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I got attacked by dogs to test out using a firearm to defend yourself

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I'd never seen anyone try to demonstrate using a firearm for self defense against a dog so I thought about what it would take. Luckily, I got in touch with a group that trains working dogs for military/police and they let me come out to get attacked. This was all new to me and I wanted the stress inoculation of experiencing what it was like for a dog to be latched on to my arm and to try and deploy a firearm. Anyway, I hope someone learns something. 

YouTube video here.

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10 minutes ago, peejman said:

Wow. Could you move the next day? 

My core is pretty stiff but other than that I'm ok. I'm kind of a gym rat so that helped for sure. 

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You don't realize how strong a dog is till you see them shaking a full grown man around.

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In my younger, stupider days, I once tried to separate 2 dogs fighting. 

A neighbor's dog jumped my Chow. Big Mixed breed that didn't seem to like anyone or anything. So it jumped on Cody one day as we were walking the yard. Sudden and vicious.

Somehow, I got Cody away from the other dog, but in the process it latched onto my hand. 

I felt like a feather being blown in the wind. Couldn't really control any movement. I just kept swatting at the dog until his owner got into the mix and got me loose.

Had it not been colder weather and me wearing some old insulate gloves, it could have been real bad. As it was, I had several puncture wounds and a lot of bruising.

Since all this occurred on our property, and we had witnesses; the other guy paid my ER bills. He soon moved away. No loss there.

In short, I DO NOT want to have to tangle with a dog again.

Tim, I see your rationale, and salute your guts and determination in doing this. but I think I'll pass on it.

BTW, very good video.

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Thanks for this video Tim. My wife and I are currently renting a place near downtown and I've had several dog encounters while walking our dogs. I always carry a gun and a knife. I feel like the chances of me breaking up a dog fight without accidentally shooting my own dogs are really low so I've determined I might have to use a blade if it came to it. This might be difficult if I'm the one being attacked but I guess that's where the gun comes into play. 

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I would hate to have to shoot a dog; justified or not. There are other options. But my chances of being attacked by a highly trained security dog are up there with winning the lottery.

Don’t take what I am saying wrong. I’m not saying someone wouldn’t be justified in a dog attack. I’m just saying I personally can’t imagine a situation where it would go that far.

Interesting video. But in real life I suspect you would have killed those dogs in every one of those attacks. They couldn’t have stopped you from whatever bad stuff it was you were doing, they could have only allowed a handler to act.

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1 hour ago, chances R said:

If you just have to break up a fight and there are no leads on the dog, try and grab rear legs and keep moving.  Stay away from the business end.  

I've seen some really bad injuries from people trying to break up a dog fight. My MIL ended up with a horrible scare and 30-40 stiches from breaking up their 2 dogs many years ago. 

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We were exposed to the military attack dogs and the tracking dogs in SERE, to give you the experience and possibly reduce the shock during the real thing.  That is an experience that will not be forgotten.  Even with a suit you can feel the pressure on your arm, and when they hit you full tilt, it is enough to easily get you off balance, so the ground portion is a definite possibility.  I would sure hate to have one of them latch on to me without a suit, I am sure there would be blood and broken bones with some of these dogs.

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19 hours ago, Erik88 said:

I've seen some really bad injuries from people trying to break up a dog fight. My MIL ended up with a horrible scare and 30-40 stiches from breaking up their 2 dogs many years ago. 

Yep, if you get in the middle of a dog fight, you will get bit. Friend at work had his beagle get into it with a shepherd at a dog park. He got the dogs separated but got chomped on his lower leg by the shepherd. Its owner bugged out in the following confusion so he had to get rabies shots since they couldn't verify the dog had been vaccinated. $8000. 😮

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