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  1. If this was put on all the networks, every facebook page, twitter and what ever else, I bet the sheeple still wouldn't understand. I really think more people are more worried about when they are coming out with the IPhone 5,6 9,32 or whatever and who is winning Saturdays football game than about things that really make a difference. Like our children and grand children's well being, their economic situation is being gambled away just like a drunk deadbeat gambler that has $100 left and is going to let it ride on red 29. They really could care less, or don't have a clue how to stop it.
  2. Well I for one have seen a lot of signs in the news on various TV networks and the signs I saw were not 8.5x11 they were not made at Kinko's or the office Xerox. Even the cemetary the U.S. owns in France can't think of the name right now had the "official" signs. Ok call me a Tinfoil hat wearer, I don't care. Kinda like the EBT Test this weekend, just testing the waters to see how much crap can be manufactured at a moments notice by their paid for slaves!! This administration goes from 1 distraction to another sort of like a sleight of hand magician, hard to watch all the hands at once isn't i
  3. Don't think another episode of idiot shooter and this could all start over again or maybe be even worse.
  4. JAB, I vote. Hell, I hope they don't ever re-open if I can quit paying those pesky taxes. I would be rich if it weren't for taxes and insurance and food and well you get the picture. LOL
  5. Okay TDR stands for Triple Digit Ride, OP = original poster that is the fellow that started this. I hope the rest is self explanatory. Sorry to use letters. I actually got the TDR from ArmyBrat61's post. Have a nice day!!
  6. TDR thanks for helping out the OP. Phantom6 thank you for being an honest businessman and not price gouging. I can't stand that, make a fair profit and stay in business, but you ain't getting rich off of me as I will quit doing business with a crook!!
  7. I like the 4895 use about 23.5-24 grains if memory serves me. Got it from the Speer book.
  8. From what I understand it is or was Harry Reid's job to present a budget to be voted on. He did not, why is he still in office? If I don't do my job I get reprimanded, enough write ups and I am out of a job. Double standard with the elitist politicians!! They don't have to do anything but suck the blood out of the American workers. Listen very closely, do you hear the goose stepping New Nazi's??
  9. I really hope that all the folks that had them Tennessean's for Obama signs in their yards See the light this time and vote FOR AMERICA and not against it again!! I was really upset at all them blue signs, I really thought a lot better of Tennessee. But in spite of this I will retire to this state. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! Hey Punisher, the thing that worries me is that our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren may never get to experience the American Dream like we have seen. It makes me furious on one hand and sick to my stomach on the other.
  10. My thoughts exactly Blitzen. When is enough really enough. They closed Cades Cove and the foothills parkway which is a school bus route BTW. I will donate to a cause to hire a welder with a nice cutting torch to remove some gates, need to establish a fund to pay him well for his duties to the country and defend him in court should he be arrested. But how could he be arrested all the NPS employee's are supposed to be on furlough right??????????????? Little by little, goose step by goose step the New Nazi's click their heals at the whim of Hussein's beck and call!! so will it be Heil Hussein or
  11. Yea let's hope all them voters that had them blue Tennessean's for Obama signs SEE the light and vote FOR this country this time. I was appalled at all the signs I saw. I really thought better of Tennessee than that. Even so I plan to make it my future retirement home. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
  12. Yea I read some of the posts below this story. Someone had a great idea to rally the good people of this country men, women and children by the 100's of thousands to come to all the national parks and memorials to clean up and spruce up, do you thing the NPS guys will shoot everyone or anyone?? Who would have ever thought they would close off Cades cove and the foothills parkway? They are acting like they own the place, I thought "we the people" did? Maybe not??
