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.22 wmr rifles

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I had wanted a 457 in 22LR for years. I bought one and shortly thereafter a 457 in 22WMR popped up here so I bought that one too. I use it for killing raccoons in the backyard and also "squirrel hunt" with it when I may have the opportunity to see pigs while "squirrel hunting". I have no regrets, the 457 is a fine rifle. 

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I have had experience with the 22Mag rifle. We had cows and calves on a rented farm close to town. Dogs were killing and chewing off ears and tails diminishing their value. The farm caretaker told my father-in-law that he would call him when the dog pack came back to give the cows chase. We arrived, on this morning, 7 dogs, from the local neighborhood, were out early and had a just born calf down working it over. Our plan was for me to come at them from the roadside and FIL and Caretaker come in for the other. They opened up, with shotguns, on the pack and a very large Red Bone Coon Hound came running up the hill toward me.  The dogs were in a small valley. When the hound seen me that thing came at me with gusto. I believe the dog would have attacked me the way he looked. As he loped up the hill, I leveled a scoped Marlin 22 Mag rifle and I decided to shoot him in the head. As I pulled the trigger his head came up and my shot hit the dog just under his head and struck him square in the chest. the dog dropped at my feet stone dead. As I looked at the 120-pound Hound that rifle had cleaned his body and blown his insides out his butt. I mean he was cleaned just like looking thru a stovepipe. I was amazed what that little rifle did to that dog.  Much more powerful than a regular 22LR.

We got 5 of the 7 dogs, 2 little ones got away, and never lost another calf. That bunch had killed 4 calves and chewed up 7 costing my FIL a bunch of money. That was 35 years ago.

I am a 22 Mag fan. Have a scoped Marlin bolt action in my safe. It is a tack driver. My grandson has spoken for it when I let it go.  

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I have 3 CZ 457, one in 22 WMR and it shoots the Remington 33gr really well. I really like the CZ's, I use a 22 LR in an MDT chassis which I use for NRL22.

I also have an AR upper from BCA which is a fun gun and it runs reliably!!!  Walmart has some of the CCI 40gr in the milk carton on sale at the moment and they are a hoot from this rifle. The CZ feeds the tipped bullets better but the Ar feeds them all, just not so precisely. 

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I have owned and used 22 mags for many decades. I would pick one over a 22 LR any day. Currently own one of the new lefty CZ 22 mags. Have not shot it yet but she sure does look good.

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I've enjoyed the company of a CZ 452 American in .22 LR for nigh onto 20 years. I managed to snag a 455 about 10 years ago and it's a dandy. It really likes 40 gr. ammo. My son-in-law has the 457-switch barrel and really enjoys it. 



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On 3/27/2024 at 9:18 AM, Rust Shackleford said:

Been wanting a 22wmr bolt action for some time.  What do you guys think about the Savage B55 G, priced at $490?  It has a walnut stock that i like and stainless barrel.  What are the best options in this price range?  Thanks!

Ruger American 8322. They are discontinued but you can still find them new out in the wild. Found one for $475 all in. Takes BX-15 magnum mags. 

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