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  1. Probably Covid. At least that's what Falsey would say.
  2. Yeah, you have to be careful these days, just being a helpful person. I don't stop anymore for anybody I don't know. Lots of people now are just crap.
  3. Sorry for both of your losses. The 19th of this month will be the anniversary of my fathers death. 53 years ago. Bless you both.
  4. Shot the Tisas 1911a1, and put about 60 rounds through it. Doesn't like 200 gr SWC at all. Had to do the old slide slap several times. Might have to seat a little deeper but, don't think that will help much. Probably have to get a different "clipazine". Shoots and feeds fine with 230 gr. FMJ and 230 gr. HP.
  5. By the way, I shot the RIA Model 200, with some 158 gr. SWC handloads, and it's a good shooter. Nice trigger too.
  6. Could be Gallipoli, reminds me a little of a Sten variation of some sort.
  7. My mother had a big shelf in the basement that was always full of canned food. Must've been 7 feet high by about 16 feet long. After us kids all grew up and moved out, it got less and less .
  8. Me and the wife are still putting some stuff out. Gonna have to till up some more ground sometime this week before work and put some more tomatoes and cucumbers out.
  9. Yeah, I was gonna say, primers are like gold but, maybe more like silver.
  10. I seated the bullets deeper to 1.115" and tried it. Fed like a greased pig. Problem is, I have about 400 more rounds loaded like that, and need to seat all deeper. Fun fun fun.
  11. I would think the Gen 3 17 parts would interchange. A friend built one of these a couple years ago.
  12. Yeah, if it's low, that oughta raise it some. Livingston gas was $4.09 today.
  13. The boolits I'm shooting and loading are from Precision bullets. They are more of a round contour than a lot of RN bullets. I seated some to 1. 100" today and took barrel out, to do a test. They still didn't seem like they were going all the way down, compared to a factory 115 gr. FMJ. I may have to seat even deeper. This is a real pain.
  14. I've wondered for a long time why the Mexican Government/Police can't stop immigration from coming through their Country and into ours.
  15. I see this at my place of work too. A lot don't last very long at all. Maybe 1 out of 10 lasts a month. I agree that the policy of most lines working 19 days in a row, then off 2 days. is a pain. I've been doing that for almost 6 years now. But, they're starting employees out now full time. I didn't get that.
  16. I've never loaded any 125 gr. before, and it seems I will have to seat a little deeper than the 115 gr. RN loads. Loading for autos is a pain, compared to revolvers. I'm gonna have to seat a little deeper for my .45 too.
  17. No, it's just a smooth base. I think I'm gonna have to seat them a little deeper. They're not feeding that great right now. Out of a 17 round magazine, about 6 will fail to feed.
  18. That's the kind of LGBT I can tolerate.
  19. I just wondered what overall length works best for y'all with 125 gr. RN? I'm shooting a PC bullet, and it sometimes will give feeding problems. I'm gonna seat them a little deeper and experiment to see what feeds good. It's not a tapered shape like a lot of the 115 gr. FMJ that you see. Thanks.
  20. That movie is underrated. That guy was as relaxed as pretty much everybody needs to be for at least a little while in their life.
  21. Something is always "wrong" when the side effects of the vax is way worse than just not getting it and taking your chances. I'm sure you're not just a coincidence either. I really hope you beat this and get to feeling better.
  22. I see nobody has responded to you, so I thought I would. I've never used it but, if there is good published data, try it out. Most powder now isn't inexpensive. Work up a few loads and see how they do.
  23. I ordered mine from sportsmans outdoor superstore.


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