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  1. Can I make a late to the party suggestion? The clear answer is.. buy me a nice Smith 2 inch barrel model. See good for the both of us. lol
  2. That is gonna be one big shipping box. lol
  3. Actually there is no reason NOT to. As long as you hide them from the wife.... lol
  4. Like one guy said on the show, he is one guy with a baseball bat. Why no one took him out before he got his chain of command in place I will never know. As much as he pisses on everyone, surely someone will get angry enough to shoot him in the back. Unless that jacket has a Kevlar lining that is all it would take.
  5. Good find. Beat me to it. I knew I had seen it done somewhere from matches.
  6. Crap, I would have just been glad if they showed them finding an hand full of primers and a shotgun shell they could pull powder from.
  7. I have an Otterbox Defender case that I can throw in with this too.
  8. I have a few items I would like to trade. I have (see Pics) A couple NEW and still sealed Leupold Rifleman 3-9X40mm matte 1 inch Wide Duplex Scopes. These have the Leupold Gold Ring Full Lifetime Warranty 2 sets of NEW Anderson AR Lower Parts Kits with grip A set of NEW MagPul MOE FDE AR furniture including a Mil-spec Carbine stock, a SL carbine handguard, and a grip. A new take off set of black Palmetto State Armory AR furniture including a collapsible stock (with sling attachment), hand guard (with heat shield), and grip (with screw). Removed from new gun. I am interested in doing a package deal of part or all of this to trade for an AR, .38 or .357 revolver, 9MM or .45 Semi handgun. I will also look at other trades if you have another gun you are looking to trade. PM me what you have or any questions I am in NE TN and am regularly in Johnson City, Bristol, and Kingsport. Thanks for looking.
  9. At the very least, a shotgun re-loader. As long as you had primers and powder, you could cram gravel in as shot if you had to. Or do a Billy the Kid and load it with dimes. Use cardboard wads and at least you have ammo for one class of guns. Just keep picking up your empties and reloading them. Not the best zombie killing setup, but zombies are the least of their worries right now.
  10. I agree, and how did he mold the bullet? He could have molded 100 while he was at it. Remember how much brass was on that bridge with Heath? They need to be gathering that stuff. I bet boxes of primers never got touched when people cleared houses. When they were in GA, there had to be reloading equipment around. They should have been reloading at the prison already. Powder is the big issue. With experimenting they can make black powder. It will just have to be tested for proper loads. The show kills me sometimes. I love it, but Rick and the gang have no real long-term survival sense.
  11. Speaking of our women, gun ads, and Christmas...
  12. How about I buy an AR and trade it to you for the Saiga? lol
  13. The history and love are in the slight imperfections. If 2 generations treasured it, then keep it the way it is, but I agree, go shoot them some and remember. You will treasure them more that way than as a wall hanger.
  14. Ronald_55


    Sounds like you might be sleeping in front of that TV tonight lol
  15. I saw that for a long time here. Then our Walmarts started randomizing when they stocked it to the shelf and never putting it all in the case at once. They also cracked down on the guys that called their buddies every time some showed up. Not that it is there by the truck load, but I have seen it on the shelf several times lately.
  16. I got some for the fridge earlier this year on youth day. My 11yo took his first (a buck fawn) with my father-in-law with his 9mm Hi-point carbine. He was so excited when he called. I thought he was gonna bust. Good and tender. He did better than me. All the years I hunted I only ever SAW one! That is what you get when a poacher lives close.
  17. The only side mine wants to see is my back leaving the room, but that could be about more than Christmas movies.
  18. I am waiting on the implant that lets me crush people with my mind.
  19. Our definition of the sum of money that constitutes a lot for a vehicle differs. And those people in CA must have a surplus of currency sitting around they want to burn through quick.
  20. As said above, sometime logic is replaced by confidence when alcohol is mixed in.
  21. But he is a "Trained Professional" and well you are just nobody to the TSA. Even if you have twice as many years training as him. Funny how they let things work out.
  22. That truck also costs a crap load. Gonna be an expensive rebuild. lol
  23. How about a 28 inch barrel?lol Just depends on how much money an arms company pays the review committee. lol
  24. So you keeping all the 20MM for yourself?

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