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Permitless carry: I'm still confused?

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I've read the articles, searched the web and I still can't find a straight answer. Exactly where can can an enhanced handgun permit holder carry that a citizen can't under permitless carry? Exactly where is permitless carry not allowed?  I know about parks and greenways, but where else?  

I found and understand all the rules and qualifications for permitless carry. But nowhere do I find any specific information on where it is or isn't allowed. I really think this needs to be cleared up before someone accidentally gets themselves into trouble. 

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You got the parks and greenways.  Employees that carry at schools have to have an ECP.  I will assume National Forest and Parks, but like you, haven't seen it in writing.  Would anticipate businesses having 'carry by permit only' signs as some do now.


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2 hours ago, gregintenn said:

How does one get an enhanced permit? Mine is a lifetime permit.

I believe if you got it before the enhanced vs online permit issue it defaults into enhanced. There isn’t any notation on your permit either. It’s sort of a mess you’d say. 

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3 hours ago, gregintenn said:

How does one get an enhanced permit? Mine is a lifetime permit.

All original HCP were 'renamed' ECP.  Those two interchangable terms are the only lifetime permits issued.

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There’s a lot of confusion, not to mention interpretation.  If a fella smarter than me wants to come enjoy with an easy to read chart listing the online, the enhanced and permitless carry and the rules for each one, I think it’d be a great resource!  I’d like to se something in a chart something along the lines of the left column listing the ways to carry and places to carry etc, and the next 3 columns listing the types of permit, with appropriate Check marks as appropriate. Wouldn’t really be hard to do fir someone who really understands thus mess.  Anybody?

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 Exactly where can can an enhanced handgun permit holder carry that a citizen can't under permitless carry?

Other states that have reciprocity with TN?

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 Most importantly, the law sets anyone up with no permit to a police detainment, any time any where for an undetermined amount of time to do a back round check on at least the 8 points outlined in the TFA review.  Whats more interesting is that a loaded handgun in your personally owned vehicle also puts you in jeopardy of a detention for back ground check if permit-less.  If nothing else, this bill makes a stronger justification to get at least a CCP so you can "buy" an the exception & defense to a criminal charge of carrying a handgun with the intent to go armed in most locations. Thats all the clarification I need to know about this "gotcha" law. My enhanced expires in 5 more years at which point I get to throw more money at them for a life time one.  End of story. 

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We would have been better off if the gun organizations tried to first remove the 'gun free' areas for people with enhanced carry permits VS promoting restricted permitless carry.

Issues like college carry and 'no gun signs' were still not fixed for enhanced permits.

I would not be surprised if a lot of government and non government properties in Memphis and Nashville put up legally binding no gun signs this summer when permitless carry becomes law.  Unfortunately, those signs will also make a location off limits for someone with an enhanced permit.  

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