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New (to me) Rifle - 1936 Winchester Model 63 w/ Marble Tang Peep Sight


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I couldn’t wait to post so pics will be forthcoming. A buddy gave (sold me at a great price) me his dad’s 1936 Winchester Model 63 (which was left to him) It appears to be in good functioning condition. Most of the bluing if off the receiver (I think the term is “Patina”) The barrel still has some bluing,  but it does have a spot or two of rust on the surface. I will need advice on how I should handle the rusty patches. 

It is missing the rear dovetail sight but has a Marble Tang Peep Sight. The rear dovetail sight may have been removed years ago. The wood stock and forend are in good condition for an 86 year old rifle. Definitely has wear and marks in the wood “Character”. 

I will get photos uploaded when I get home. 

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OK, here are some photos. I need to give her a good clean and lube then see how well she shoots. I love how they take-down.  I didnt realize at first that they did. Not too shabby for an Octogenarian.






Rust on the barrel


"Patina" on the receiver.


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1 minute ago, Snaveba said:

Will that mar what bluing is around the rust?  or should I not be to worried about that? 


You will get really tired before you hurt the bluing. It's how the blue was originally polished. Just make sure you get 0000 steel wool.



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That’s a neat old rifle.  Bet it’s still as accurate as when it was made.

As mentioned, 0000 steel wool and plenty of oil on those nasty rust spots….gently.  The bluing there is likely gone but no need to srub the rest of it off.

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Holy cow, what an absolute beauty!!! 

Let me also emphasize to "gently" clean it with the 0000 sandpaper and oil but you have a real jewel there. 

You will be amazed at how accurate those peep sights can be when you get accustomed to them.  Really glad for you and now go and give your buddy another big hug for making this happen! 😉

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So, just regular cutting oil, 3in1 oil or gun oil? Or is there a specific oil I should use?

also, thoughts on the receiver? Leave it at is and only go after the bad rust on the barrel? Or do a light rubbing on the receiver as well? I will of course remove the forend first. 

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Get rid of the surface rust by using a carpenter’s pencil. Your gonna use the carbon end to gently rub the surface rust away. Wipe it down, oil it and love it. An old gunsmith and lifetime friend of mine showed me this years ago. You ain’t going for perfect cause that would just ruin it. The patina on the receiver is probably due to it’s owner carrying it for many years. I have my grandfathers and wouldn’t reblue it or refinish the stocks for the world. Beautiful specimen by the way. Let us know how it works out for you. 

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This is a neat little gun to take apart.

I took apart the forend and such, but not the back end. I need a tool to remove the stock nut to pull that apart the back end.

I tried the carpenter’s pencil on the barrel rust first. The rust was just a little too much for it. It gave the rust a nice “blued” look. I went with the 0000 Wool and gun oil. That seemed to work better. Not too much, but enough to get it looking better. I did decide to hit the receiver just a touch to smooth it up a little. 




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10 hours ago, Snaveba said:

On the old gun cleaning supply front, is this stuff any good (or still any good)? It was also in the shooting box  



I image it’s just fine.  I still use WWII manufactured USGI bore cleaner which is older than this to clean after shooting corrosive ammo.

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20 hours ago, Snaveba said:

On the old gun cleaning supply front, is this stuff any good (or still any good)? It was also in the shooting box  



It's probably still good to use but keep in mind.  Anything the government has is achieved through the bid process.  So, that is the "low bid" winner.  There are better things to use.

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