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  1. A friend built this for me. If it ever dries up outside it's range time.
  2. I have the Little Badger. Basically, it is a single shot survival rifle. I think I seriously need a RUGER 10/22
  3. Just bought one of these without knowing much about them. I think under $325 was good.?? Are these good rifles?
  4. I'm about to put a Surefire on my AR but am seeking advice from perhaps those that have used this sort of setup professionally. Here is my proposed buylist: Surefire M600 Surefire DS00 Tail-cap Switch (I like the idea of the push button functionality as well as accepting the pressure switch, but the version without the push button is cheaper and the dual version has mixed reviews) Surefire ST-07 Pressure Switch MagPul MLOK Surefire Mounting Plate Now, based on people who have had a similiar setup, I'd be curious to know the following questions? Assuming cost is negligible, any reason to go with the M300 instead of the M600? How about the M600 that adjusts brightness based on setting? As far as mounting the actual light onto the for-end, I can either take a MagPul MLOK to Picantinny rail section and then mount the Surefire mount to it, or there are other options. Does anyone have input for this? If I go rail section, is it better to do polymer or metal, MagPul sells both. I debated on getting a AA M600. It isn't as bright but one could use Eneloop Pro's in the light and then buy a solar AA charging implementation. This seems like it would be perfect in any extended period without power. Then buying an Aimpoint Comp4 (also takes AA's) and it seems a good pair. A pair of lithium AA's could be stored in the MagPul grip as a backup. CR123's are great when you have them.
  5. Back in January of 2018, Ruger announced the Hawkeye Long Range Target. Until recently, it was only available in 300 win mag. I don't necessarily need 300 win mag so it was nothing more than an extra gun if I ever got one. But they just announced a couple of more calibers including a 6.5 creedmoor. I would like to start trying my hand at some longer distance shooting and only have milsurps and a Ruger GSR that could shoot out that far. I'm not going to scope any of them so I need a new rifle. I love the Mauser based action of the 77s and shooting my GSR has only made me love it more. So does anyone have one and what do you think? Its less than the price of an RPR so I'd be saving money some money there that I could invest in better glass.
  6. I finally received my Geissele Super Duty Upper that I ordered on Black Friday. So far I really like.
  7. DL126

    6mm ARC

    Anyone here tried one yet? I have an 18" 6.5mm that may very well get converted if the new Hornady cartridge proves out.
  8. Ran into an ad for this today. Some interesting features, but the MSRP is sky high. $589 Anyone seen one? http://tpsarms.com/m6takedown.aspx
  9. Would you put a red dot or a scope on the Winchester 30-30? this may be for hunting and my eyes are not as good as they were.I have seen both talked about but wondered if people in here had used a dot on theirs?
  10. Does any one know if they make scope rings this low? If I can't get rings low enough then I'm thinking about just getting some zip ties and adding a wood wedge between the scope and the rail for an added few MOA of cant.
  11. Asking folks with actual NRL22 type experience, what would be your top choices for a base class scope to go on a $500 rifle? Here are two I have been looking at online are: - Vortex Diamondback 6-24 FFP Mil - Athlon Argos Gen2 BTR 6-24x FFP Mil Both msrp around $500, have glass etched reticles, and have appropriate parallax adjustment minimum for 22lr. Very similar features overall, but im not familiar with either. I am also not sure about the design of the Athlon tube and knobs/erectors area on this model. Reminds me of primary arms.? Are there others in this $550 msrp, and under, price range to consider? Thanks for any input.
  12. Ok, bear with me here. While I own a M&P-15 Sport II, I am not a AR kinda guy. Honestly, I don't really like the things. However, sitting here with my mind wandering in isolation boredom ( and I mean really bored as Hell!) Its occurred to me that if (really big IF) I were to get another AR style rifle, I wouldn't mind having one similar to the M-16A1 I used back in my Army days of the early 1970s. I'm talking 20 " barrel, forged in carry handle, solid butt stock, tri-angular handguards, pretty much G.I. semi-auto clone from days gone by. About the only thing I might want different would be the A2 style rear sight with easier to adjust knobs. But I'm not totally sold on that. Anyway, my googlefoo isn't the best and attempts to search mostly turns up millions of current style ARs with all the bells and whistles. Frankly, I don't feel like sorting through all that crap. So, does anybody know of a good company making a rifle like this at a reasonable price? Honestly, if its too expensive, I'll just forget it. This is just a random thought rolling around in my head and not something I'm seriously committed to. I'm sure if I looked enough I could find an older rifle from years ago in this configuration, but what price could I expect to pay? Anyway, like I said, just bored and spit ballin' here. Bear with an old man.
  13. Anybody tried one of these for $147? I been kind of looking around for a cheap 20 gauge pump ( like I need another shotgun) to carry on the 4wheelers and SxS. Just wanting something cheap to chop the barrel to 18.5". I've read mixed reviews.
  14. Finished up my AR10 build tonight. Although I originally wanted a 308, had to settle with a 6.5 Creed chambering. I like how it turned out . Shes a heavy heifer but the 20" pipe should produce a decent accuracy.
  15. Inherited 100 rds of 30-6 milsurp ammo and thinking I should have a rifle to shoot it! Never had a "long range" rifle and been researching a bit. The things I like are out of my budget. Next few months I'll be ready to buy something I'm thinking. What slightly used rifles would you all be looking at in the $400 range? Ones you've owned or shot. Won't be hunting. Just Targets and probably not as far as I'd like but want the capability of some real distance.
  16. Several yrs ago I started buying pieces for a 300 blk out pistol. I sorta did it bass ackwards with getting a AAC suppressor, BCI lower and EOtech. Well life got in the way, new small farm and building. I’ve decided to go ahead with a sbr. I’m looking around online and there’s lots of new names. I don’t want to spend a fortune but not really interested in trying to find the cheapest out there. So I’m asking for y’all’s opinion on a upper in a price range from 600-900 give or take a few bucks. I’m also open to something nice if I can justify it in my small head.
  17. What do you get? Looking for bolt action for bench shooting and must include glass I can probably go a little over that budget if needed. Looking at potentially shooting Rimfire matches. Do you buy new or used? Any recommendations on forums/websites/places to buy? I know almost nothing about rimfire. I do have two Surefire 22LR cans, so threaded barrel is important. Any advice is appreciated.
  18. Anybody know the laws on putting a folding brace on a Mossberg Shockwave? If you can or can't? Thanks Jeff
  19. Can you use a Red Dot (Sig Romeo 5) on rifle or do you have to use a riser.
  20. After a recent carbine class, I realized at 25 yards plus, the iron sights on my M1 carbine were no longer the best choice. Got my first pair of progressives on the way, so every extra edge I can use, I'm in. Maybe it's time to spend a little and get a decent set up my 9mm PCC. I keep adding dollars to this $175 original investment because it has never failed , as a bullpup it's handy and it made it through two classes with a BSA dot with no issues (other than, "AJ, is that really a HiPoint?" or op error from a properly seated mag) Sighted in with that budget dot, I can hit 1/3 steel silhouettes at 25 yards very consistently. I'll have to let you know at 50 since now I should be able to see the target Downside is weight (a little over 8# unloaded) and arguably the 10 or 20 round capacity. Since this thing always goes bang, I can't justify a justify a replacement simply for more mag capacity. Longevity is a question mark, I have thousands through it by now, got it in 2008. Once I get it sighted in, drop the bipod and re-affix the fore grip, I'm looking forward to shootin' it (sparingly in current environment) Parts: HP 995 barreled receiver HTA bullpup stock Down Range muzzle break PA illuminated reticle, 2.5x scope 2 QD Magpul swivels and Caldwell sling Magpul angle fore grip Brand X bipod Vintage Ben Epstein silk smoking jacket, for listening to 'Oh Danny Boy and channeling Albert Finney
  21. Got a black aces tactical rem 1100 12 ga shotgun, it jams like no tomorrow, and cant get the barrel To seat property. We have a resident expert/ gunsmith that can get this beast proper?? Thanks!!!
  22. Tedro2022