  13. I agree with TripleDigitRide, My philosophy has been if the perp is proven guilty either hang him/her at dawn next morning with all the TV and radio crews present a mandatory order by the Govenor. I guarantee crime rate will drop drastically. Personally I don't think there should be prisons at all, I believe there should be two forms of punishment, caning and hanging. The kid that spray painted the car several years ago in Singapore I believe and all the hooplah about how caning was barbaric but I bet he ain't ever even thought about spraying another car. If a guy gets a DWI now he loses his d
  14. You know our Founding Fathers are probably talking among themselves asking this question. How much are you people going to take before you say NO MORE, NOT 1 MORE INCH. If you know anything about Nazi Germany, this is beginning to look very similar. You have the intelligent, well mannered people that just don't want to fight back, they are better natured than that, they prefer to use the voting polls, but this doesn't work when your opponents can constantly increase their numbers by giving them YOUR money. It makes me mad on 1 side, sick to my stomach on the other. Hussein and his Gestapo poli
  15. The best thing I can say is. Is everyone PIZZED off enough to vote these nutjobs out of politics. I read something the other day that made me think. We need to rally the people into voting people like Reid, Pelosi and such out of office. I agree with Bersaguy, we don't need anybody going postal and shooting up someplace. We can use our minds and energy and peacefully vote them out of OUR country. It is very evident that Hussein and his henchmen don't LOVE this country and what it stands for, they hate it, and us. LOVE will prevail!! You know the Bible says Loving your enemy is like heaping HOT
  16. I am really surprised nobody said to take away his shovel!! I used to have a black Lab that loved digging up my wifes flowers, I got some cane and made like a lattice work and that stopped him for awhile. Handcuffs may work.
  17. If you look in gunbroker under pistol parts they have a section clips/magazines. So go figure. To remedy this situation I say let's all go with revolvers and lever guns and leave those nasty bottom feeders alone! Just kidding I have some of those bottom feeders.
  18. ww, can we bribe you? How about everyone reading this will send you 1 22LR round for each page you give us???? Put this in a book and sell it man good reading!!!!!!!!!!
  19. First off thank you Grunt67 and all other vets, you guys are my heroe's!! I use dirtshooter because I shoot matches in a dirt pit here in Ms., but usually use Encoreman every other forum, but it was taken here. I shoot an Encore pistol. Is that boring enough for ya??
  20. Hey WW is your fingers broke? Get to writing dude, you got me hanging on this story. Or put it in a book I will buy it. I was hooked after the first couple of paragraphs. Keep up the good work!!!!
  21. Mr. Romak, Also a big plus is no state income tax. The people are as friendly as you could ever find. I am in Mississippi and I thought we had fairly friendly folks, but the one's I have met in Cookeville north to the KY. border are about as friendly as I have ever found and I have lived in a fair amount of places. I wished I had been smarter and raised my kids in Tn. I am in the process of working for 1.5-2 years and then to Pickett county,Tn. to see if I can catch any fish on Dale Hollow Lake. There is some awesome places in Tn to hunt,fish,ride and look, off road vehicle access, you name it
  22. You know what they say, the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys! Go to any married couples house and observe. The women have all the foo foo dust collectors sitting on the shelves and they are absolutely useless. Men on the other hand have tools or toys that are useful. like guns, knives, fishing equip, axes, chain saws, truck, 4 wheeler, boat, pressure washer, assorted hand and motorized tools. See the difference?
  23. Hi ya'll may know about this already, I just found out last night. Lee & Tiffany have a live game video camera with night vision so it is 24/7. Here is the link. http://thecrush.tv/deer-cam     Early this morning 5:30-6:30 I saw several 8,9,10 point bucks, does and 4 spotted fawns.
  24. Tanker that picture isn't a 68 pickup, more like 62 or 63, we had a 66 and it had single headlights. As for the mystery car, I would guess the starting vehicle was a 63 ford galaxie, but just a guess. I remember buying 22lr at Western auto for $0.29 in '63 and nobody thought a thing about an 11 year old buying bullets. Now you got to be 18 or 21 to buy a knife, really!! Speaking of change, my wife's grandma was born late 1890's she saw the invention of automobile, airplane, man on the moon (if you actually believe it), the phone changed from party line to private to cell phone, the PC, Al I am
  25. Much of this scheme was crafted back in Woodrow Wilson's era. I said it 25 years ago that the U.S. would become a 3rd world country because we don't make anything or very little anymore. It is difficult to find a shirt, hat, pair of pants or anything that is actually made here. It puts us on the wrong end of the stick to have all these imports and very little in exports. I still say No to drugs and the cane would FIX it in short order. I guarantee that kid that got caned for spray painting the car still remembers well that day he got caned because there are welts left that won't disappear and


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