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  1. Not all of them are dead, and not all reside in Afghanistan, or Saudi Arabia. What those who planned and executed 911 have to do with Iraq is the mentality. If we could guarantee that they would stay in their own borders I may be inclined to agree with you. But they won't, sooner or later they will plan and execute another attack. Boston, DC, LA, NY, who knows but I would rather take them out before we find out. Though it is flesh and blood we destroy, its the mentality of those people that needs to be defeated for that is what may ultimately succeed in making that attack in the US.
  2. Nah, its like when you argue with your brother/sister. Only you are allowed to argue with them, any outsiders will be punished!
  3. No means? Thousands in the towers would beg to differ. The point is, we dont declare that x country needs to be erased off the map and everyone converted or dead.
  4. Nah, annihilate them before they step one foot on US soil; better if its done outside 12 nautical miles to keep the trash in international waters. The way I think is that we obliterate any terrorist organization that declares they want to do us harm, that will give the next ones pause before they declare that publicly. In Iraq, as they announced a new leader we would target him, after a few replacements they stopped announcing new leaders. A bit slow but they learn.
  5. He had WMD, he used WMD, and refused to allow inspections to confirm he no longer had them. My best guess is that it traveled via highway 1 to Syria days before the invasion. He thumbed his nose at the sanctions by selling oil for "humanitarian" needs and using the money for his own purposes with full knowledge of the UN. Personally, I liked Bush, but would of went to Iraq even if, gag, Clinton or Obama had sent us in.
  6. I called about mine and the lady on the phone said the same thing. I sent mine off 10 June, they received it 13 June so 12 weeks puts it at tomorrow if you only count weekdays otherwise its over due.
  7. I had a situation a few years ago with a Game Warden who charged me for hunting over bait when I was not hunting at all. I refused to plea it down and it cost me more to be found guilty than to of just pled to reduced charges. I defended others rights in the military for 21 years, I'd be danged if I would just give mine away. Others may think differently but I think it was worth it to uphold my convictions even if it cost me more in the end. Even though I feel I was unjustly convicted, I am out a rifle, paid for an attorney (Over $1000 in all)and lost a year of hunting privileges I didn't parade around like a lunatic. And carrying a weapon during my protest would of made more sense than for a DUI. If he was unjustly railroaded to accept a plea deal he should of chosen the deal that still allowed him to fly if that was what he was worried about. Its not like he didn't plea deal at all and was found guilty anyway.
  8. While failing a field sobriety test is a first step, a breathalyzer should of been able to confirm it one way or another. If I am not intoxicated I would ask for a breathalyzer or blood test to prove it, since if it goes to a judge without one you are sure to lose. While I think the justice system is flawed and heavily weighed towards the LEO side I would not resort to this type of behavior in his case. Making threats, his last statement, while carrying a shotgun is not a good way to protest what happened. This is just a way to get some 2A supporters come to his side without bringing all the facts into it; even if it has nothing to do with the 2A.
  9. Omega

    Tat Explosion

    The thing is, tattoos and those that have full body art have a negative stereotype that is hard to get over. People like that are always perceived to belong to gangs, mafia, or former prison inmates etc. While it is now becoming more commonplace it still has that air about it. The first impression you give your employer is what can get you the job or not. And if you go into a business that does not cater to bikers, bar patrons, or the like and you flaunt all your body art you may not get hired. First impressions and stereotypes are hard to redeem, so you have to make the best first impression you can to get your foot in the door. Later, when your boss and co-workers see the type of person you really are, then they may be able to overlook the tats unless of course you ARE one of the typical stereotypes. Even the military has been fighting this over the last few years, while tattoos have been allowed they do have restrictions on what can show while in uniform. And the more visibility your job has, the more restrictions there are.
  10. No, not the HDs just standard Tri's. I seem to be better able to see the green ones better.
  11. With the war going on now for what, 12-13 years, ebay and craigslist is full of military body armor and ESAPI plates. Nothing needed but cash, and some even barter so there is certainly no shortage of ways to get your hands on this stuff. Now that being a contractor overseas is so common, civilian body armor sales are going pretty strong and that armor is also available for private purchase. I think anytime the government gets involved with banning stuff, only those that want to stay on the right side of the law will be effected. And for those of us that have body armor already, they will probably grandfather it in if they do make it illegal to buy in the future.
  12. Never heard about this. They are fixing to give the internet away though. It seems that they give up control of ICANN: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-03-17/the-u-dot-s-dot-ends-control-of-icann-gives-up-backing-of-the-free-speech-internet
  13. On my G23 I installed a set or orange thinking I could see them better but immediately went to the green ones because I would "loose" them on some targets. Maybe its just me but green seems to show up better, even in my lasers I am starting to go with the green ones now.
  14. Omega

    Tat Explosion

    I only have a few, and only one done professionally; the rest are home brew jobs I did when I was a teen. The one on my arm is an outline of an Eagle I did in Basic because my buddies didn't think I could do one by hand. I have contemplated numerous times to get it redone by a pro but have not gone through with it. The ones I think detract on a person are on women; a tramp stamp, flower or some such is not bad, but when they show more ink than skin...well lets just say I am not into it.
  15. Are you active duty?; They can usually submit a memo in lieu of a class. I opted for the class though I have been through numerous military and civilian courses but a memo would of been sufficient at the time I submitted.
  16. I am not sure about shipping, I pickup so never ship. But many order from them so it must not be that bad.
  17. Darn thing looks like it needs some tlc. Or is that a new rust color duracoat to ward off thieves?
  18. If you can't get any, Midsouth has these in stock: https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/item/0003530176/22_Caliber_point224_Diameter_45_Grain_Triple_Shock_Flat_Base_50_Count Or these: https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/item/000071310/22_Caliber_point224_Diameter_45_Grain_Spitzer_Varminter_100_Count So depending on your price point and what you plan on hunting ,these might fit the bill.
  19. I used to reuse factory boxes, specially the ones with plastic bullet trays. Now I stock up on plastic bullet cases with the hinged lids (2 piece) and use those. I never tried replicating any factory rounds because reloads can be so much better. I did try and stay close to what I zeroed with in my hunting rifles (130gr grand slam .270)when I first started reloading but now I zero with my hunting rounds since it normally takes less than 5 with my setup. In pistol, I reload a medium charge and shoot them to see how my gun likes them then adjust if it give me any issues with the process such as extraction, stovepipe etc. Edit to add that these are the ones that I reload for varmint and plinking: https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/item/000042255TIP/22_Caliber_point224_Diameter_50_Grain_Black_Poly_Tip_500_Count_(Overrun) Out of stock (OOS) at the moment but they pop up often.
  20. Though I agree in spirit, I think many want to know the facts of cases brought before the court. I too get curious, not this case per se, but I do read about local cases and appreciate facts over speculation. I think its important to have most cases on public record to insure the public no shenanigans, or let us know of any, are in our legal system.
  21. I have Hornady's but am not entirely happy with it due to the way it mounts to the caliper. I looked at the Sinclair nut comparator but decided against it because I would need two to get the calibers I needed. I have since bought another caliper to dedicate to the comparator but I think the Sinclair is a great tool and would select it if I didn't already have one.
  22. Yea, my second one is probably made by the same factory. These scopes get the job done, not the best but very good for all but the longest ranges. I have never been one to get too wrapped up in higher cost equipment if the lower cost ones will do. I used to use my scope to see my shots but the scope does a much better job. I concur about the angled lense, it makes it easy to use.
  23. I see this quite often and I always think: WTH is with that? The ones who irritate me when they do it is in the turning lane ( before or after the sensor) they make me wait an extra turn for the signal before they figure it out.


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