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  1. Help with an "Odd-duck"; Intratec Tec-38? I picked up an oddball little Derringer, apparently made by Intratec back in the 90's or so, called the Intratec Tec-38. If anybody has a schematic or an exploded view of same, I could use a look at it, thanks! It looks like this: Before you suggest it, Numrich Arms (Gun Parts Corp) does not have one on their website, I've looked.
  2. Ray Z

    Taurus G3

    I bought my wife a M&P9 EZ for a car gun because she couldn't rake the slide on a regular M&P. I just bought a Taurus G3 for me just for giggles. Guess what? She can rack it as good as a M&P9 EZ. To go along with that the G3 double actions on the second shot if the first one fails to fire.The trigger is super and the magazines that come with the gun are 15 and 17 rounds. I've always been a M&P fan but that could change. You people have got to check it out.
  3. Picked up a Stoeger STR-9. Got it from local Rural King for $338.42. Came in cardboard box with info, 3 back straps and 3 15 round mags. Made in Turkey. Very Glock like inside and shoots as good as a Glock 19 for me. I would compare to Glock gen3/4 G19 model. Standard 3 dot sights but are metal. Parts do not seem to be interchangeable with Glocks but it does fit Glock 19 holsters. Put 500 rounds thru it so far with 2 failures to completely eject fired casings, strong RSA and 3 times slide locked back with rounds still in mag, found out I was riding up on slide lock. Sight are POA/POI for me and groups at least as well as any Glock 9mm I have owned.
  4. Grayfox54


    Ok, I admit to a strange fascination with the so-called "Mouse Guns". There's just something about these little, small caliber guns that appeals to me and over the years I've acquired several of them. Yeah, I know all the arguments against them. "If the bad guy realizes he's been shot...yadda,yadda,yadda." However, these small guns do have their place. I think everybody should have a gun for those times when they can't carry a gun. The first thing you need to understand is that with these tiny, small caliber pistols is that you have to change tactics. Forget center mass. These guns are meant to be used at bad breath distances. Instead, stick the gun right in the bad guys face and pull the trigger. Several times. If you're lucky, the bullet may enter through an eye socket or sinus cavity and go directly into the brain resulting in immediate incapacitation. However, don't count on it. Instead, while the bad guy is distracted by this sudden pain and blood, you run like Hell! Remember, the primary purpose of a self defense gun is to save your life. What happens to the bad guy is unimportant as long as you survive. .22 vs .25? Personally, I prefer the .25acp. The .22LR may have a slight power advantage, but the .25 is a center fire cartridge. We've all had rimfires that misfired. And frankly, in recent years, misfires with .22s seem to be more and more frequent. The center fire .25 acp is much more reliable. However, in recent years several very small pistols have emerged in .32 acp caliber. Not long ago I acquired a Beretta 3032 Tomcat. Its pretty much the same size as Beretta's .22 and .25 DA/SA offerings in a better caliber. I'm still working with it, but so far, I've grown to like it. Do i recommend a mouse gun as a primary carry? No, of course not. However, there are times when discretion is called for due to dress or social circumstances. That's where these tiny pistols really shine. Then again, they also serve extremely well as a non-intrusive back-up. Here's my mouse collection. Sorry, I'm not much of a photographer. Left to right, top to bottom: 1. Raven 25 Auto: don't laugh. While they are the epitome of the cheap, saturday night special, the darn things work and are totally reliable. 2. PSP-25 (now called the PSA-25): An extremely well made licensed copy of the classic Browning Baby. I think it may be better as mine has a much better trigger. 3. Browning Baby: A true classic which many Police Officers carried as a back-up. 4. Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket: another classic. 5. Beretta 950B Jetfire: Yet another well known pocket pistol. 6. Beretta 3032 Tomcat: already mentioned 7. Walther TPH: my only .22 as the .25 versions are extremely rare in the country often costing $1000 or more. 8. Taurus PT-25: a DAO copy of the Beretta design. Well, there you have it. My collection of Mouse Guns. Unlike Mr. Jinks, I love meeces to pieces! Show us yours!
