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  1.     Ya done good. Ya done real good.
  2.   My bet - they're running it out as long as possible, until they can force trusts to run background checks on all members. Just a wild tin-foil-wearing hat type guess.
  3. Got a bobcat?   http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=c50_1391678659
  4. This is a neat paragraph. Unfortunately, it's really not as amazing as it seems. Give it a read - it'll help explain why the paragraph isn't so difficult to read.   The previous link references the original letter demonstrating the phenomenon, as wells as a lengthy blog post where an actual researcher at Cambridge responds to the chain email's concept, in a much more rigorous fashion. It's long, but you can skip the parts in languages you don't know.   They're worth the read. Enjoy!
  5.   Similar story, but not panic times. Ordered a complete upper, took a solid week to arrive from ship date to received date. Can't recall how long it took it to ship from order.   Hopefully you'll get some cool stuff in the box. I finally wore the hat out, used up the bottles of slip 2000, and well, the calendars aren't really in date anymore. But the posters sure are cool, and the two dvd's are on my shelf.... somewhere.
  6.   NO NO NO NO NO. They just did that the other day. Not again thank you. Took me an hour to drive what normally gets done in 10 min, and it was well outside of the area they shutdown for Mr. President's motorcade. Ugh. No more.
  7. Never had one, all I know is what i've googled. They're rebranded Norinco (JW-15, I think) which is a CZ452 copy. Should be a decent little rifle.   Now for the important part. PICS!.
  8. cj0e

