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  1. Raoul


    I just really don't understand the mask thing. There's some data to indicate it's a plausible deterrent. Is it so difficult to just wear one when you have to be around strangers? The stupidity of this partisan rift in the middle of a real global disease event is just beyond my comprehension. I'm gonna go away now so feel free to give me all the crap you need to feel good.
  2. Why not just do the lifetime permit? https://www.tn.gov/safety/tnhp/handgun/permittypes.html
  3. Ok so here's a question then. Who's looking to buy 9mms brass?
  4. Amen. There are shooters and then there's the rest.
  5. Well yeah...some folks are just too lazy to take care of themselves. Then they bitch because they can't get what they want. Probably faux second amendment supporters when TSHTF.
  6. Raoul


    Best thing I've read all week. You guys rock. Back at cha Garufa.....
  7. Raoul


    This thing has certainly wandered off the reservation
  8. Raoul


    kinda like only taxing the rich if only
  9. My thoughts are this...I will attempt to the best of my ability, to avoid a scenario such as this. If I am attacked I will use anything available to avoid or counteract a confrontation. However I refuse to be anyone's victim. I will not go quietly or passively. Just my .02...
  10. Raoul


    You know me....I always have song for everything....
  11. Raoul


    The "sad" part is that I've really enjoyed my profession.
  12. Raoul


    You're probably right, but I've been self employed for so long It's gonna take some time to adjust.
  13. Raoul


    Well I spent the day looking at retirement projections, health insurance, and medicare. If the pandemic hoopla wasn't bad enough now I'm really in a jovial dam n mood...
  14. Probably not. We hillbillies are just used to taking care of ourselves I guess.

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