermometer has been a little wonky but I probably just need to give the thing a good scrubbing. Like I said both MAK and Yoder make an excellent grill. MAK is probably the better grill to be honest, but you're going to pay for it. The thing is just a beast.   As an afterthought, if you order one online and have them freight it to you, make sure you have help unloading it. The truck that arrived to deliver mine didn't have a lift gate, and my "small" Yoder is almost 300 lbs. These things aren't made out of sheet metal.
  13. I do, what do you want to know?
  14. It was shipped on the 6th, I will PM you the tracking.
  15. I'll check on this and have an answer for you today. I do most of the shipping at Greenbrier, dunno why no one has asked me about it.
  16. Not really sure actually. Glock is about the only one in the business that adamantly adheres to a strict MAP pricing structure. If Glock finds out that you are advertising their guns for less than what they publish as MAP they will cut you off in a heartbeat. This isn't a "You cant buy from the factory anymore." slap on the wrist, Glock goes so far as to blackball you from anything to do with the company. They tell distributors that soandso dealer cannot buy Glocks, and if that distrib still sells them to you, they get cut off too. They are pretty cutthroat about it.   I'd imagine this particular instance has more to do with disguising cheaper LE firearms as commercial weapons on a larger scale. What that has to do with the gov is beyond me, it seems like more of a internal issue than a legal one tbh.
  17. ................ TotalBiscuit?
  18. Dude. Geordi. Laforge.       .... and books, I guess.
  19.     Yeah was about to say the same thing.
  20. Penn's pennpoint episodes on youtube are a good look into how he thinks. I have much respect for the man even though he's an atheist. I can understand where he is coming from, but the heart of the matter is even though he disagrees with you on religion, he will fight tooth and claw for your right to worship however you want, even if he thinks it is silly.


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