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Got my CMP 1911


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I was really surprised about a week ago when I got the call. I thought they had sold out this years batch. But the lady told me that some people had changed their minds and they still have some. 

I picked it up last Friday and took it to the range yesterday.

Its a 1942 Colt frame with an Ithaca slide. Finish is about 80% with some noticeable wear and scratches. The #1 is painted on the grips. However the bore is perfect. So while it has seen some serious use, its seems to have been well taken care of.  While it is a mix master, I noticed that there are no arsenal rebuild marks on it.  No, its not as pretty as some of the fresh arsenal rebuilds some folks got. But this gun has been there and done that for 77 years. Its got character.   ;)

It shoots just like an average military issue 1911. Nothing to brag about, but I was able to keep most of my shots in the black on a 12'X12" target. I attribute that to the small sights and a really heavy trigger. By my gauge the trigger is 8 lbs 12 oz. :eek:  Which is perfectly normal for a G.I. issue pistol.  I've got a set of new springs ordered. I may work on that trigger a little while I have it apart. Haven't really decided yet as I may leave it just like Uncle Sam issued it. 

Yeah, I'm aware that some of you spoke poorly of the guns and the whole program. But I now own a piece of history. I like it!  :D




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This is a Service Grade. CMP price is $1050 which includes shipping. I could sell it tomorrow for a nice profit easily. But I ain't gonna. I'm keeping this one. :D

Still haven't decided on trigger work yet. It won't be a safe queen, but shooting it will be limited. At most I may polish the hammer and sear a little. 

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People are flipping them on GB for double what they paid depending on condition. CMP has let it be known that they will cut you off from future sales if they find out you sold it for a profit. How they accomplish that is another matter.


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Oh yeah.  Some people have openly bragged about buying the guns for the sole purpose of reselling them. Others have gone on to brag about how much they got for their CMP pistols. I even heard of one guy who filed applications for himself, his wife and a couple of grown kids just to make as much profit as possible on the guns.  This totally violates the entire spirit of the CMP program. :censored:

More often than not, CMP finds out about these people from other people who don't like what they've done. The rats are themselves ratted out. :stick:

But, have no fear, the only place this one is going is to one of my sons after I'm gone from this world.  ;)

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Congrats to  you!

Got mine back in June.  It was in beautiful condition and yes, has a heavy trigger, but I got it more for the history aspect.  Can't remember when I have been more excited as I was as my number got closer and closer.  Mine was placed into service in Early '44 but I don't know if it saw action or not.  Just part of the mystique.

CMP 1.jpg

CMP 2.jpg

CMP 3.jpg

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very nice! Looks like you got one of those fresh arsenal rebuilds. That's what I was originally hoping for. But I guess they ran out of those by the time they got to me. :rolleyes:

I'm happy with mine. Like I said, its got character. ;)

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