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  1. Distance distance distance, if he was closer than 15 yards or so he was in the danger zone.  A badly pitted plate contributes to bullet or plate fragment ricochet so there will come a time when the plates should be replaced.  For the average shooter these plates last for years if not a lifetime, club plates may see a 2-3 year lifespan depending on what gets shot at it and how many.
  2. Good point, it would be some time before you got to see your weapon. But it changes nothing in my view, I would rather be alive to regret choosing my $800 gun vs my $200 one that fateful day. My 2 EDC guns are utility guns, nothing special about them other than that they are mine. While I would not want to lose them or any weapon (already lost one to a game warden), I would trade them all for my life or that of another.
  3. Yes, but he only wants to take them away from those of us willing to follow the law. Everyone knows that those anti gun laws will do nothing to stop what goes on in places like Chicago and Detroit. It's easy to say you dont need a gun for self defense when you have the entire secret service protecting you and yours.
  4. I think most plates say 100 yards for rifle shots. But yes, that is normal wear and tear so you would eventually get that even at 100 yards.
  5. I have one of each, my Glock 23 was purchased in the late 80s at Jims Pawn in Fayetteville, NC and my XD.40 was a private sale. Honestly, I could care less which one is in my possession in an SD incident. As long as I am alive to tell the story I don't care if the gun ends up with 20 bodies on it, I am sure I can alibi out of those since I would have nothing to do with them. When I purchase from a private party I try and do my due diligence by exchanging at least drivers license info. The way I see it both parties may have to prove the guns ownership history so that protects us both.
  6. If that is correct, that is 6 for 6 or 100% target acquisition;  I applaud their trainers, if only the rest of the LEO community could achieve these results when confronted with a life or death situation on these violent criminals.
  7. Actually I do think that government contracts bring down prices due to the fact that factories have to gear up to produce the quantities they need for the contract.  Once they are finished with the contract and are in replacement mode they can generate some for the civilian market without the extra cost of retooling.  As for auto, I don't care for them.  Even in the military I never went full auto with my M4 unless it was at the range for fam, with the pig sure but that is what its meant for.  Now that ammo comes out of pocket, I'll stick to well placed semi auto shots :pleased:
  8. Being retired military I carry my Benchmade 9100 Auto Stryker, have done so for almost 15 years.  Every once in awhile I carry my 9050 but its a bit bulky for EDC, and I like the tonto blade of the 9100.  I am not much of a knife collector but have found that I have a few anyway, but have traded some for gun parts and such.  The two I will keep have much of the black come off the blade but still open with a solid click which says something for their quality.
  9. I range from .22 lr to 30 caliber in different flavors of centerfire cartridges with arguably the 30-06 being the most powerful,  My largest would have to be the 12 gauge; unless you were only speaking of brass cased cartridges.
  10. No 22 hornets, but I have used the hand press.  If you want a light touch you may want to stick with the single stage press.  You can more easily control the amount of force with that than the hand press.  The Lee hand press is available at Midsouth Shooter Supply out here in Clarksville, not sure about your area.
  11. They do make carbide dies, but because you have to use lube anyway it makes the carbide part a moot point.  But if you insist, Dillon, and Lyman make carbide dies...if you can find them in your caliber.
  12. Sounds interesting, whereabouts do you guys shoot?
  13. Welcome fellow transplantee, and congrats on the retirement.
  14. Bushmaster is a Freedom Group company as well, there was an announcement back a few months ago that a few Freedom Group companies were being consolidated.  Apparently executives were sent to many of these plants to make the announcement and answer some general questions about the move.  I see this as a business move with a happy political statement as a byproduct. I wish more gun companies would make these moves out of gun un-friendly states to states that support the gun industry.  To me it does not make sense to support state governments that restrict your product in their state.  Here is a list of all the companies that make up Freedom Group:   REMINGTON BUSHMASTER REMINGTON MILITARY REMINGTON LE MARLIN FIREARMS H&R 1871 DAKOTA ARMS TAPCO DPMS / Panther Arms PARKER GUNMAKERS BARNES BULLETS ADVANCED ARMAMENT PARA USA REMINGTON PMPD MOUNTAIN KHAKIS REMINGTON 1816
  15. No, people of those streets are all out protesting. Shop owners probably do not live there and would not risk running the gauntlet to go protect their shops.
  16. This handy chart helps, they are available all over the internet suitable for printing:
  17. I use Lee dies, have done so since the mid 80s and can't see spending more for dies that do the same thing. I do have some RCBS, Hornady etc, components as well because they were either inexpensive enough or all that was all that was available at the time I needed them. When I started reloading 300Blk, I was told that Lee was trash and they would not form cases from 5.56 and I almost believed it. Luckily Lee had a set of dies that included the crimp die which EVERYONE recommended so I figured I would take a chance. After a small glitch I got the dies setup right and reformed over 1k cases without any more issues. I think Lee gets a bad rap because they are so cheap (price), which leads people to think they are cheap (quality).
  18. They all knew; Remington announced they were consolidating a few facilities to AL a few months ago. I think they were given an option to apply for open position in AL or take a severance package. AAC is also getting moved along with other Freedom Group (now Remington Outdoors I think) facilities.
  19. 1k? For that I am sure you are using high end parts, heck some of the rails can run $300 or more, barrels another $300 and so on an so on. But you can put together a bargain AR sticking to low priced but decent parts.
  20. Sorry man, I hate to disagree but thats all in your head. But that is not a bad thing, we all have something that is the "best" because we own one. I carried Colts for the majority of my career and they are a fine rifle, but with its smaller pins on some models it makes buying after market triggers a tricky thing for some. I don't own a Colt or a complete PSA upper, but I know they are both gtg. I have a Spikes, a DPMS in 300Blk and a S&W 5.56 rifle, I do have a psa stripped upper I plan on making an 8.5" 300blk out of and I can tell you they all shoot just fine. And if I am not mistaken PSA offers FN cold hammer forged barrels that are used on the M4s and SAWs in the Mil.
  21. I would look again, with an upper for less then $300, a $120 BCG and handle and a $150 lower its way below $700. And since your buying the upper and lower already built its a rifle with little DIY involved. Again, assuming you don't care about brands.
  22. Covering your lense is no better than closing an eye.  Practice reflex shots with both eyes open, first with snap caps then live.  Practicing your worst case scenarios is best, including off hand shooting from different positions.  
  23. This happens often, most times you pay the tax when you get your plates.  So you would pay in TN., if the dealer makes you pay tax TN will give you credit for it.  I would confirm this with the DMV on Monday to make sure before you do it.
  24. I would look elsewhere for a better price. If you dont care about brands, Palmetto State Armory (PSA) has some great deals such as this upper: http://palmettostatearmory.com/index.php/catalog/product/view/id/12802/%5B/ And lowers are often listed for $150 with BCGs for $100 and handles under$20. The only bad thing about PSA is that they are very slow to ship, but the price is worth it and the blems they sell are usually very good and hard to see the blem. I for one could care less about brands, some of these so called top tier rifles shoot no better than ones from lesser priced companies. Save the money, you'll need it for ammo.
  25. Get a bug bomb and set it just under the nest, use a table or something to set it on so it rests just under it when you set it off...then run!


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