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New AR10 finished tonight


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Finished up my AR10 build tonight. Although I originally wanted a 308, had to settle with a 6.5 Creed chambering. I like how it turned out . Shes a heavy heifer but the 20" pipe should produce a decent accuracy. 


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Looks good, but I’m afraid it is missing sighting equipment. What is it comprised of? I was aware the side charging bolts were available, but am not familiar with who makes the receivers and bolts.

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4 minutes ago, gregintenn said:

Looks good, but I’m afraid it is missing sighting equipment. What is it comprised of? I was aware the side charging bolts were available, but am not familiar with who makes the receivers and bolts.

Who needs sights when you have 20 rounds? ..... Still a tad undecided what i will top it with.. Probably a BDC scope from Nikon or comparable.. 

DPMS lower with a 20" Upper from KM Tactical out of Missouri. (Highly Recommend these guys if you are in the market for parts... Fast turn around with quality parts.. 3rd build ive gotten materials from them)

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Put them irons on it Bruthah..!  Remember, the ole timers used em... This setup will probably shoot as far as ya can see... Ya wont need 20 rounds...

Admirin leroy...

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16 minutes ago, Loudcherokee said:

Definitely have one of these on my list, but unsure about caliber just yet. I keep flopping back and forth from .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor. 

What grip is that? 



One of them high tech countoured grips that improves accuracy... Honestly I don't know what brand but ours comfortable. I'll sell this one to ya. (The gun)

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I buckled a while back on a great deal on a DPMS 16" barreled .308. Really wanted 18" minimum, so I may have to swap it out later

Your looks nice. I did not feel like trying to navigate the AR-10 compatibility maze and build one.

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Everything is for sale for the right price lol. Ive sort of come to the conclusion that Im going to build a 300 BlackOut. Something about building guns that keeps me sane/ calms me down. 

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