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Glockstore in Nashville

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I hope I am posting this in an appropriate area......

Today I had to meet my son in Nashville.  Had some spare time and went to the GlockStore over off of Elm Hill Pike on east side of town.

There were lots of cool things to look at and it seems to be a thriving business.  

What I was wanting to ask is if any of the members have been there to use the gun range.  If so, how was your experience and what are the pros and cons.  Actually, the range at Royal Range in Bellview is much closer for me and I have an area on my farm that I can shoot most of the time, but wondered if the GS range was worth trying?


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Pros, it's a neat experience that allows you to move and shoot, along with offering a wider shooting lane, this is something a lot of ranges don't offer, and something I feel everyone should train on every so often, after all, you're not always going to have the ability to stay planted to take a shot.

Cons, it's not cheap to use their range due to the design, I believe they have 2 or 3 different rooms for range purposes, which also means they have limited availability, but due to the price, you can usually book a lane without having to wait too long. 

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Only shot there for a USPCA event. The open space is certainly a pleasant change from the lane system everyone else has to use. 
Royal is my go to, but I typically do the classes (which is done in the open in front of booths), so not a meaningful difference. 

def want to try the full 270 experience, let me know how it goes

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I boogered up reassembly and got my slide stuck pretty good to the point where I didn’t want to try to mallet it myself. I went in and handed it to the gunsmith who said “you might want to close your ears and distract yourself for this part”. He was right, it hurt to hear him wail away with what I assume was a rubber mallet, punch, a towel and a vice. 

After a few minutes he came out and had it disassembled. I asked what I owed him and he said go grab a recoil spring off the wall for ten dollars and spread the word that we helped you. So I’ll spread the word. It was also maybe 20 minutes til close so I already felt bad enough. All in all great experience for customer service. 

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Yes, they seem like pretty nice people there. I had a similar experience with them. Took in my G30 that was acting up. Getting a few FTE issues. Picked it up the next day. They put in a new extractor and cleaned the pistol. works great now.

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I don’t want to beat them up too much because it was a nice place the one time I went, 2a people that moved here from commie land.   Waited around about 15 minutes for OE gen 4 recoil springs no one could find, g26 and g23.  They kept trying to sell me a $60 buck tungsten.   confirmed I didn’t need the fancy thing.  I couldn’t figure out if I looked rich or limp wristed.  Left empty handed.  I’ve purchased from them when they were in CA, good experience, but doubt I’d stop in even though I drive by EHP / Briley exit a lot. 

just one of those ymmv experiences

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Some of the employees need that supervision.

I saw some pretty unsafe stuff going on the one and only time I stopped in to check it out. I don't need any extra holes in me so I won't be going back, which is a shame because the setup looks cool and my work is just 5 minutes away.

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I've been there once. Walked in and was greeted. Walked around and browsed. I was asked if I could be helped, I politely said no thanks. While I was squatting down checking on items I might buy, I was told I couldn't carry my gun in the store without it being in a holster. I carry my g26 at 6 oclock in a 20yr old hybrid comptac iwb as I have for as long as I've owned that holster. When I lifted my shirt to show it was in a holster, the guy got offended that I would carry a gun like the "idiots" do on TV. 🤬

I told him his attitude and statement lost a  customer for life and asked where is the store manager. He said he was the "floor" manager. 🙄 I just walked out.

There is a gun store/range in Maryville called Gunnys...got treated like crap there too years ago and never went back. It's changed owners since then but I'll never go back to any place that doesn't respect their customers.


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