    2015 NRA show

    1. Have you checked out VRBO? There are some neat places that can be fairly inexpensive. You're far enough out in booking dates that even with a convention - there are places available.   (NOTE ON VRBO: Check the area, look for info that it's a safe neighborhood, read reviews on the spot/owners. I've never had an issue, but be shrewd) Also, don't overlook some of the places that are a short drive from Nashville. You can get some nice, secluded spots where it feels like a getaway-great resting place after you're done with downtown's madness.   2. Have you been to the Opry? Do it. It'll be at the Opry house, so there's that. For dinners - there's lots of great options downtown, get done conventioning, then have a nice dinner and head back to your getaway. There's some neat history downtown, if you're into that. You can take one of your half-days and walk/drive to some awesome places downtown. For dining, please to be checking out this thread
  9. Bren MK1 re-weld semi auto. Saving up now, probably going to sell a few things soon to get the finances right!
  10. This Christmas, don't forget...   [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mER2fGuSqF8[/media]
  11. Whelp, just saw the poll, and yeah I'm late. But! I'm writing in my vote for x-wing grey. That'd be grey, with red and dark grey accents.
  12.   And if there's 4 of us, someone's gettin' saved then baptized.   We'll then proceed to invite the whole community over for a pot-luck dinner and a cake-walk.
  13.   Dunno what variety it is, but my dad was helping an elderly man care for his lawn this summer. He hooked us up with so many pears we got sick of em!   A great site for info on plantings, care, maintenance, etc of all manners of gardening is easily found at the UT Ag extension site. Be sure to check with the Ag Extension office in your county. I think they even have courses if you're interested.
  14. Do some homework, some trees are self pollinating, many require a male and a female tree.   Your trees will take time to bear fruit. Don't expect much (if any) in the first year or two depending on the variety. Some longer. Strong growth will stunt bud production and the even the ability to bear fruit. The tree is using nutrients to grow bigger, instead of to grow fruit. Weak growth is an indicator of poor nutrients.   Many apple varieties only produce every other year. Bud production is smack dab in the middle of fruit production. If the tree is growing fruit - it can't properly grow buds. So, expect no better than every other year.   You'll also need your trees (if not self pollinating!) to bloom in the same time frame. Plus, you need pollinators. Bees are great!   Cold snaps can stop fruit production, even if you get flowers. Just because the flowers look fine when they bloom, doesn't mean the temps didn't damage them.   Enjoy your trees for the shade, and any fruit that they bear is a bonus!   There's a lot more to it, enjoy learning and good luck!
  15. My other recipe, is for a stupid simple hearty&filling chili with beans.   Buy some bloemer's chili powder packets.   Add 1 packet to each 1.5 pounds of ground meat while you're browning the meat. I always brown the meat with onions and garlic. Just gotta do it.   Add 3 different kinds of beans. I like to add Luck's Pinto Beans (flavored with pork), light Red kidney beans, and Black beans. Add what you like. 1 can of each per pound of meat.   Add 1 normal sized can of Rotel with green chiles (original) per pound of meat.   Add your tomato sauce. Not too much, not too little. Just guess. I only buy the normal sized cans, it's easy to get carried away with the big stuff, and the only way to fix that is to make the chili batch bigger.   Simmer the whole mess for minimum of 4 hours.   Enjoy the chili. We fed this to a bunch of scouts and webelos and their parents last weekend (using large quantities, of course!) Everyone went back for seconds, and there was only one bowl's worth of chili left at the end of the night. Easy cleanup!   PS: Just go slow and always small doses on adding your ingredients, oh, and don't burn it. Chili's easy, you can't screw it up.
  16. So, I don't have a recipe - I just add till it tastes right. That being said:   I really enjoy using more than one type of pepper. Usually goes something like this for an all meat chili:   1. Brown white onions and fresh crushed garlic in a skillet with some butter.   2. Brown ground meat (venison, sausage, beef, whatever) in the skillet with the onions and garlic, add salt and black pepper(easy on the pepper) to taste   3. Transfer the meat and drippings to stock pot (or crock pot). Add tomato sauce for liquid. If you've got some homemade- awesome, if not, hunt's does ok too. Don't add too much, the tomato will mess up your flavors!   3b. Begin the simmer. Add some chopped bell peppers if you want some sweet flavor.   Spice it up! Add your chili powder to taste. Or, make your own. I use these combos:   - For some awesome flavors, try adding Guajillo, Ancho, and Poblano peppers. You can chop them up, or just add the dried powder (available in international section of most grocery stores).   - Turn up the heat - cayenne.   - Add some savory - Cumin, oregano, bit of paprika (easy with this, you're not making meaty ketchup!) if you care for it.   Venison has low fat content - it may be helpful to add some ground pork or hamburger. Something fatty. Fats bind capsaicin, preventing it from burning your mouth as badly, which will allow you to add more hot pepper flavors without adding too much extra heat. Be careful, it's easy to get carried away with all these different peppers. Small doses make big differences.   I usually end up using .5 - 1 oz of whatever chili powder mix I've concocted per 1-2 pounds of ground meat.   Make sure you cook it at least 4 hours on a low simmer.
  17. Warning, wall of text incoming:   First, in response to your questions:   If it goes aggressive(more than it currently is?) AND airborne (ease of transmission!), get paid up(can probably skip this part) and prayed up.   Ebola has a high mortality rate even when symptomatic care is available. This strain is highly virulent(rapid replication of virus in it's host), and highly infectious(very small amounts of contaminant can infect). Until a proven treatment is developed, expect to see most people around you die. As more people are infected, it has greater possibility to mutate and overcome any treatment that is developed.   If you're not already living outside of medium density populations when it hits (IE on your self sustaining farmland, isolated AND protected from outsiders) someone near you will likely be exposed to those who are infected.   Make sure you get your "bio-dome" ready ahead of time and live in it. Hope that you don't ever have a containment breach or major systems failure. Understand that life is fragile, and that everyone dies. Harden your resolve, hope for the best. Get prayed up again. You're probably gonna die, if not you'll be surrounded by the dead.   tl;dr: Weaponized, airborne transmissible Ebola could be on par with a near extinction event.   HOWEVER there is evidence against such a threat:   1. No human virus in 100 yrs of studying has ever made the jump from one mode of transmission to another. They tend to stick with the one they have. 2. AFAIK every lab modified virus that's been made to go airborne, loses it's ability to effectively infect the host. 3. And best of all, there's no precedent for it going airborne on it's own. Look at other viruses that are transmitted via bodily fluids. Hepatitis C- millions infected. Literally, millions. It's never changed it's mode of infection. Rabies - highly infectious, and untreated, a much more deadly virus than Ebola - never changed it's mode of infection. HIV - highly infectious, hosts can live with it for an extended period, while it replicates and mutates. MILLIONS upon MILLIONS infected - still passed through bodily fluids.   dr;bh : Can it go airborne? Maybe. I'm not putting money on it happening. It's not keeping me up at night.   Finally, there's hope.   Will we find a treatment for it? Probably. zMapp is the big name right now, but was barely ready for phase 1 clinical trials. You know, the trials done on healthy people to make sure the treatment doesn't cause immediate major health concerns on it's own. Phase 2 is wider, and tests for efficacy. IE, does this actually work in a statistically significant population group? Phase 3 is what are the other side effects of this drug/treatment, is it actually as effective as we think?   This is the first major outbreak that's demonstrated a significant need. Yes, life is precious. If one person can be saved, pour money at it till it saves em. Realistically, it takes capital to make that kind of research happen, it takes a population with a need to justify it, and clinical trials can't occur without people to be treated. Big Pharma won't pour money at something that isn't profitable. Ebola infections rarely make it past killing a village, let alone infecting a major population. Pharma doesn't want to spend huge money on something with little to no return. Plus, there are other bigger diseases out there that affect and kill many more people that are better targets for philanthropic research. IE, how many lives can we save with the money we spend and won't see a return on?   In this case, general fear will see governments pressured by their citizens to put money into research. Researchers will then be able to afford development, testing, and large scale production of effective treatments.   If you're this far, you probably read the whole thing.   If anything, be ready for Ebola in it's current form, not the hypothetical airborne super bug variety. Those airborne super bugs will come out of the blue, and kill us all anyway.   [reader's key: tl;dr: Too long; didn't read dr;bh: did read, brain hurts]
  18. What'd the fish say when he swam headfirst into a concrete wall?     Dam.     --   What's the worst part about hunting for elephants?       Carrying the decoys.   --   How do you catch a unique rabbit?   Unique up on it.   How do you catch a tame rabbit?   Tame way, unique up on it too.
  19. cj0e

