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  1. I got some in Algood for $3.22 the other day. I'm still not happy though. It was way cheaper before Bidumb or whoever the hell took office.
  2. As they say, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  3. Seems pretty effective against street trash though. If I was robbing and assaulting people, I would expect some citizen would shoot me or run over my ass.
  4. Sure wish they had laws like that here. Would definitely be nice
  5. Yeah, that definitely sums it up.
  6. Some people don't like vigilantes, I don't have a problem with them. I loved the Death Wish movies. If there's grass on the field, play ball.
  7. Wow, that's badass right there.
  8. You know it's funny, the leftist commie mf's are supposed to work for us. All gun laws are unconstitutional. Yet, we have them.
  9. Yeah, a "slower" powder like 2400 should be good.
  10. The former vice president and his evil ones, want it now, not 5 to 10 years from now. If they get their way, the prices better come down quick. I didn't use capital letters on purpose for his title. I'm a smartass.
  11. I got a joke about that but, better not say it.
  12. Yeah, a real friggin sick joke on the American people.
  13. Yep, if that bolt ever has to be to be took out, it'll have to be heated with a propane torch. Not fun.
  14. I read the thread title again and thought it was time to start reloading 30 years ago.
  15. It's all about tuck and roll, tuck and roll.
  16. I will not buy an EV till I have to. The idiots that charge theirs with gas generators crack me up. They think they're saving the planet.
  17. Mine came with 2 17 rd. mags. Does anybody know of good mags with 17 or more rd. capacity?
  18. thanks for posting. Woah, price ain't cheap and then hazmat on top of that. That figures. Not supposed to cuss on here so, oh crap.
  19. We used to get in the swings at the playground, and get as high as we could then jump out. Drove the teachers crazy. As far as I remember, no kid ever got a trip to the hospital.
  20. I'd like somebody to unplug the teleprompter just once.
  21. Mine is great too. Had to seat my 125 gr. handloads to 1.115" OAL but, shoots and feeds great. Bought a nylon air gun holster for 10 bucks. Even the C02 cartridge pocket, works with a "clipazine".
  22. Yeah, he's had like 105 booster shots and still got WU Flu.


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