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  2. Gave it some more thought. Here are a few arguments I've heard which have nothing to do with the truth of the statements made in the 2A. 1. The founders were in a state of evolution, creating their version of a right based on their "now" They just won and had a national interest, the new citizens pushing west had to evict the indigenous, and the police were days or decades away. 2.The founders could have never imagined the ingenuity of man to create the most lethal, effective killing small arms on the planet 3. References to what other learned, people have said, written, exposed upon regarding the 2A with the certainty these modern opinions are valid. 4. Charts and graphs showing the US is leading the world in killing civilians with small arms. If the founders saw this info the amendment would be different. 5. Public opinion polls show the amendment should be changed. 6. And the unspoken one, the influence of money through grants, donations, and lobbying. Divert and deflect the argument with hand selected facts, you can eliminate truth from any narrative.
  3. I did a DIY on my 870 Tactical, see issue, standard pull to long for me. Cut a bit off, just enough to retail the rear sling attachment. Added a Limb Saver, perfect fit, both on the butt and how it fits the stock. I went this route because I didn't want to spend money on an adjustable stock. Is this an option for your application? I've never handled a shotgun with a pistol grip, so can't give any info, just opinion, to the pros / cons
  4. Great State attracting great people. I transplanted from Winter Park (Orlando) in 1994. Can't imagine living anywhere else. Speaking with a friend about why TN. Geographic location with good airports and interstates, natural geography weather, taxes, and less intrusive .gov (my perspective) Natives and longer term residents have the view, "come on in, just don't bring and try to enact the same stupid .gov stuff you left behind." If it was so good, we'd already be doing it. Problems, yep. Compare urban to suburban / rural and the are differences of opinion. Easterners think we live in the best part of the state (at least I do - but I'm not a city kid) It's easy to highlight problems and blight within urban areas because of population density. We simply get to point at Nashville for Middle and Memphis for Westerners, and it seems idyllic here. Especially if you never travel MLK past Walter P...
  5. We’ve also found Marty Schwartz to be a great guitar teacher on YouTube.
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  7. Tears of joy as I think about where she is, in the presence of God and all the faithful departed. I pray you rejoice in the Lord's victory over Satan with everlasting life, free from these weak and failing bodies I hope you are comforted in knowing of God's love shown through the cosmic battle He fought for her (and all of our) soul(s) Praise be to you, Lord Jesus Christ, who's blood washes away our sins and makes us acceptable before your Father!
  8. Ha! I worked at the Shipyard before I moved here. I’ll never forget the smell of Budweiser brewing.
  9. TGO deal of the day I haven't seen .223/.556 brass for less than $.27 / round. Thanks Cartel!
  10. Newport News here. Used to work at the brewery a few years back!
  11. Old skool tacti-kool! Welcome aboard. For the group, Does ORSA offer SASS?
  12. No expertise with Sig, however I would: Start at 3 yards Maybe some additional lubrication, more rounds, and dry fire? It could be the mag spring or ammo brand. For $250, I think it's worth a bit more testing. Regarding night sights, they're getting dim on my '08 75B, but still visible and usable in low light. I like night sights because the inserts make a great day time sight pic. If 80% of DGUs fall in the 3-3-3 rule, keyboard kommando, mall ninja high speed operator sights are less important. I also understand 70% of DGUs occur between 6p and 6a, so low light gear could be useful...add a retinal burning LED light and night vision, those half life sights are just fine!
  13. Welcome aboard from a Williamsburg transplant. In the Nashville burbs since 2005.
  14. Hey everyone, recently relocated to Knoxville area by my company. I am a wheel-gun-aholic, and collector of Ruger Single Actions. Looking to find a nice place to shoot and will be looking for a new SASS club here soon.
  15. I pray for God to give you & your family Peace, Comfort & Strength as you plan and handle her memorial services. May her memory burn brightly within your heart!!
  16. That's not a bad idea.... If I could find one.
  17. Praying for you and your family
  18. You can try vortex viper hst 6-24x50 scope. it is awesome for its performance and price. Check the review to get full concept about this scope.
  19. I’m so sorry to hear this. Know that your family is in my prayers and that you’ll find peace amongst family and friends in the coming days.
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