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1 minute ago, gregintenn said:

You really meed to spend a bit of time with some trial lawyers, or better yet, contractors, and you’ll be as cynical as me.

It was actually the lawyers I had in mind when I wrote that. I can't even imagine the lawsuits that would occur if they gave someone Covid shots without telling them. They aren't developing this in secret. They are telling the world they are developing a joint vaccine and millions of people will willingly take it so I don't see why they would need to trick anyone. I'm fine if that seems naïve.


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6 minutes ago, Erik88 said:

It was actually the lawyers I had in mind when I wrote that. I can't even imagine the lawsuits that would occur if they gave someone Covid shots without telling them. They aren't developing this in secret. They are telling the world they are developing a joint vaccine and millions of people will willingly take it so I don't see why they would need to trick anyone. I'm fine if that seems naïve.


You’ve never sat in a box and been cross examined.

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4 hours ago, Links2k said:

Seems fair since the USPS doesn’t receive federal tax dollars for funding, and as glockspock mentioned service is already horrible. 

Well, I'm sure the USPS has more than 100 employees.

Doesn't matter if they suck, they're getting preferential treatment.

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4 hours ago, TGO David said:

What I'm about to say is hard to convey without seeming like an insensitive ass.  We've lost good friends to cancer here on TGO and I know we've got folks here dealing with it now.  So, I do not say any of this lightly, but it is important to understand the situation.

mRNA treatments have historically been used to prolong the lives of patients with aggressive cancers.  Note that I didn't say "cure" them. It just staves off death for a bit longer.  The cancer comes back, usually, and another mRNA treatment is perhaps attempted.  With luck, they get more time.

The fact that cancer comes back as it "mutates around" the mRNA treatment seems to closely parallel what we're seeing with new strains of COVID-19 affecting vaccinated people.  Those folks, if they lack the natural antibodies that come from having successfully fought off COVID-19 previously, are basically left defenseless by a vaccine that was specifically engineered for an earlier strain.  This is why we're reading and hearing remarks from research scientists to the effect that these so-called booster shots may need to be tweaked to address newer strains.

How many times can we alter the cellular level of a person's physiology before it begins to stack up and cause problems?

The problem is, no one really knows.  Because historically the patients who have partaken of mRNA treatments, the cancer patients, don't live long enough to provide researchers with a 10, 20, 30 year data-set.



I don't trust the mRNA vaccines either.

But Chuck Todd and Joe Biden said it was good! They’re experts, right?🙃

…and some fella named Fauci. I believe anything a guy in a lab coat says.

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56 minutes ago, Quavodus said:

Yep, China cured that crap.

There is a good program on HBO called “In the same breath” describing how China suppressed information about the virus and hid the number of actual covid related deaths.  

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6 hours ago, GlockSpock said:

I'm glad they are well again however I sincerely would like to ask the following:

1) What evidence do you have to support that it cured them? This post goes into more detail regarding my thinking, but how might they have fared had they not taken it?

2) Regarding the entire group of people, how do you know there aren't side effects? If it is indeed the "same" as prescription formulas just in different quantities and taken within typical prescription fashion (quantity and length of treatment), then of course I would expect it to be as safe as a prescribed regiment if taken correctly. But if it is taken in higher quantities or for longer than typically prescribed, who is to say that it doesn't cause organ damage, etc?

I guess my entire argument is summed as the following:

Does "it cured them" hold up to a single person taking Ivermectin while having COVID if they get better? What if the deathrate from COVID is 1% and then if 1,000 people with COVID take Ivermectin and 10 of them still die?

Sorry for the slow response, been out all day.

The only evidence I can tell you is that my friend treated his wife & son with the Paste Ivermectin.

Two days in they both had fevers & congestion, cough, etc. 

Started the paste along with vit d, vit c & zinc which they were already taking. They continued the paste according to their weight for 5 days, after the 5 days both their symptoms were gone & the wife had some lingering fatigue.

I've talked to other who are using the paste or liquid as a precaution with no sickness or side effects.

If I contract it I'll be using the paste as I have no fear of it.


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5 hours ago, Omega said:

The next shot across the bow.


Moderna Announces Positive Pre-Clinical Data For Single Shot Combining COVID, RSV & Flu Vaccines

Yea, so since many people are used to getting their flu shot, why not hide it in there.

I'm with Erik on this... They're not hiding it, they're announcing it. How many times has it been called the "chicom flu" here?  Hopefully in few years it'll be just another strain of the flu.

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On 9/7/2021 at 7:39 AM, Erik88 said:

We will have to agree to disagree. Folks are all about a company being allowed to make their own decisions until it's something they don't agree with. That is what's happening here. Companies mandating employees get vaccines is not a new thing. This has been happening for many, many years. Schools have done the same thing. No one cared until THIS particular vaccine for reasons we can debate. 

To be clear, I don't like seeing people get mandated to get the shot. I think it just drives a further wedge into an already heated issue and only makes people dig their heels in deeper.

The problem is that this is not about a company being allowed to make their own decisions... it’s about a company or government crossing the line and making medical decisions about me against my will.

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On 9/9/2021 at 1:49 PM, btq96r said:

What restrictions are there on legal prescriptions of ivermectin?   I know there's a lot of medical literature boo-hoo'ing it, but those are references and quite frankly, peer pressure, not prohibitions.

Walgreens and CVS won’t fill it. My wife got a prescription from an MD. CVS questioned her about why it was prescribed and told her it didn’t fit the protocol for Covid. They refused to fill a doctor’s prescription.

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15 hours ago, Erik88 said:

Are you talking about the non prescribed version? It's medicine made for animals. The formula and concentration isn't intended for human use and people are actually overdosing on it. 


And some people have liver disease because they drink too much.  Some people have lung cancer because they smoke. Some people have aids because of lifestyle choices. Some people have mouth cancer because they dip. Some people like me are overweight from eating too much sugar. Are we to expect the fed government to outlaw short sleeve shirts in summer because of melanoma? What’s your point? You do you and I’ll do me. That’s all that the unvaxed are seeking.

I have had horses all my life. I would be leary of ingesting ivermectin paste for horses from co-op. One would have to be very careful with the dosage. My wife on the other hand has a prescription from a medical doctor that CVS refuses to fill because they don’t deem it appropriate for covid. So now we have drug store pharmacists over ruling our doctors?  This insanity is ending our country as we know it.

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