    Handgun purchase

      Why are your hands up, Handsup?
  20. cj0e


      Agreement on the quiet exit. Everyone was stunned.   Spoiler is in the special BBcode dropdown. or just add the spoiler tag. ["spoiler] yer spoiler here ["/spoiler"] - remove the quotation marks! they're there so you can see how the formatting goes.
  21. cj0e


    Yep. Went last night. Lots of reminders, it's almost ridiculous.   My take   [spoiler] It was a great story, incredible battles, characters that were much deeper than anticipated. Much more graphic film than I'd anticipated: blood, injuries, just incredible. I'm still processing it almost 24 hrs later. Excessive use of the word F***, but that was probably accurate based on my friend who is a tanker. His response to the film was also that it had some of the best depicitons ever of historical tank battle and strategy. I can't comment on that, but it was visually awesome.[/spoiler]
  22. What's the difference between roast beef and pea soup?   Anyone can roast beef.
  23.   I'm not a big bow hunter, but I do enjoy shooting mine when I can. I moved from a Fred Bear 45# Recurve to a Fred Bear instinct a couple years back. I've shot a few other compounds, and the instinct was great. Silent, low vibration, comfortable grip with good balance.   Plus, camo. Love some camo. Camo makes everything 100% cooler.   In all seriousness, I wouldn't buy a brand new bow, use yours till you find a gear junkie that's offloading last year's (or the year before's) super tech, inspect it closely, and then set it up for you. I bought mine at about 5 years old, barely used. Put a new string on it (cables are still fine) and replaced the sight (I like a single pin vs multi). For under $250 bucks, I had a great setup, with release, case, armguard, 18 carbon express arrows in perfect condition, field tips on 12 of them + a set of bloodrunner 2 blade broadheads.   There are some great deals to be had out there, especially with people offloading their old kit now that they've bought "the newest best whatever" for this year's bow season.


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