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  1. Bet he eats salted pork and trades with the Indians while he waits for the deer to show up. lol
  2. Still 10 inch groups let you hit a deer or a guy that is intending on doing you harm if you pay attention. Like with my .22lr rifle. with cheap ammo I can put all 14 rounds in the 6 inch circle at a reasonable distance with irons. I figure that is good enough for me at my eye level and skill. Some people would call me a awful shot though
  3. Crap that is the worst job of shipping explosive items I have ever seen. I would call them to complain and see what they offer to do. If you were going to shoot them all this week, it would probably not be a big deal, but who knows how much rust you will get in 2 or 3 months. Plus you did not get what they advertised at all. I am betting this all got wet even before packing and that is why some of the boxes are missing. Lazy stock guys is probably more to blame that PSA as a whole. They figure if the box went out that their job is done...even if they did a crap job. Calling them will hopefully let them fix the issue before more people get this done to them.
  4. I figured it had to be next to horrible in accuracy, but still better than using the gun as a club.
  5. Ahh the things we did as kids. 1/2 genius and 1/2 stupid all in one. Sounds like you found a good solution to a problem and did the job you were asked to do. You guys have a mess of pigeon for dinner that night?
  6. Bud, man you are a nice guy. That thing must have weighed a ton. I remember seeing the ad. Wish I could carve out enough space to put one of these in. I am looking at safes and it is hard to get one with any growing room really if you have scopes and plan on adding several guns and other items. Even the huge ones drop to 1/2 or less if you plan to use the shelves on one side.
  7. I must have been typing mine when you posted, but exactly what I mean.
  8. I worry less about a ban than something happening that makes ammo unavailable in a meltdown kind of way. Heck, I have 20ga shells and I don't even have a 20ga. Lol. These would be a fallback tool plan D when you are out of anmo, have scrounged all your calibers you can find, ran out of reloading supplies, and need to use the ammo you just found in something since you do not have that caliber gun I know the ideal answer is to have guns of multiple calibers, but my budget limits my purchases. I know that is not the norm here. Most of you guys have waaayyy more guns than I will ever get to toy with. I also know this senerio is pretty unlikely, but like insurance, sometimes you get it hoping you never need it.
  9. Why is it described as "the keyboard-sized case" when they were expecting a plane they ordered as s gift? Seems like the reporter added a bunch just to make it more than a 2 sentence blurb. If this had been USPS, it would have been the "horrified" family that committed a felony by tampering with someone else's mail.
  10. I've only ever seen people using them in single shot break action shotguns or as single shot in bolt action rifles
  11. My big question is: Did they not look at who it was addressed to? I am sure they will sue UPS and the shipper for the trama to them and their granddaughter.
  12. Tracking says mine was delivered to the recipient last week. Curious to know how they liked it.
  13. I have just toyed with the idea. I am thinking if I get some, I might start with something like a .410 insert for 12ga. Not as much of a stretch there. I am just constantly knocking around ideas. I just need to finally get me that Savage 24 combo gun in 30-30 over 12ga. Just can"t find one at the same time my wallet is not already crying. Lol
  14. Those would be safer, but harder to carry to swap as needed. I also probably do not want to know the pricing. Lol
  15. The rifle adapters are supposed to be for training and reduced noise. The shotgun are usually marketed as a SHTF solution to scavenging ammo.
  16. This is an example of a 12ga to 9mm The next is a .303 to .32 They are not full length in either case. I think the 12ga would have the most chance of damaging the barrel.
  17. I just try to live by The Boy Scout moto to always be prepared. These would just provide an extra option. I keep enough ammo around for what I have that I am not running out any time soon no matter what. I just figure in bad times, I would like whatever leg up I could get. Really if things did fall apart, the guy that would do best would be the one with the warehouse full of food, guns and toilet paper. Tp would be like gold after a little while. Lol

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