  5. Have any of you ever heard of this distributor? If you go through prices, some are listed as normal, some are shown as on Sale, and are several hundred dollars cheaper than anything I can find online. Just trying to find out if this site is legit. Not looking for random opinions, more how to tell if it's a scam. onlinegunsshop.com
  6. The Glock Gen 5 chambered in .40S&W have been announced that they will be coming out. My question is this : If Glock is making them in Gen 5 then what's up with all the talk about the .40S&W cartridge being a round that beats and tears guns up ? I have shot .40 S&W Glocks since 1996 and still today. The Glock 22's get these little wear marks or peeing marks under the slide and then the wear stops. One certain firearms trainer here in Tennessee says that they will never go beyond somewhere around 35-40,000 rds. He does know what he's talking abot and he's a smart guy as he's seen a lot come through classes but I dont see Glock making Gen 5's in the cartridge if they are this destructive. Your thoughts ?????
  7. Hello folks, I bought this Beretta model 81BB recently exclusively to convert to 32NAA. My goal is to match its grouping abilities to a 32NAA casing loaded with Lehigh 55g all copper defense bullets. For now, this is what the used M81 can do at 30 feet shooting off a wooded 4X4 block as a frame rest. Prior to the rechambering, the average speed of some pretty old PMC 71g FMJ loads were 962 fps out of the 10 round string. The PPU averaged 914 fps. To do a conversion on a Beretta Model 81, it simply requires renting the reamer from 4D rentals for a total cost of $47 bucks, adding a model 84 380 magazine and some ammo. No other mods are needed since Beretta uses the same bolt face in their 81/84 model slides. The thick gripped Beretta is a most comfortable gun to shoot. In 32ACP its a real kitten. Stepped up to the new chambering and you know immediately, this aint your grandfathers ACP! The 80g Defensive HP's stepped out at an average of 1067fps in the pictured 10 shot string. I'm looking forward to see what kind of velocities I can generate with the 55g Lehigh copper pills. They should have some serious splash out of the Beretta's 4 3/4" barrel. Then I couldn't help giving the Guardian a go at the 30 foot target with the PMC's. There is some evidence of slight key holeing out of the Guardians shallow rifling but hitting the paper regularly at that range with those sights is still acceptable in my view. ;D
  8. I picked up a new M&P BodyGuard 380 as a backup gun to my Canik Elite SC. During break in it did exactly what all my M&P have done with changing the point of impact as it broke in. In the end it still shot low, but not nearly as bad as when it was taking it’s first mag as you can see. This is aimed at elderly and women and that’s exactly who shouldn’t be shooting it. You have to grip it so hard to counter the 12+ lb trigger pull and reset that is the entire length of the trigger to avoid shooting the person in the foot while aiming at their head, that I doubt it’s target audience could do it. A sub 3” barrel isn’t accurate as it is and we aren’t Jerry Miculek. I’d recommend the exact opposite of who they say this gun is for.
  9. I have been watching TGO classifieds for the east end of the state ads trying to find something on my short list to no avail. I started hitting shops in a wide area over the last two weeks and today ran across a Springfield XD Mod 2 4" 9mm with an exceptional trigger on it. It came home with me. I was looking for a Sig P365XL and will continue to look for one at a decent price until one of those comes home with me. I did find that after groping many makes and models there were several that appealed to me and my short list grew longer. One thing I would like to mention is that yesterday I was in Knoxville Tactical. They had more inventory than most and which is part of why my list of wants expanded. Yet they did not have what I needed at this time. A young man in his mid 20s came in and wandered about for a bit and was approached by the store worker, another young man in his mid 20s who asked if he could help. The customer stuttered and stammered at length and the more he spoke the more obvious it was that he knew absolutely nothing about firearms. He openly stated that he was ignorant to firearms, never fired one, never owned one, and had always been anti gun. He stated that he had come to realize that it was time he acquired one and become educated as to safe operation. All of these statements were made in a stammered voice lacking confidence. I tip my hat to the employee who was very understanding and took all the time in the world to question as to intended use in order to provide some suggestions for consideration. I also listened as the employee stressed the importance of training and education being completed in preparation for ownership and offered means for such. The customer became much more comfortable and inquisitive. The young man was still in the store when I left and I feel confident that he was guided appropriately. Never once did the employee display an air of superior knowledge or speak down to the customer, it was more like a "welcome to the fold brother" encounter. This was only the third time I have been in that shop because it is quite a distance from my place. I will return though. I was impressed. So, if anyone on the east end of this great State needs to re-home a Sig P365XL I promise to feed it well.
