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  2. True, but the fact that the term "commercial" was used leads me to believe that someone regards what we call private sales as something different. I may be wrong. The licensed transfer agent is interesting. Someone on here the other day pointed out that, if background checks are so important, why isn't NICS available to everyone? The licensed transfer agent could be a step in that direction.
  3. This is suppose to be Calamity at a younger age. If it is really her she did look a lot better then. Bad trigger safety though.
  4. Let's have a second look.
  5. Did anyone catch the street name for Roman Arms address? It's Snowflake Dr.
  6. My son traded a couple of basic guns for this Kel-Tech and I got to shoot it today. I didn't know what to think about it at first but hey, the thing is pretty well built. I was quit surprised and it shot very well. My only gripe is I would opt for much better aluminum flip up sights over the blocky plastic pop ups that came on the gun. This gun gets a thumbs up for a hi cap survival piece.
  7. I think the confusion here is the distinction between a will/estate/trust fund and a Trust used for NFA items. Sounds like @Flyboy is refering to the latter. In that case not having one means if the items owner passes, the item(s) must be surrendered. At least that is my understanding.
  8. DOn't know what you people are talking about the real Calamity Jane looks just like Doris Day.
  9. If you just did nothing, wouldn't that just happen naturally anyway? Is this an especially valuable gun or collection? And why would you want to name anyone "listed for handling?" Just askin', trying to learn something here.
  10. The problem with laws passed like this is that terms like “commercial sale” are left up to the regulatory agency (BATFE) to define. Dollars to donuts, the sales listings of sites like Armslist, Gunbroker, and TGO get classified as a “commercial sale”. After all, there is a commercial transaction involved in the posting of the ads through per ad or membership fees.
  11. I’m not seeing a lot of difference here, from the way it is now. This licensed Transfer Agent is something new, obviously. It remains to be seen if people will use them for a private sell or not.
  12. Sidewinder

    Savage 99

    I guess I had forgotten about the 30-30 and I own one.
  13. Today
  14. I bought this gun from a guy on this forum about 6 years ago. I dont remember time lines very well... LOL. I shot one magazine when I got it, and put it back in the safe. I really havent gotten it out since. I do have the box for the Eotech and some of the SIg literature he gave me. Eotech has new batteries and its running great.
  15. Commercial sales are apparently anything that is not a private sale. An individual-to-individual sale at a gunshow would probably be illegal. Yawn. If this largely symbolic measure is all Trump will support, the "apologists" should be the ones on this forum who were calling Trump a gun grabber a few weeks ago.
  16. I have some guys looking from a local fishing forum but ive still got it. Honestly, this one surprises me a bit. I bought this gun from a guy that works for me 3-4 years ago. I didnt shoot it once. And he sold it to me because he never shot it. the box of shells is the box he gave me, and my guess is the missing 15 rounds is all its ever seen. Its in perfect condition.
  17. We may have broke steak together but...................this is a S&W Revolver. I take no prisoners and make no apologies. LOL.
  18. I have a standing order!!!!!!!!! And thanks for placing it on a red background!
  19. Where's that varmint barber hidin'?
  20. Yesterday
  21. Background checks already have been required for all firearm transfers, but the one-pager called for implementing a new requirement for all advertised commercial sales, including at gun shows. Commercial sales of a firearm are new to me, just what are they?
  22. She’s a step up from the real one.
  23. Yeah, that gal needs a makeover.
  24. Thanks for your purchase and meeting on time. Perfect sale, thank you. Enjoy!
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