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  1. I saw last week that there's a credit union in WI that's paying a bounty on coins now. I think it's $5 for every $100 in coins exchanged?
  2. @Handsome Rob, you know those cheesey teenage coming-of-age movies where a popular character takes the ugly ducking character under their wing, gives them a makeover, and all of a sudden they're an attractive person? (Though anyone with a brain and eyes could see all along what was underneath the glasses, bad haircut, and lack of style...) I fully expect to see a makeover video montage of the makeover when this rifle is finished.
  3. It almost looks like it was drawn into the photo.
  4. Before you do that, be sure that an FFL in NY is not prohibited from transferring to non-residents by state law. (Federal law allows it, but NY may still prohibit it...)
  5. Since she lives in another state, it's not possible to transfer without an FFL. Could be going from GA to TN, would still require an FFL. @newtotn, pick the local FFL which you'd like to work with on your end and give them a call. Ask what they need from your mom to accept the rifle, and from you to transfer the rifle. Might just be a photocopy of her ID included with the rifle, and your smiling face and ID for the transfer. Keep in mind that it might actually be cheaper for her to have a local FFL on her end handle the shipping. It would be worth her calling a couple to see if that's the case.
  6. Remember it? I haven't been able to stop thinking about it! It's been keeping me awake at night, wondering how its day was, what it's up to right now, what it has planned for tomorrow, whether it's thinking about me, too... I can't believe you would do something like this to such a... uh... *memorable* specimen!
  7. It's a pretty big loss of face for them to have made that mistake. No big deal to you, kind of mortifying to them. You have a good group of testers here, I suspect. I'm looking forward to see what comes of the relationship.
  8. Just for the record, any cows tipped with the aid of electronic devices only count for 1/3 score. That's from the 2003 edition of the rules, so they may have changed things in the meantime...
  9. I was looking to see if the 84 or 85 models could also be converted with a donor barrel, just for the sake of curiosity. But so far I don't think there's a barrel source...
  10. No wonder the .32 is such a sweetheart.
  11. "Is that a flashlight in your pocket, or..."
  12. @xtriggerman, this doesn't require a stouter recoil spring?
  13. @Chucktshoes thought you might like to see these. Crime info from City of Bloomington: https://www.bloomingtonmn.gov/pd/arrest-reports-statistics-and-crime-map Click "event" in the left bar to see the symbology and toggle types of incidents (i.e., disorderly conduct): https://communitycrimemap.com/?address=Bloomington,MN&crimeTypes=[1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,20,22,24,25]&startDate=30&endDate=1&zoom=13
  14. I think they're doing okay in Bloomington, but I'm on the north end of the Metro area and generally stay up here. They do have lots of pretty good options for food, so I can imagine that would be pretty appealing. Be sure to check their hours and curbside delivery options and whatnot, obviously. I know they delayed the reopening due to all the protests, but they did reopen. If you can get there, Atomic Tactical in Savage are pretty good people. I used to shop there a bit when they were on Lyndale (I think it was), but haven't since they moved.
  15. Thanks for the link Doug! @bersaguy I'm in the suburbs now, used to live in Minneapolis when I was younger and singler. That city is a source of so much stuff to smile at...
  17. My favorite small game gun is a .22lr target pistol. And they're great for learning/ checking/ brushing up/ reinforcing your fundamentals. When shooting a .22 I generally know if and what I've done wrong before the gun goes off.
  18. "A hairy soldier, First World War"
  19. I was thinking on the job training, mafia style.
  20. I really want then to neck this up to about .25 caliber. That would make my giggle but I couldn't tell you why, exactly.
  21. One other consideration is that the TCM is centerfire while the others are rimfire. If you're hunting much in a place/ season that prohibits using a centerfire, the TCM won't be much use.
  22. I actually would like to see a requirement that all FFL holders (not just pawn shops) run the serial number of used firearms in their inventory through a stolen firearms database, and report any that are flagged. It wouldn't be a perfect solution, but it might help get some stolen firearms back to their owners.


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