    New Rifle

    Ok, so here’s the deal. I want to build, or acquire a new rifle. I have the following calibers already in the safe: .223 .308 .556 .300 blackout .300 win mag I’m ok with building a rifle, or buying one straight out. Not torn at all between an AR15/AR10 platform or bolt gun. Just looking to add something to the collection. I like to hunt (a little) and target shoot (a little). So my question for the forum is this, what should I get? I know that’s a broad spectrum question, but I’m welcoming all answers/ideas. Thanks in advance, Tedro C.
  23. Hi guys & gals. I am by no means an authority on this, and almost missed this. The August 1895 Winchester catalog #55 seems to be the first time the .30WCF was mentioned. WCF standing for Winchester Center Fire, AKA 30-30. This was first debuted in the model 1894 Winchester. John Marlin adapted his model 1893 to shoot this new cartridge and it seems his was the first time it was referred to as the 30-30. The inaugural factory loads were 160 gr. bullet at about 1900 fps. Just thought as much as the 30-30 has done for hunting, we should all be reminded. The 30-30 has probably killed some of all of North America's game including Bison, large bears, elk and is best suited for whitetail deer.
  24. The only Savage I have has already got the Accutrigger but someone might be interested in this replacement. With over 600 reviews it has 4.97 out of 5 stars and is only $20. https://www.mcarbo.com/savage-axis-trigger-pro-kit.aspx
  25. Picked up another .450 today, it's the Remington 783 W/18in HB barrel and OD Green Stock. For under $400 I'm happy. The stock isnt bad at all for a budget synthetic, seems better than the Ruger American. I know the fitment is for sure, it's free floated straight out the box. The Rugers I've got, I had to open them up a bit on the right side to get a true free floated barrel. Outta the box the trigger ain't bad at all, got a nice clean break. Did adjust it down to the lowest I could get it. It's not as good as the CVA but dang near close. If its anywhere near as accurate as my CVA Scout V2 then I'll be tickled. Wanted a shorter pack gun for the hogs and deer; do believe this one will do the job. Still waiting on the scope and rings but they'll be in Friday I reckon. If anybody is looking to order a gun online grices gun shop is top notch. Placed the order Friday and picked it up today. Their prices ain't bad and the shipping is great. Especially when everyone else says they're behind 10 to 15 days on shipping orders.


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