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  1. So no wonder the $0.23 per I was seeing on gunbot.net seemed to be all out of stock. Though I do think gunbot is not updating like it used to. I will watch for some.
  2. I have always said that all else failing, let it go back wild. Maybe get someone to bush hog some of it twice a year to keep the saplings down. As far as the trees down, if your son-in-law can, just cut out as much as you have to to get access. That is unless you can get someone to come cut it up in exchange for the wood. I have never had luck at that though. As far as renting one of the doublewides out, just vet your renters well. Also, don't charge too cheap for it. Good people assume it is trashed and then you get people in that do trash it. Overall, enjoy it. I wish I had that much.
  3. Well maybe I don't need my p38 can opener in my bag then. A good file would work. Sometime I just wonder what prompted a guy to think of this stuff. Thanks
  4. Thanks. I will get it in hand and let you know. So are they rare enough now that I should just hold on to it and get some commercial ammo? This is my 1st Mosin, so never has to look for this ammo before.
  5. Does that mean you could give a guy a fall assistance block of steel?
  6. They always find ways to make it harder. I have always heard that all constriuction loads are harder anyway
  7. Thanks. I am in NE TN close to Johnson City. I was just afraid with my luck I would go boom banging on it.
  8. Got a good deal on the last tin of Bulgarian 7.62 x 54R that a guy had I just bought a Mosin Nagant off of. Only thing is that he did not have an opener. I can pick one up pretty cheap, but do I need it? I don't what to be prying this open with a crowbar but I doubt I will buy a lot of these cans. On another note. Anyone seen any good deals on the 7.62 x 54R? seems like several good deals have dried up suddenly. This is a pic of the one he had posted that had an opener.
  9. Like the ammo...and the Viking. Looks like you must like video security systems.
  10. Sorry to hear that. I would suggest you get a standing pre-approval for more than you think you need so that the next one you find can go quicker. I did that with ac ouple differtn things in the past.
  11. Craig's Firearms on Chapman Hwy near the Sevier Co. line used to be popular when I lived there. Anyone know if they are still open and any good?
  12. Grab a Gun has slipped on price a little more $389 for the "American Tactical Imports Omni Hybrid Maxx Limited Black .223 / 5.56 NATO 16-inch 30Rd" http://grabagun.com/american-tactical-imports-omni-hybrid-maxx-limited-black-5-56-223-16-inch-30rd.html
  13. That is where I tend to excel...scavenging. I tend to be the " can you find this..." guy for the people around me. That translates well to gathering items for use or barter in SHTF. Though barter is a dicey affair at best. Possibly the best case scenario for the survivors is if the event causes a massive population decrease without damaging the resources. Otherwise people will see what other people will do when they can't feed themselves or their family. If the population is left relative at full numbers and if the event is global, there will be a population decrease later. Unfortunately, those that do not make it may use up or damage a lot of the resources before the population drops low enough that the land can support it. On the other side of the people that are ready to bug out with their 90lb rucksack full of brand new never tested items are those that think the government will step in and restore things. In the level of an event we are discussing, all the government big wigs are going to do is run to their bunker. You know the one that they build with their huge income paid from taxes. Then they will have their little contractor armies keep people away. that will leave a ton of desperate people when they realize the truth. This is why I really want to have some place that I can use as a backup. I do not feel that my home is a permanent hunker down solution. It has too may down sides when it comes to living with no electricity or public water. If I could not make it out at the head of the first wave of people, then I could hold tight with the supplies I have until I can move out safely. In the interim, I could scavenge from those buildings that are deserted. Gather the items to use until we moved or the select gear we take with us. If nothing else the cabin would be nice to do weekend trips to get away from the rat race for now.
  14. Well, looks like that opens me up to build myself one of these. Ducks better watch out. lol
  15. Unfortunately I do not have additional manpower to help out. What I do have thinks I am crazy for even thinking things could go bad ...ever. I have actually been keeping an eye open for a little undeveloped land, but actually buying it might cause me to be single again. If nothing else it would be a nice place to camp and get away from the house sometimes.
  16. The only thing I hate in these annnouncements is all the politicians patting themselves on the back. I wonder what concessions they gave to get him to pick Maryville. Also, with the gun market prices dropping fast, will he keep up the hiring he promises? I know my work just got stuck because a snack maker moved in a building we built, then filled bankruptcy 6 months later. They sold all their assets to another company. Now the county can't get the return on the concessions it made and my boss is scrambling to find a tenant after we finished the building to the tenant's specs. Gotta be careful about making sure people who make big job creation promises have s chance of coming through. Hopefully he meets or exceeds his plans.
  17. Good catch. I always forget about them. What do you buy ....a Beretta pistol or shotgun or both
  18. OS you always have the answer. I could carry a battery powered fan and call it a trolling motor. It will keep me cool when not in use. lol
  19. Crap so I can't carry my AR in my canoe in case someone attempts a hostile boarding.....???
  20. So I can drive through Blount County and buy a pistol on my way to Murfreesboro to buy a Barrett rifle. We live in the best state. lol
  21. I was more thinking of using one that is in a remote location. So as to get away from people. Hopefully that isolation would limit people showing up with torches and armored siege wagons. My main goal on one would be to setup a (relatively) quick shelter that is far from others so as to stage for whatever you next plan could be. Though it would not be a 15 minute job, you could take down some local logs and create a platform on the cross members. If you wanted to go a little more permanent, you could lash logs on to be walls and a roof. the idea is a raised shelter to keep you safe from zombies, wildlife, or to insulate you a little from surprise attack. It would be much easier than building an entire cabin from scratch. Now better options are out there such as a nice block building (if you can stay in populated areas), a remote existing cabin, or an underground bunker. I was just playing with unconventional ideas. If something was to happen, very few of us will have a huge stocked bunker to dive into and lock up tight. Even if you do, there is a finite amount of time you can remain there. Or unforeseen issues that damage your stockpile. On the other side, running into the woods and living in a tent is not going to work long term. If you are lucky it will be spring and you will have until winter to find a better solution. If not, winter in the middle of the woods with little more than a tent as shelter is not where I want to be. Despite everyone thinking they can kill enough game to survive, if everyone is hunting things will thin out mighty quick. They say the best tool is your head and the best skill is adaptability. I just like to keep both in play by looking at things a little differently. If we all had time and unlimited budget to prepare for whatever may happen whenever, we would not have to care about it. We would be driving one of these in a model that ran on any fuel (Diesel, unleaded, vodka, kerosene):
  22. What do you do if you get a flat? No way you are finding a new tire any time soon. lol If you really want a good way to get around, just build you a bed on top of the back of this . Then you could use it for farming and construction where ever you end up. Still hard on gas. Holds 470 gallons though and burns around 27 gallons per hour. So you could drive 17 hours. Also, it can pull 50,000 pounds. It is meant for hard use, so the parts should last a while before you have to worry. If a car is in the way, just drag it out of the way. But if you need speed, you might be out of luck. I can't find a speed rating on it.
  23. No sure abut your budget, but I ran into this site a while back. If has several listings and some have GPS coordinates or addresses. It ranges from 600+ acres down to 3/4 of an acre. http://m.landwatch.com/tennessee/davidson-county/land-for-sale/?id=25038859 I am too far away to try and figure out good options. Sounds like the local guys have good advise.

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