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    This has been on the back burner since Christmas. Finally got a chance to work on it and get it finished, I think it turned out pretty good. The holster and belt are from the "Hand of God" Rig from 3:10 to Yuma except I didn't want the same tooling and it is lined, the belt is also lined but with the rough side out so it wont slip around. The bullet loops, Holster loop, Chape, and billet are dyes a deep brown and the rest is an oil finish I also added conchos. I really enjoyed making this rig and plan on doing a cross draw holster for when I get my other pistol. Thanks go to my wife and kids for getting me the pistol for Christmas and to GT for the knife.
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    They are the 2019 AAA State softball champions. I'm proud to say the head coach is my niece. https://www.wate.com/sports/jefferson-co-high-school-softball-state-champs-for-first-time-in-school-history/2025683243
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    I ended up getting two factory Marlin magazines for $14.55/shipped each off EBay in factory packaging. after looking, it does have the factory slide style, so I guess I will dig through the ammo cans and see if I have some of those mounts. Guess having $59 in a scoped 22 Jm stamped bolt action can’t be too bad, eh?
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    If you haven't been able to tell yet, I love my wheel guns! And the wheel gun that I first fell in love with was the Ruger Single Six! Have quite a few of these, but these are my favorites. This is a 1958. And this is a pair of 50's vintage. The one on the left is a flatgate 1956 and the other is a 1958. Another of the flatgate. Frame is starting to "plum". Anyone else a Single Six fan?
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    That's what I try to explain to people when they come in to buy them. It's truly a roll of the dice on how yours will turn out.
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    Our garden is doing pretty well except for the okra, which I assume the rabbits are eating. We've had at least 2 clutches of rabbits in the yard. Heres the first harvest, taken just a Little's while ago....
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    This is a Ruger Precision Rifle, with bi-pod in front and a mono-pod attachment at the rear of the buttstock. I have a Vortex Golden Eagle for sale that I have used with the Rifle. It is a 15-60x52 with the MOA reticle. This is a great long range combo. I'd like to get $2600 for the Combo. $1200 for just the rifle, or $1400 for just the scope.
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    Judge Napolitano's grandmother.
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    A clear understanding of that sure would have saved someone a lot of typing.
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    I do have a machine but I used both the machine and hand stitching. The knife sheath, linings, chape and billet were stitched with the machine the holster body, and bullet loops were stitched by hand.
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    We all started out that way. Just focus on being safe and you'll be fine.
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    I have a few Ruger Single Action pistols of which one is a early 70's Single Six-right before they started with the safety stuff-still a 3 screw
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    The position of executor/personal representative is a "legal/fiduciary" position, and can only be recognized when the will is probated and the executor/PR is appointed by the court. The court will issue "letters of administration" which indicate who the executor/PR is. This document is necessary to perform the functions of PR. Your mother could decline to serve and then you be appointed as PR. Since NFA items are involved, you should probably do it the legal way so whoever receives the items in question do not have issues later down the road. The attorney you have should be able to do this at minimal cost, but it really depends on the attorney.
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    Yes, I will most likely be doing at least 1 more this year.
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    Anybody north of Southern Kentucky is a Yankee in my mind.
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    When you've been friends since 1985, it gets harder to find unique gifts for your best friend. Last year, I sent him a Cold Steel Smatchet, a bit of a gag, but he has a mini horse farm, so he could conceivably use it for something. Then I saw GT's Feather Knives and had to get him one. Waaaay better in person! I'm not a knife guy, but here are my immediate impressions - balanced in my hand, finger guard is just right, substantial with out being heavy. Aesthetically, it's fabulous. Hard to describe, but almost as if the feather was dipped in steel and the maker was able to pull out the detail. The light colored handle with green inserts as well as lining the tang is really cool. GT also included the display stand as well as kydex shealth with leather backing and belt loop. It's off to Missouri...
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    Sorry, uploads on the phone are a pain the butt to post. I tried to get them in chronological order.
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    I don't have much of a garden compared to most of you all, I'm sure. I'm in my 3rd year (I think) now. I started with containers only my first year, then some raised beds I built. This year I also added hay bales to the mix and they are working out well so far. If they last throughout the entire season, I'll definitely expand on this method next year. Just thought I'd share a couple pics of the progress this year: Starting out
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    I'm guessing they wanted to get the interview over ASAP so they could get back to covering anything related to Trump.
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    That's odd. I've never read a bad review in an NRA publication.
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