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    You may not be as conservative on this as you think. While I agree a responsible person will aim to understand the things you described, there is a huge difference in a responsible person making themselves educated and the state putting you through a mandated course of curriculum, a tax, and a selection criteria before you can exercise your consitutional rights. If clearly enumerated rights are subject to the 3 things above, what about all other rights, enumerated, implied, or simply by divine consent? When is the next course on what I can freely express under my first amendment rights?
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    a class will not make anyone safer, administrative handling needs to be engrained. I have seen folks in a class that had no idea how to even field strip their gun and lack any gun etiquette. For me this was taught by my father and continually reinforced as I matured. I Think as a society we lack these “hand me downs” as I see cooking dinner and “moms good recipes” going by the wayside. need to restore the family unit something liberals seem to be against.
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    Another one I never got around to shooting and have decided to try and move on to a new home. Wilson Combat Brigadier Tactical with action tune and magazine guide. Original owner traded back in at our local shop and I picked it up from there. I've not shot this one and can not say that it hasn't been shot but if it has it wasn't very much. Two of the three magazines don't even show any signs of being inserted into the gun. Spring and lanyard loop included with the Beretta blue box. No signs of wear, just as beautiful looking gun. Action is silky smooth as you would imagine, these have some of the best DA/SA triggers out there. Originally sticker was $1380 with the extras. Feel free to PM with any questions. $1150 Will consider trades but only for greater value than my cash price, multiple guns are fine. Prefer handguns but will consider others if the value is there.
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    I finally took the time and ordered a belt from Beltman. All I can say is why did it take me this long? I thought I had a decent belt for carrying. Oh my what a difference. The belt is fantastic but the customer service was impeccable as well. David called the next morning after I ordered the night before to verify the length etc. Was shipped out that day. I can't say enough good about the belt and my experience.
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    I have a MGW Sight Pro you can borrow.
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    No experience with that particular version but the basic model (19100, slightly lighter and uglier) is just about the funnest carbine ever invented, second only to M1 Carbines. Slap a Sig Romeo 5 on top and you might find yourself never shooting another rifle again. And be ready to burn a whole lot of ammo.
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    There's three versions of this gun -- double-stack threaded barrel, double-stack unthreaded barrel, traditional single-stack. Which one are you selling? Pics would be helpful. Thanks, Whisper
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    Smith & Wesson 4" 19-4 nickel .357 Magnum $700 pinned and recessed My rookie research indicates a manufacture date of 1980. Overall good condition with some light wear where some patrol officer with bushy sideburns may have carried it in his basket weave leather duty holster. I can text more/better photos if interested. Face-to-face in the Memphis area, can possibly travel 100 miles or so. TN carry permit required and will need to complete a handwritten bill of sale. Thanks for looking.
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    Turns out this bill is NOT a permit less concealed carry legislation bill. It is another bill just to increase penalties for gun crimes, "mostly", as it is written now. Another smoke and mirrors bill skirting the real issue of one odes not need a permit to carry a concealed firearm in TN. This bill is no such bill.
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    The more I read about this the more I am against it. I am not pleased that this will be written as a defence to being armed, it should not be a crime to carry in this state, period. If you are prohibited, then it should be a crime. Also, if my kids from out of state come to visit, they will still be arrested if they carry, WTF? If they pass this, it will be a cold day in hell before they pass an actual Constitutional Carry law.
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    I've worn one of his daily for about 10 years. It's still in good shape.
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    Beltman is the best.
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    Sounds good. I have a couple from a few years ago, really like them.
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    I failed to mention I've been losing a lot of weight and kept holding off ordering. A service they offer is for $20 the will resize as I lose more weight.
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    Thanks for the review. I may start buying from him. I can’t make them as cheap as he sells them.
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    The dangerous people already carry illegally, honorable people already have a permit to carry and do so, the others are victims/cannon fodder and don’t care. nothing changes, only easier for the law abiding which is a good thing
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    I'm as right wing as anyone here. But I still would rather see anyone carrying to go through a class.If you're responsible enough to carry you should be responsible enough to find out what to do in an emergency. Shoot/no shoot, whats behind the recipient of a well placed bullet, what to do after an incident are just a few of the things a carrier needs to know.
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    They could advance one of the Marine One helicopter's or have a National Guard UH-60 available to take him from BNA to Putnam County. I think he could have more real impact for those folks than he would being restricted in Nashville or Mt. Juliet. We all know that Nashville will be given priority, because big city with more people, but those folks out in Putnam were hit so hard. If nothing else, having every LEO or military person working the visit pick up some canned goods and a case of bottled water to leave on site is worth it.
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    You are so right Pop Pop. The police cars may have Serve and Protect on them, but those guns they have are to keep their A$$es safe. If the deputy was sitting at the county courthouse with his car running it would take him a minimum of 30 minutes to get to my house. A .40 cal bullet travels about 1100 feet per second. You do the math. They may come to my house after the fact and draw a chalkline around my body and put police keep out tape around the scene, but they can't protect me and my family unless they plan on living with us 24/7. It is each of our duty to protect our Castle.
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    Some day (next year?), you'll hear people say "Wow, you could buy a Brand new AR for 500 bux back then?" GLWS!
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    Beaten? I've destroyed it!
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    Can he stretch 'em for us guys who've beaten anorexia?
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    Taurus Armas then spell the country with a S. I’d have to fix the portulish text. Would bother me every time I saw it.
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    Can carry and buy but no alcohol in blood! Do not drink and drive/carry/have sex. All 3 can cause long term problems for you!
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