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When stippling a gun goes RIGHT. (You get what you pay for)

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I thought I'd show off some work that I had done to a spare grip module for my Staccato C2.  A gentleman named Zach, who posts as "Grip-It-Customs_" on Instagram (do note the trailing underscore in his name) did this for me last week and I couldn't be happier.

Not only is the texture that he laid down perfect for EDC use, but a byproduct of removing the factory grip texture is that the overall circumference of the grip is slightly reduced.  Since I'm a size-medium glove wearer, this translates into making the gun really fit my hand better than it already did.








And for comparison, this is an old photo of what the gun comes with from the factory...



I really couldn't be happier.  And since the grip modules on these, while not exactly inexpensive, are replaceable it's not like I have permanently altered the gun in any way.

Anyway, I feel like this is an example of plastic surgery gone RIGHT.  Lord knows we've seen some stipple jobs on TGO that, no offense meant to the owners of those guns, looked like someone's dog had chewed on them for a few hours.


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Job looks good. I am a fan of good textured grips. I like my S/W MP's and Glock Gen 5. I have medium hands, and need, and enjoy the extra gripping ability brought on by good stippling. Enjoy your piece. 

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Looks good, how do you like the C2. I've got a P 4.14 Full Rail, P DPO, C2, and two C's one of those I sent off to have what is called a Genghis Comp, it shoots great I need to get my Grip Module's re-stippled.20220607_151931.thumb.jpg.130f04b548de3de99992c301a133924d.jpg20220607_150410.thumb.jpg.ef89e304cc336b47f9e67896bb31cb0e.jpg20220607_151849.thumb.jpg.91665c08446ee3117e767ff3b5079d4d.jpg

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On 3/18/2023 at 6:08 AM, DJTC45 said:

Looks good, how do you like the C2. I've got a P 4.14 Full Rail, P DPO, C2, and two C's one of those I sent off to have what is called a Genghis Comp, it shoots great I need to get my Grip Module's re-stippled.

I've enjoyed the C2 more than I enjoyed my P, and I really liked the P.   It was just heavier than I prefer for carry purposes.

The grip reduction and stippling on this grip module has allowed me to really say that I love the way the gun feels in my hand, though.  While it was a small change in overall circumference, it was enough of a change to make a big difference in my enjoyment of the gun.

It will probably prevent me from spending the money on a new CS, actually.  I see no reason to anymore.


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Well, I do like the stippling job, but seeing this thread made me start digging around on the Staccato C2 and I have found that I love what I am seeing.

I need to have the "hots" for another $2,200 pistol like I need "stack heels" (I'm 6'6").

David, I hope you are proud of yourself....................................🤨

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