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Kel-Tec Sub 2000

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reliable and functional, yes.  Like most kel-tec guns they do not like and are not advised for use with ammo that is not brass cased.   KT will fix any problems and has strong customer support if you ever need it.  


Accurate?  It will not likely be winning you any competitions.   I have not tried one with a scope on a bench at 100+ yards with custom handloads, but running around with one using cheap ammo at big (man sized) targets I felt comfortable that it would be a solid gun for personal defense.  I recommend the glock version so you have the option to get some of those very large mags (20-30 rounds?). 


Other... the fold up feature is neat, and it really makes a compact package that will fit in a briefcase or backpack or under the seat in your car or whatever.  It is very lightweight and easy to hold up and control. 


I do not have one of my own but if you poke around on the KTOG site you have a very good chance of finding someone who can meet up to let you try one out.

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They're cool little rifles. They're light, it folds, handy, reasonably accurate (easy 3-4" groups unsupported standing at 25-30 yards), it folds, ammo/mags are cheap and easy to get, it folds, and a lot of fun to shoot too.

I got mine just as the panic was peaking, I got mine for MSRP from a good shop. I wouldn't spend the $600+ some are asking, it's not a $600 gun IMO. If you find one with lots of extra mags then that's different of course.

I'd be patient and grab one when the price is right, your not missing all that much that any good PCC can't do except for fold in half.
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I had one for a month or so 3 or 4 years ago I think it was.  It was fun to shoot.  I never had a problem with it but I thought it was pretty flimsy.  It certainly doesn't seem up to serious use, especially at the pivot point.  In my mind it is a fun novelty gun.

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Have one in 9mm Beretta config. It's nifty, 30 round Beretta mags make it a treat -- can hit paper plate at 50 yards offhand, torso at 100. No hiccups at all with any round I've tried in it.

Its primary advantage of being easily concealed folded in backpack or briefcase for general carry is legally negated here in TN, but for sure a compact way to keep a rifle in vehicle, great way to match up a carbine with handgun using same mags, etc. Perfect "urban hedgerow" gun after The Crash. ;)




- OS

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It is a $359 gun.  It is cool, but it is worth every penny of $359 (pre-panic price). 

Wholesale on it NOW negates that price point. Not by MUCH, but... gotta add between $30-40 to that to make it worth a dealer getting one.


Private sale, yeah, $350-ish.

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I have the .40 one that takes Glock mags to go with my Glock 22, 23, 27 family. I have owned it since 2008 and it has never let me down. I would just keep an eye out for one at a decent price and then snag it. I have always had very good luck with KT. They are a working man's gun, no safe queens for sure.
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Guest Wildogre

I picked up one several years ago in the 9mm Beretta version. I can echo what OhShoot stated as far as accuracy. It is good little gun for what it is. My primary use is for fun and home defense. I have heard of people using them in a carbine class but I think while they may work, that is not what they are intended for. 

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[quote name="10-Ring" post="1182608" timestamp="1408835270"]Anyone have any thoughts on the Sub 2000 versus the Hi Point carbine? I've been eying the Hi Point for a while. Like many of you I think these types of guns are cool but not $600 cool. [/quote]I've got the 995 in 9mm. It is one of the best shooting guns I have ever handled. Sent barefoot from the hills of Tennessee
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Anyone have any thoughts on the Sub 2000 versus the Hi Point carbine?  I've been eying the Hi Point for a while.  Like many of you I think these types of guns are cool but not $600 cool.     


I have both. Love 'em both.


The Sub is of course much more compact and light weight, even unfolded. And you can't get around the fact that you can get reliable 15 to 30+ round factory hicap mags for at least the Glock and Beretta versions of the Sub.  Also, the Hi-Point mags are the Achilles Heel for all Hi-Point firearms period,  and the only alternative with the 995 rifle are the 15 round ProMags, best of luck with them.


On the plus side for Hi-Point, Beemiller will fix any of their shootin irons forever, while KelTec only will do it for first time owners anymore. Also easier/cheaper to tacticool up the HP model with the Tac stock.



- OS

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