  10. Just had a customer tell me about this. Interesting.
  11. I picked up a new Tisas B380 (licensed copy of the Beretta 84) from Bill’s Outpost ( great people and a great experience) yesterday and now I’m on the hunt for some SD ammunition. Tell me what you all like!
  12. I have a CZ Rami 9mm that I shoot pretty well with the stock Tritium three dot sights. But, with my old eyes, it is getting harder to pick them up. They make Big Dot sights for this model and I was wondering does anyone have experience with them. Do you like them? Do you know of any alternatives that would work on the Rami?
  13. Anyone dealt with Robertson Trading Post in Henderson? I noticed on GOA, that they have several pistols I'm possibly interested in. I might be up for a trip to Henderson to check them out. Are they open to the public or doing online ordering only? Are they good people to deal with?
  14. ........started having changeable backstraps?
  15. I just got an almost new Smith Wesson model cs9 in stainless steel and would like to buy a recoil guide for but I can't find any. I know the pistol was discontinued but surely there are some parts out there. Does anyone know of a good place to get old Smith parts? Thanks for your help.
  16. Just saw Lenny Magill is building a big store. Anybody know where? This is great news.
  17. Anyone know anywhere that sells a build kit for a Sig? I don't need an 80%, but I know similar kits are sold with 80% lowers. I just need the parts to build out a frame and slide. I know we have some guys here that do similar with Glocks.
  18. I am out of loop on todays prices. Lookin for opinions. I don't think the Brace's will be the new Bumpstocks soon,but. All PSA standard lower-M4 upper 10.5 '' SB3 Brace over $100 iron sights Magpul mag like new in box. Thanks for info
  19. I have a M&P 9 subcompact first version and i was wanting to replace my backstrap with the newer 2.0 strap. Does anyone have a extra one they want to sell? I'm not having any luck online finding any. Thanks
  20. ....that you would trust for reliable performance, 5.56/.223 on a budget. I currently own an AK-variant pistol w/brace in that caliber but it's over 6lb, and as I age weight makes a difference...both at my waistline and in my defensive choices. Haven't really been following the newer AR models, so enlighten me please.
  21. Last month I got the Canik Elite SC to go with my SFx. This month I got it’s direct competition. For those who have been wondering what they’d be like neck and neck to compare, here ya go. There seems to be a lot of hoopla between these two. I’ve seen a lot of comparisons, so here’s what seems to be of interest to people. I took shots from every angle of comparison. People talk a lot about the glock grip angle, but the Canik seems to be almost identical. They both shoot well, but the blocky grip of the Glock is not comfortable compared to the Canik. Also, because of the trigger difference going between them back and forth screwed me up to where I had to step back and get on target with the Canik again - which I shoot exceptionally well. After shooting the glock I came back and was shooting low with the Canik for the first mag. You really need to get used to one or the other and you can be on target with either one pretty nicely. Going back and forth between them didn’t go well. Lol clickable thumbs
  22. Seems like 2020 may be the year of the RMR. Seeing a lot of new guns pre-milled. Never been a RMR guy but this may create an interest now that I won’t need to get it milled and recoated. Just curious if RMRs are all standardized hole patterns and footprints though...
  23. .....thread a Ruger MK IV Target barrel for a suppressor and set the front sight back. Nashville area . Anybody had this done? Cost?
  24. Supposed to be available soon, MSRP $39.99. Steel aftermarket mag.


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