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  1. People always say this, but I have never been to one that has guns. I have seen a couple advertised, but they clearly were gun sales with some househod crap on the lawn. I am still waiting to run into the $25 .22 Or $20 shotgun like I always hear about at one.
  2. If you answered no, you could always go with this...
  3. Maybe if it is the dark route you are going.... https://www.marlinfirearms.com/lever-action/model-1895-big-bore/model-1895-dark-series I have Winchester 94s that I like, but you are looking at 30-30 there.
  4. Just joined about an hour before that. Though seems to have bought a benefactor membership.
  5. Not necessarily all funny, but interesting. Seems he was pretty good with an umbrella... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digby_Tatham-Warter#Second_World_War Major Allison Digby Tatham-Warter DSO (21 May 1917 – 21 March 1993), also known as Digby Tatham-Warter or just Digby, was a British Armyofficer who fought in the Second World War. He was most known for carrying an umbrella into battle.[1] Excerpt A Company were dropped away from the target of Arnhem Bridge and had to go through Arnhem where the streets were blocked by German forces. Digby led his men through the back gardens of nearby houses instead of attempting to advance through the streets and thus avoided the Germans.[1] Digby and A Company managed to travel 8 miles in 7 hours while also taking prisoner 150 German soldiers including members of the SS. During the battle, Digby wore his red beret instead of a helmet and waved his umbrella while walking about the defences despite heavy mortar fire. When the Germans started using tanks to cross the bridge, Digby led a bayonet charge against them wearing a bowler hat. He later disabled a German armoured car with his umbrella, incapacitating the driver by shoving the umbrella through the car's observational slit and poking the driver in the eye.[1] Digby then noticed the chaplain pinned down by enemy fire while trying to cross the street to get to injured soldiers. Digby got to him and said "Don't worry about the bullets, I've got an umbrella". He then escorted the chaplain across the street under his umbrella. When he returned to the front line, one of his fellow officers said about his umbrella that "that thing won't do you any good", to which Digby replied "Oh my goodness Pat, but what if it rains?"[7] Digby was later injured by shrapnel, which also cut open the rear of his trousers but continued to fight until A Company had run out of ammunition. .... After the war ended, Digby served in British-controlled Mandatory Palestine before being appointed to the 5th King's African Rifles in British Kenya in 1946, where he also bought two estates in Eburru and Nanyuki.[1] During the Mau Mau Uprising, Digby raised a volunteer mounted police force at his own expense and led them into battle against the Mau Mau.[2] After that, he retired to run his estates. He also created the concept of the modern safari where animals would be photographed rather than hunted.[2] During Kenyan independence, it is reported that the British Defence staff told the British High Commissioner to "look after Tatham-Warter".[2]
  6. You might try to work up a deal with some small car lots that don't have a shop or do tgeir own work. Might be boring work, but might be a steadier flow. Business cards are a good investment. https://www.vistaprint.com/lpt/bc1-cat-marquee-creation-1.aspx?mk=vistaprint+business+cards&ad=e&crtv=101955396739&device=m&psloc=1026034&pstid=kwd-395405153&psite=mkwid|oMJI2jJd&pscid=236440579&psagid=17268312739&psint=&psfid=&psnet=g&pspos=1t1&psp1=%249.99&psp2=50%&psaceid=&gclid=Cj0KCQjwyLDpBRCxARIsAEENsrIBu5GehcdUt_QgvELALwmHb0wAL3bWT-I2Rm7ucjo7c-VzYZwwkCQaAuPeEALw_wcB&couponAutoload=1&GP=07%2f15%2f2019+13%3a10%3a02&GPS=5429084063&GNF=1&rd=1
  7. Per PM - Just let me know if tgere are schedule conflicts
  8. You could pickle it like my Father-in-laws family. Of course, then it is not worth eating though. Lol
  9. In some cases, the color is actually daaaaarrrk green. An arificial example is that black whopper a few years ago. If you ate one you know it was really over-saturated green. I have even heard the same "no black" as far as uniforms from some squads that operate at night. Navy or dark brown stand out less In low light. Doesn't look as tacticool in the movies though. In some cases I might see dark gray in snow break up camo in rocky areas. Wet rock might be the closest to black you need to match. How about we all talk about the urban camo that was the rage for a while? Blues and grays really blend in well to buildings and pavement. Lol So you see sometimes the decision is less about effectiveness than coolness factor to some people.
  10. @GlockSpock Remember to never train yourself out of usefulness...
  11. My daughter is begging to do this festival to see GunsNRoses. Anyone been there? Has anyone done "car camping" onsite? If I went I would probably just try to do the entire thing. I like several of the other bands like Gojira, Slayer, and Mastadon. So would be better than the teen pop I usually get stuck with. I just know from past 1 day festivals that things can get hairy. That was back when I only had me to lookout for too.
  12. The S&W Model 1905 stopped being made in 1942 and I am still buying them. The SR9c is out there reasonable on the used market. In lots of cases slightly cheaper than the other ones mentioned. Gotta have options.
  13. A simple solution is to not have that pc/laptop internet facing unless it has to be. I know a lot of people running legacy apps that required old OSs, but they just run it isolated. Also, if you don't do shopping, banking, or anything else secure on it, it does not matter. I am not sure how much besides TGO @bersaguy does on his pc. But I bet @dralarms win98 pc is not on the internet.
  14. Nope one of those cat toy laser pointers...
  15. Never heard it refered to as "beating your rifle stock before"..lol
  16. Ronald_55


    Does the volume of all the jars exceed the volume of your average 2 bedroom apartment...If so you might be a prepper.
  17. I am thinking more and more you need the universal fix it tool..
  18. Try with Windows Firewall and Antivirus turned off
  19. Oh, and just so everyone knows, I do side computer work and accept guns as payment.
  20. Try updating the wifi or eathernet (wired) card driver. @bersaguy the only downfall of not upgrading is not getting updates for security. We are updating all the computers at work to Windows 10. It has been a pain because we have lots of old ones. I agree with the idea that it is better to buy a new one with win 10 on it than upgrade 7 to 10 on an old one. I just never have had good luck with an "in-place" upgrade. Hp's refubished units are normally just ones that failed we and were reworked. Unlike Dells site where they are 2 or 3 years old already. For about $70 you can upgrade their warranty to 3 years just like the non-refurb too.

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