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  1. I was in grade school in the 70's. I never thought we were tough but, now I know we were tough as nails, compared to todays kids.
  2. Bottom line, the dead piece of crap isn't breathing up a lot of good air anymore.
  3. I hope this happens a lot more.
  4. I got just enough asshole in me that I would remind him of that a lot too. Kinda funny.
  5. Yeah, primers are the conundrum.
  6. Quavodus

    ZAROO Shotguns

    "Thank you come again."
  7. This crap would stop real dang quick too. I try real hard not to cuss on here.
  8. I have reloaded a few Tula steel boxer. 45 acp. Never loaded more than twice. Steel can harden from heat during firings. I used lube, even in carbide dies.
  9. Just got done watering all my stuff. Some of it looks good but, other stuff just fair.
  10. Some range rentals might be beat up but, maybe it won't be something expensive.
  11. I don't think I would ever do anything like that but, I understand. He's lucky he's not living and seeing what's going on Today.
  12. How is everybody's gardens doing? It's been a little dry at the house lately. We've watered some though. Potatoes, cucumbers, squash, green beans, all look good. Some of the tomatoes look good but, some don't . Maybe if we get a good slow rain.
  13. I've been using a Lee Challenger press for a long time. A lot of single stage presses are good quality. I've got 7 sets of RCBS dies, and 3 sets of Lee. They're all good.
  14. Could be a winner. It might keep the lungs in the body. Blown all to h-e double hockey sticks but, in the body. Sleepy Joe will like that.
  15. I agree with that. If it will get more young guys into guns, shooting, and hunting. I got no problem. But, me personally, I like traditional looking lever rifles.
  16. Yep, Papa, that's it. Guns and cartridges are supposed to kill. That's why they were designed and manufactured. The same way that they use knives, axes, hammers, pipes, and cars to kill people all the time. A lot of people in Government can't seem to grasp this.
  17. I'm thinking on the same lines. If we are drilling more, why is gas and oil higher, like there is a shortage?
  18. Yeah, that's what Academy had Monarch steel cased 115 gr. FMJ for Today.
  19. It's got the 1970's Foxy Brown thing going. But, it could be a staged/posed photo. SKS without bayonet. I saw those way later.
  20. Paid $4.39 Today to fill up. A little piece of me dies everytime.
  21. Just saw today a bunch of that lung removing stuff.
  22. Looks like we need more "mean" people.
  23. "They" are trying to kill the middle class. Why? Because we have guns and are tired of all their crap.


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