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    Picked this one up yesterday to replace the ECO I parted with to help fund a motorcycle purchase. Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet but hopefully soon!
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    Thinning continued...this one stings just a bit, so I must be doing it right?. Wanted to turn this into a Marine M16A4 Clone but not happening. Gun is flawless and a perfect example. I'm not the original purchaser, hence LNIB vs NIB. Original owner in CA indicated he never fired it. Limited factory test firing wear on bolt carrier and charging handle appear consistent with that. Come with 2 new sealed USGI 30 round mags (pic for reference of 2 included), Original FN was a victim of CA law and could not be imported with rifle by the original buyer. $850 shipped or $825 FTF Cash / Zelle / USPS money order. No Trades Please Sold thru that black rifle site.
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    I just like the round.
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    Young Theodore Roosevelt with his high carved tiffany hunting knife and rifle circa 1885
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    That's the kind of stories I like. He is more than welcome to it. I'm in and around Nashville during the week.
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    A few photos in honor of D-Day.
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    Eh may see about moving this again. Bought last year brand new attached pictures of where my 30-30 hammer touched up then stock in the safe I have a Swarovski z3 4-12x50 zero’d on it right now I’ll include for $750 on top of rifle price Leupold 1inch Rings included $740 in nashville
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    Maybe. In a bid to increase access to public lands, the Interior Department unveiled a proposal for new and expanded hunting and fishing access to 1.4 million acres in 46 states. The plan, announced Wednesday, would open 74 national wildlife refuges and 15 national fish hatcheries operated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to outdoor sporting enthusiasts. Reps for groups including the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Delta Waterfowl and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation were thrilled by the news, as per the release, with some social media commenters echoing similar applause. https://www.foxnews.com/great-outdoors/trump-administration-plans-expand-hunting-fishing-protected-acres
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    Brand new Savage 110 Hog hunter in 338 Federal My personal opinions, the 338 Federals an amazing cartridge. Rifle is new and unfired. Box included. 2 extra factory magazines. The open sights were removed by the dealer and they installed new Weaver mounts and new Leupold 2X7X32. Scope came from Midway. New muzzle brake included. Not installed. New sling and swivels included. 5 boxes of ammo that’s shown I was looking for a different rifle in 338 Federal that was not available at the time so I bought this, I’ve since have found and bought the rifle I originally wanted. Thus the reason for sale. I will make someone a great deal on this. Way below what I paid, plus you will save on taxes and background fee. $600.00 cash for all that is mentioned. Must be TN resident and able to own firearms, sign bill of sale. Blessings
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    I can't believe this is still here! If it ain't a Pony, it's a Phony.
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    I ordered some CCI Maxi-Mags a couple of weeks ago from SGAmmo and what I paid, including shipping, was $.17 a round.
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    I have a Savage 93G. It is a sporter weight, wood stocked rifle, and will repeatedly shoot sub 1", 100 yard groups from a bench with standard Winchester ammunition. You can buy a prettier rifle, (Kimber, Cooper, CZ, etc.) but it would be hard to find a lightweight 22 mag that will out shoot the Savage by much. I find it perfect for varmint control in my garden. I do not care for the price nor the spotty availability of the 22 magnum ammunition.
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    I had considered a .22 mag. for a while, so last Dec. I saw CDNN had the Ruger American .22 mag. compact package deal for $279.00, which included the rifle, sling, an additional stock insert, a Bushnell A17 3.5-10x36mm rimfire scope and mounts. I have been shocked at how accurate this rifle is, check out the reviews on line for this gun. I have had a ball shooting it, and at this price nobody can touch it. Plus .22 mag. ammo is plentiful right now, so I have stocked up. I couldn't be happier with it.
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    Are there better, cheaper, or more modern firearms available? Of course. Is there something inherently sexy about a 92fs? You betcha! This is a really good price, good luck with your sale.
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    An integral eh? Can't wait to see it!
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    Remember it well. All over the news that day. People running. People looking like they were cheering him on at some points. Sad that it came to such an end. Perhaps this says too much about me and my thinking, but I empathasize with Mr. Heemeyer's actions. Sometimes you can be pushed just so far when supposedly rational men and actions go against everything you believe is right and moral.
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    That is an amazing story. It reminds me of the autopsy photos we were shown at my department of a guy that took (14-19?) rounds on 9mm in solid body hits. He didn’t know it yet, but he was dead, and he was still standing returning fire. As that Officer discovered the will to live and an adrenaline rush is a strong thing; for both of them. The Newhall incident, The Miami shootout, The North Hollywood shootout, what happened to Sergeant Gramins, Pulse night club, Vegas shooting, the Waffle House shooting, and many others teach us that given the chance bad guys will kill you in a heartbeat. And while having that beat into your head there are those that want you to wait those precious seconds with an armed criminal to see what he will do. Yep, the Nashville DA and Mayor should be ashamed of themselves. Heck with that, when a criminal threatens someone with a gun their rights end. I suspect a jury will agree. If they don’t, we are all in danger, not only from the criminals, but from the legal system being used as a political weapon to help people get elected. Cops get tired of fighting both sides.
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    How about a Caddy ad showing hunters
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    Your 19 will be shorter in height than the 365.
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    My mother in law has been over here all evening. That’s helped a lot.
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    Smack you thumb with a hammer, you'll forget all about the shingles (at least for a while)
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    So it was priced at MSRP, lol.
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    Sorry to hear that Greg, my BIL had it near an eye and it gave him fits. I think a very large dose of Gentleman Jack taken with just a smidge of 7up and you will be on your way!! LOL I just had to add some humor to this. Praying you get better sir.
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    Duh. A 22 LR will kill a squirrel, but a 22 Magnum will kill him dead.
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