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  1. Yeah, even regular guns on sites go for crazy. Let alone the real rare stuff. I can only dream about those.
  2. Hey guys, What is your favorite gun auction site and why? Does it have great prices, hard to find items, lots of selection? I have never bought from any and just wondered. Starting to look around them.
  3. Yesh and even now building one is legal, you just need the right papers and a serial number before assembling. If the paperwork goes out the window, I will build one asap. Forget $1000 for one, I could put it together for $100 or less. And any good machine shop could start cranking them out.
  4. Glad you like it. My grandfathers had knives like that. They are used every single day and kept sharp. My Mawma's butcher knives were the same way. Some had a concave blade from being used in the same spot so much.
  5. You might be prepper if you keep all the shampoos you steal from hotels as trade items for after the World falls apart
  6. You might be a pepper if you have all your packages delivered to the empty house one street over so no one knows where you keep your supplies.
  7. Got mine today. A little too excited for my own good. My santa outdid themselves. There was a Academy Sports Ammo box full of goodies. A Browning shotshell air freshener A turkey call Balmshot Lipbalm A nice little one handed folding knife 3 different boxes of 22LR A 5 pack of M&P earplugs An Elite Tactical Systems clear 30 round AR Mag. And the Ammo box itself. (How did you know I just filled up my last one with 30/30?) Thanks Santa!
  8. You have started "armoring up" the RV as your bug out location on wheels.
  9. Rail is much cheaper, but if you need any type of surface area, it is hard to do work on a rail. I am taking a class from a blacksmith in the area. He has such a great setup. Still uses coal. His shop is a wonderland.
  10. Thanks. I had not heard of anyone doing that yet. Unfortunately, I have to just try to get it fixed at lunch or buy a new one. I am leaving just after to go out of town to my folks house. It is too far for me to chance leaving the screw in. Hope you have luck with all your sales. I see you have several nice things up.
  11. Crap, I wish you were closer. I just came out to a screw in the sidewall of one of my tires....
  12. From past experience of friends, a local scrap yard might turn one up if no one here has one. Getting harder to find good ones.
  13. If I had been them KMART would have been my last choice. It was already dying. I know that made it cheap, but cheap is not always good.
  14. Yeah I know. They spent tons to chip it up. Stupid waste of money. I am guessing someone important owned it or ajacent land and wanted to cash in.
  15. I like Academy too, especially for ammo desls.
  16. Yeah, that mountain of gravel they had to pull out of there was stupid. They are begging for more money to finish the interior roads now. Only thing I dislike about Cabela's is that they have no TN FFL, so they have to turn over pistols to a TN FFL for me to buy them. The guy that owns Shooters Edge in Piney Flats lives in Bristol and will pick them up though, so no shipping. They still charge a transfer fee though.
  17. Yeah I order for delivery from Cabela's, because if I drive the few minutes there from work, I pay tax. And I get free shipping most of the time
  18. Just seeing the stuff you're selling, makes me want to see inside your safe. Glws
  19. No but my dad does make some mean deer jerky. So I don't have to worry about it.
  20. I figure since the ones next to Bristol Tennessee are 5 minutes apart one of them isn't going to survive.
  21. Glws Only thing that I got worth that is my car. Lol
  22. There was talk of it, but I'm not sure it is completely finalized as of yet.
  23. I have both close. I think I prefer Cabela's. Seems lees crazy to me. But as a caveat I am never buying fishing stuff. That might be where BassPro wins What are your guys opinions?

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