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  1. Miller has the best welders for the money IMHO. They have several models that are dual 120v/240v. For torches, I would recommend the Victor style. I bought a Lincoln torch set (gauges, hoses, torch, and accessories) from home depot for about $150. The tanks you can either buy the smaller ones or lease the bigger ones. I have the larger ones and a five year lease with Airgas. It costs about $25-30 per tank to exchange.
  2. There are several nesting pairs around Cheatham and and Percy Priest. They are easy to spot if you know where to look.
  3. Comcast customer service sucks! But if it saves $100/month then I would probably do it. I have internet and a basic TV package through them. I am waiting for Google or anything else.
  4. I have used a Klein meter for the last three years at work. Flukes are the best, but I would say Kliens are a close second, and they are considerably cheaper.
  5. I carry a Bushnell T140 at work and it works great. It isn't as good as my surefires or streamlights but it also doesn't eat through batteries like any of the cr123 lights do
  6. Get in touch with TWRA. This will protect you from local laws. I had an issue a few years back with metro pd and if it weren't for the TWRA officer then we would have been charged by the metro officers.
  7. You switch it back to the semi position and then release the trigger in order to not fire the second round upon release. I agree that the $400 is more than it is worth to me but hopefully they will come down in the future.
  8. Has anyone seen the new trigger from franklin armory, called the binary firing system? It is a interesting design. Basically when the switch is in the third position the rifle fires when the trigger is pulled and when it is released. I wonder how long until the ATF tries to get rid of this? MAC did a pretty good review on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVJHVqgXRVI Thoughts?
  9. Borax is another option, I think it does a better job than salt. JMHO
  10. I normally use advance auto. If you use the code trt41 it is $40 off $100 and free shipping over 75.
  11. I just built a pistol with an upper I bought from midstatefirearms.com. Inexpensive, great customer service and fast shipping!
  12. I ordered some stuff from a company in eastern Texas one time,it made it to Memphis. The next time I checked it was somewhere in west Texas. I called Usps and asked about it, whoever I talked to had apparently never looked at a map of the US before. I gave up trying to explain it to them. I think it was two days late when I got it.
  13. I really hope this isn't true! Idiot standing guard thought it was show and tell time. http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2015/07/23/recruiting-center-shot-fired.html
  14. What is the point of the bipod in the second pic? If it had a scope I would understand but it just seems like unnecessary weight to me, given his setup.
  15. I have only shot one and it was picky about the type of ammo it would chamber. If I remember right it wouldn't chamber Remington hp's. Having said that they do have one of the best warranties out there from what I have read.
  16. Not a snake fang. You were right, they all curve to the rear.
  17. Hobby lobby in Murfreesboro has a decent selection of 550 and other sizes. They also have buckles, latches, etc. If you have a smartphone look up the coupons on their website and you can almost always find a coupon for 20% off.
  18. There is another thread about this that explains it.
  19. I read that the noises are due to icequakes. Basically it is groundwater freezing and expanding.
  20. I would highly recommend watching this movie. I think Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper did an excellent job at honoring a true hero.
  21. The guy that was charged with possession of an SBR, won't be the test case. He was charged under a California state statute not a federal statute. Therefore whatever the judge rules will only relate to the California law. It seems like they were tying to throw the book at this guy and it is likely the charge will be thrown out and they will only pursue the other charges.
  22.   The JD zero turns have independent belt driven hydrostats. The subcompact(1025r or 1026r) and compact(2000 and 3000 series) are shaft driven.

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