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  1. It's harder when fishing topwater, but my go-to technique to get fish to but when jigging or bobber fishing is to act completely uninterested. Get yourself set up, then grab a sandwich or some chips and crack open a beer. And hey, if the fish still don't bite, at least you're on the lake having a sandwich and a cold beer!
  2. I'm looking at the handle on the floor there. Do you have to pull start an AK?!
  3. @Henry347 let us know how it works for you? Could be a good value... Thanks!
  4. Check out Navionics, see if they have data where it would be useful to you. A lot of guys up here really like it.
  5. So @gregintenn have you all made any progress on this?
  6. One of the great pleasures of my life has been watching hummingbirds with my grandpa out his big front window, talking about their journey, being surprised more than once at how aggressive they can be. Amazing critters!
  7. I feel like I've heard that somewhere before...
  8. If one of you local guys picks this up, it would save me a logistical nightmare. And a conversation with the wife. Just saying...
  9. I'm not familiar with Homelite. Was that a private label made by another manufacturer? Also, @10-Ring what's the purpose of the bow saw setup? Just looking at the picture, it doesn't seem like it would do anything that a standard bar would not. (I guess pictures are worth 1,000 words, but not nearly as valuable as handling or actually using something...)
  10. I believe the door will come off as well, to reduce the weight that needs to be moved at one time. GLWS!
  11. TomInMN

    Bersa Guy

    Any local churches that could use it? For their parishioners, I mean.
  12. I guess there's no little reaction icon for pure envy. But that's what I feel. I haven't done 1500 rounds total over the last 5ish years. But, family time, work, projects around the house (one of which is the house) are taking precedence for now. And I'm okay with that.
  13. @pop pop, couldn't you still report the incident at your house and your suspicion that they might be connected to that assault (and possibly murder)? At the very least, you have a vehicle description, which might be better than what the police currently have...
  14. If she just vwants to be more help with launch and recovery, maybe you guys can figure out a different responsibility for her if backing up the trailer doesn't work out?
  15. When I was a kid, I saw a man and woman taking their boat out of the water, winching it onto the trailer. Nice rig, new truck, new boat. Looked like maybe a ski setup. I thought something sounded funny but couldn't put my finger on it. Plus, the adults must know what they're doing, right? (This was before I was a teenager.) They got the boat all the way onto the trailer, got in their truck, and we're on their way. About halfway up the ramp the boat stopped moving while the truck and trailer kept going. It's pretty loud, leaving a boat halfway up the ramp like that.
  16. The bottom of the steering wheel goes in the same direction the back of the trailer will go. If you do plan to eventually get out and guide, be sure her windows are down and radio are off, be sure she can see you and your hands in her mirrors, and stay well away with a clear escape route so you don't get crushed.
  17. Something else I frequently recommend: Bring a note pad and pen with you when you go shoot, take notes, bring them with you shopping. Worry a bit less about shooting tight groups and more about the actual experience shooting that model and load. With practice, one can attain proficiency with a pretty broad range of firearms. But being willing to practice (because it's not unpleasant) is key to that.
  18. It's all been pretty well covered, and I'm glad to hear you're gathering info and not making decisions. As others have said, she's really should try a low recoil self defense loads in your .38 if she's a revolver fan (Hornady and Federal both make them). Also try a Glock 42. It'll be a bit lighter than an SP101, bit also a bit bigger than most .380s designed for self defense (which I think tend towards unpleasantly snappy) and is a very enjoyable gun to shoot.
  19. Yeah, it's a lot of fun to see them launch up from underneath someone else's feet.
  20. Guys, c'mon. This is no laughing matter... But at the same time, I wouldn't go so far as to say that it's serious sh**.
  21. Do it. You'll be glad you did. Eat the darkest ones you see. I've never actually done anything with them, other than give them to the boys or shove them into my mouth. I've been saving and freezing some of the "rougher looking" ones, to eventually batch them up for wine...
  22. You know @Raoul, I'm not completely convinced that a nice day afield with no game bagged isn't actually the best day hunting. No extra cleaning to do when I get home... Of course, no extra eating either.
  23. I didn't know there were grouse in TN. They're a whole lot of fun to hunt. I've never had hunting dogs, so I mostly still hunt them like deer. I give myself two chances to shoot them in the head with a .22 and either ruin no meat or have a totally clean miss.
  24. @Erik88, you CAN get sap to make syrup from a silver maple. In the late winter or spring when the days are above freezing and the nights below freezing it'll give sap if you tap it. The rule of thumb is about 40:1 if you do want to give it a try.
  25. Wasn't there another thread about how you can stock up on double cheeseburgers?


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