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  1. Yea, but ARs chambered for just .223 only will not be able to use 5.56 - vice versa, 5.56 barrels can handle 223... FJB!
  2. tacticalusa . com - ya can't unsubscribe and the sneak some type of subscription. Biggest is the constant email nag and malware warnings. Don't go there.... I never even did biz with them.
  3. I've said the same thing about mine. Ammo is/was expensive. Even more now...
  4. Ya mean a P238 if it's a 380... p938 is a 9mm looks like you have a 938 9mm
  5. We're in mid tn and they have been scarce. Others in the area say the same thing. We usually have a dozen or so +_ a few. So far we had 2 but mostly just one youngin. Libtards probably banned them for using multi ported feeders. <shrug>, lol.
  6. I get an email every day of what's coming. Mail gets scanned but not packages. If you get no email, you won't get mail that day. They've been doing it for years, but only recently have they offered it as a free service to folks if they want it. If a package is coming, they send a link to the tracking number if there is one.
  7. Yep, my MkIV series 70 has it. Was nickel, carried it in the early 80's.... Paid $275 brand new. Had some wear on it from carrying it. Wanted to get it re-nickeled but that is a lost and expensive art. So was recommended hard chrome. Did some fine tuning and it's a great gun. Looks like new.
  8. Bought my Mariner in 1996 for $445.... Excellent shooter. GLWS
  9. How old? How many rounds through it? Why ya getting rid of it? Any issues with it?
  10. Sorry to hear about your wife.... Hope she is ok. If I had the cash, I'd take it from ya. GLWS
  11. Did a lot of work on mine. It's easy to work on. My goal was to keep it tool free to disassemble. Still is. Before and after....
  12. I have one which came with the field stock, (no pistol grip), finally got my hands on a pistol grip stock. Much better and easier to handle. Especially when getting older. You can shoot this shotty all day with no sore shoulder. Like shooting an AR.
  13. LAX Ammunition Reloaded 9 MM 115 GR 500 RDS W/FREE AMMO CAN | Lax Ammunition (laxammo.com) Their reloads are top notch. Looks like factory new.
  14. Got an email from Olight this morn with a USPS shipping label approving my submission. It's on its way back.
  15. Welcome to the club.... Was fun when I went to the hospital and showed the front desk what happened. Took the knuckle of my index finger right down. She almost barfed when I let a lil blood squirt. Many scars over the years. Still healing right now from CTS hand surgery. Just a lil ways down from where yours is on my love line or whatever they call it. lol
  16. Got notified by Amazon, which is where I got it. They also referred to the CPSC: Olight Ecommerce Technology Recalls Flashlights Due to Burn Hazard | CPSC.gov Be easier if I can get Amazon to take it back. Still heard nothing from Olight.
  17. It's a voluntary recall. Yes, it gets hot as hell. The button has virtually no safeguards on it to prevent it from hitting anything. This is not a gun. That is all. Carry on!
  18. Haven't heard from them yet. But yes, their confusing web forms are little weird. Got to see how they handle my purchase which was a gift card from Amazon... Guess I'll stick to Fenix...
  19. That sux. But great. Just sent in for a refund. Never used the darn thing because it got way to hot. Thanks for the heads up.
  20. Maybe I'm missing something here and I read it all. There is nothing saying you cannot get more training even now. But ya aint getting it for free. Go get as much as you can handle. There is plenty out there to be had. I think this bill is just worded wrong and could care less about it. I've been carrying for decades before I moved to TN. I carry now 99.25% of the time. I haven't really had any desire to go somewhere where I am not allowed to carry and could care less. In fact, haven't even ran across any. It's pretty much a known fact that gun folks that are deep into this hobby could outshoot most leos.... But difference is they have to shoot under stress while we play with just targets. LEO's jobs are just that. Most I know do not carry off duty because to them a gun is just a tool like a hammer is to a carpenter. They wear it all day and when they get home, everything gets dumped in their edc tray or wherever. And yea, quite a few suck at shooting. We don't need this dumb bill., We need the proper wording of the recent constitutional carry just passed. That would probably resolve the bulk of the problem. If there was anything to worry about, that should be something to be concerned. At least we are getting trained or practicing in one way or another. The new no permit needed carry bs should concern everyone. I am not against it. But I know people will just go buy a gun, tote it and know jack about it. A year or so, a kid I know just bout his first gun when he turned of age with the enhanced permit. Good on him. He couldn't hit the broad side of a barn at 20ft. (It was a Performance Shop S&W). I told him I'd take it and see if it needed to be adjusted. The gun was spot on. I broke it down and it was filthy. I told him take a course and learn to clean his weapons. He couldn't take it apart or figure out how. He had this tall guy there that kinda looked like Trace Adkins. He couldn't figure it out either and was looking to add to his collection. I don't own any S&W at that time and they freaked when I broke it down in seconds. Big guy said, 'you see that? he just did it with one hand'.... Point I'm trying to make here is it seems we are clamoring about it - (the proposed law), giving us some sort of leo advantage. It's bs, we don't need it. Someone is looking for votes. Lets get what needs fixing on the current laws and start voting out these rinos that do nothing but try make names for themselves.
  21. Little Linseed Oil but that's me. Very nice.
  22. Where in Kentucky? I'm in Sumner County, TN and takes me 20 mins to get to the Downs casino.
  23. Not just someone living nearby. Also, if there is another mobile unit roaming around. Anyone that can render you help.


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