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Who's getting ready for dove season?

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Didn't get to go today... had to work.  Hope somebody limited out. Hope more people will chime in with reports. Like many, I didn't really have a place to go anyway. Maybe I'll get an invite later on in the season. I'll bet they were hard to hit today, with that additional tail-wind! I'll bet they were going by in afterburner!

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The annual Robertson Co lease field is just a few miles from my house. I usually hunt there, but this year there weren't any birds. I got an invite to a private field in Kentucky. We had a few birds, but it was a long slow day. 3 of us managed 18 birds. I'm hoping the birds find the Robertson Co field as there are two more hunt dates, Saturday and Monday.

"So he cocked both his pistols, spit in the dirt, and walked out in to the street."

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I shot at a private field outside of Pikeville with 8 friends. None of us limited out, but we all got close. I managed 13. Best opener to date!

At 12 o'clock it was like someone had opened a cage. A flock of maybe 300 came through right on the whistle. We had great action right up until 4pm & then it just died.

There were 95 shooters all told & 14 of them hit their limit before 2pm. 

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Hunted a harvested corn field north of Sikeston, Mo. My friend and I shot limit of 15 by 8:30 am opening day.  I used a pair of MoJo battery powered decoys and my friend used 1.  We were hunting near an irrigation pivot. The doves came to the decoys as well as a few small Hawks.  Try them if legal in TN. The decoys worked well for us and a pair is better than 1.  Yesterday I only got 12 doves by 9am but lost 2 in corn stalks that I couldn't find trying to shoot doubles.  Season is over for me. I cleaned shotgun and put it away. 

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On ‎8‎/‎29‎/‎2016 at 8:24 PM, xsubsailor said:

 The doves are ready, they all left the fields and are in my front yard :D

Thats funny right there but you are not the only one with doves in your yard..........:cheers:  I have a flock that has camped out in my back yard for past 2 weeks. I feed the birds around here twice a day and I have a gravel driveway around the back of my house and every morning and evening there is about 25 to 30 doves eating on the driveway and then they go about a mile down to a creek for water and come back and roost in the loplolly pine trees in my neighbors yard. They have found a safe zone here..............lol.

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Anyone do any good this weekend? I shot a box of shells and killed 8 birds. The birds just weren't flying where I was hunting. I have a terrible time adjusting from clays to birds because of the targets always being on one plane. If I can see the bird I can kill it but the issue I have is locking onto a bird because of how the birds dip, duck, and dive. I also forgot how much better I shoot with a gun that fits me. 

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1 hour ago, bud said:

I'll let you do the math, but I killed 10 and they cost me about $1.75 a bird. :eek:

It was a great time with family and friends though, and all the good shooters had at or near their limit, while shooting far fewer shells than I did.

Ha, you did good; I would probably average a box of shells per bird if I was lucky.  Seem to remember getting more feathers than birds.  I do want to find a nice field to go to though, I miss dove hunting.

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