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  1. Bump with reduced cash price and added trade options
  2. BTT... make an offer. Open to 9mm Glocks or perhaps a 1911 in .45 or 9mm.
  3. I had always understood the M11-A1 to be based on the P228... 228 having the folded, mild steel slide and this one have the milled stainless slide. Reading more on Sig’s website, it does say it’s an upgraded 229. I’ll remove the 228 reference from the topic, just to remove any doubt. Thanks for the question/comment.
  4. BTT Posted prices are for cash only. Willing to trade for Glock 9mm pistol(s), 1911s in 9mm or .45, but trade values will be higher than cash prices.
  5. So... what happens to existing HCP holders, especially Lifetime HCP holders? I dare say there's no mechanism or equation that's been thought out.
  6. All are bulk packed in ammo cans with desiccant bags for long-term storage. All pistol ammo was originally purchased in boxes and unpacked into cans by yours truly. Rifle ammo has been in bulk packaging all along. First up: Freedom Munitions NEW, not reman - July 2014 mfg date 9mm, 115 gr FMJ 1000 rds per 30 cal ammo can Priced to sell at $150/1,000 rounds, can included. Several available. =================================================== New Federal XM193 5.56x45 55gr FMJ Lake City brass 1000 rds per 50 cal ammo can Bulk packed in can with desiccant
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