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    Decided to camo my el cheapo Savage 320 today..Spent $10 for paint...I could not find any rubber bands at wallyworld, so I just wrapped it in paracord, then used some foliage from around the land for the camo effect...I think it turned out pretty decent for my first time doing a camo job..
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    Okay Been there and done that. Went thru metal detector the got wanded. Had to take my hearing aid batteries out of my pockets. I felt violated. I'm not even going back to Nashville if I can help it. They wanted $25.00 to park but I found a place on the street.
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    It’s legal, but the law requires you notify the carrier. UPS and FedEx won’t ship it as soon as you do that (unless its going to an FFL). It’s illegal to ship a handgun USPS (unless you are an FFL). Your responsibility as a seller is to make sure they are of age, a resident of this state, and you do not know they are a convicted felon (Or otherwise prohibited).
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    The technology exists to do that very thing today. It's not cheap, but it's there.
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    It looks like a Rollin White swivel breech, or a very cheap copy.
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    I have followed 3d printing since it was guys hacking apart HP inkjet printers to home brew a 3D printer. This is great!
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    Nothing makes me quit listening to a presentation faster than having data not clearly match across rows and down columns.
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    The gun industry has a vested interest to get this issue under thumb rather than letting open source material mature alongside 3D printing capabilities. Try to keep that in mind when you hear President Trump consulted with the NRA. Also, think about how this will matter for firearms in 50 years, not today.
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    As with hand loading, casting will not save you money, you just shoot more for the same price. I have over 30 molds, check pricing, molds are not cheap. Some are custom that cost a few pennies. My hollow point molds are my pride and joy. Swagging is something else I do, slow process but a 40 S&W case swagged to a 44 mag is something to see as it explodes a few milk jugs in a line. Cast Boolits is my "goto" site for all this stuff, good luck and please be safe with liquid lead. As it dont care who or what it burns.
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    I’ll say it again…. Being stupid should hurt.
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