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We got several birds this morning and they are fighting big time. Seen 4 in a tizzy at the same time on one of my feeders this morning. Changed out my feed in both feeders this morning. In the past they have been picky just after replacing fresh nectar but not this day. They never missed a feeding. They put on a show at breakfast this morning. One feeder is hanging in the bay window, just outside our breakfast table, so we can get a close-up view of the birds. We got some real small ones which I presume are this year hatchlings. Really enjoy watching them feed. 

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Placed one in front of my living room window, hanging from the Christmas light nails. Gives me a straight sightline and about 12 ft away. They certainly can be entertaining! Haven't been sitting on the porch much this season, so I miss the buzzing as they dive bomb the Wisteria and get to the feeder. Awesome little critters!

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I have about 15-20 birds and have all my feeders up now and still having to fill them about every 3-4 days....lol. There is several birds fighting over the feeders all the time. It's funny to watch the smarter birds that hide below the railing the feeders are hung on and wait for a bird to show up to feed and they pounce on it. I don't know how the feeders get empty so often when there is so much fussing going on but they do. I have noticed that most of the birds are around when it is getting ready to rain and when it is drizzling.

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So it has been wild.  I've only had one or two hummingbirds all summer that come and go.  Over the last few weeks there are 5 or 6 and they are much more aggressive with each other which is fun to watch.  I see my patients by telehealth in my office and my feeder hands outside my window so I get a constant watch from them.  The most interesting thing this year:  there are birds that come perch on the feeder and just sit there.  No eating, just holding on and looking and they may stay 20 minutes or more doing this.

Never seen that before!

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1 hour ago, Tuffus said:

After only 1 - 3 birds all year, mostly just 1, now I have about 15 draining my 3 feeders every day.

Yea, same here, they must be heading south and just taking a break before they continue on.  Last year, some stopped at my place on the way north and stayed, but usually it is only one or two that stay all season.

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On 8/10/2023 at 12:32 PM, Luckyforward said:

Just Sittin' Around . . .


I have 1 bird that does the same thing and he acts like he is the boss. If another bird comes to feed on any of the other feeders he will go and try and run them off. While he is gone chasing that 1 bird several will rush in and feed while he is gone. When he comes back he will chase any off that is still on a feeder and then go back and sit on the same feeder. It's funny to watch him on guard duty!!! It's almost like they are playing a game.

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17 hours ago, chances R said:

Yes, past 2 days they have been absent.  Expect the main push is over-will be a few stragglers.

I went out this morning and sat for an hour and only had 2 birds come and feed but it was more like a snack than a meal. They spent about 3 minutes and were gone. All of my feeders are half full  was gonna make more today but gonna let them empty what is in them first. I will make 1 more batch and fill all the feeders for the migration and the birds passing through and then be done for the year. Once the leaves change and begin to fall I will get ready for the seed feeders and  I start seeing the Doves I have that show up every fall/winter. I normally have about 15 Doves every year. The last couple years I have had 1 Red Wing Black bird that shows up with the Doves. He lives about 1 mile away in a pond with Cattails. My neighbor sees him around the pond all Summer.  

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Well, I went out this morning and had one bird come and snack and the feeders are about empty so I think they are feeding early and then fly back up in the trees and are resting up for the long trip. I just made my last batch of food and I will fill all my feeders tonight for the travelers and when the migration is over I will switch over to my seed feeders for the winter.

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WELL, I have filled my feeders for this season for the last time last night. I want to make sure the travelers have plenty to eat in their journey south. I will begin watching for the leaves to begin turning to Fall and start getting the seed feeders ready to go.

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