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  1. Somebody on YouTube had one of those and they filled the cans with cement they hit pretty hard
  2. Love my 25-45 still working with the 224 not ready to pass judgment yet
  3. It's all fun and games till somebody walks through there barefoot
  4. Ok folks let's build a list and if someone has already posted your guy give it a like instead of reposting it Name of business Address Phone number Thanks
  5. I never have enjoyed going to Lower Broadway as a tourist but when I worked down there as a bouncer and doorman there is nothing better in the world than people watching for 10 or 12 hours on a Friday or Saturday night
  6. Jointed the Army right out of high school 13F 6 years active 6 years NG went to automotive tech school at UTI worked for MB USA left there went to work for MACK truck in Lavergne for almost 6 years left there for a job with CSX Transportation in 2011 as a roadway mechanic held a regional job out if Radnor Yard for 6 years then in June a guy with more seniority rolled me now I am the parts / lead Roadway mechanic on a traveling System Production Team and live in a hotel 5 to 6 night's a week for all you guys who are Veterans thanks and all the LEO / CO thanks
  7. Loftis Steel on Charlotte Pike or kgs over near the fairgrounds when I was still working in Nashville that was the go-to places if you needed metal
  8. If you are not married and plan on getting married don't build a house till after the proposal you will end up selling it and moving built the house of my dreams now it is a rental property the single guy who is my tenant loves it and says it's the best bachelor pad ever
  9. Me and the guy's at the office take a long lunch on Monday's and shoot one week and do combatives training the other
  10. If it is bobcat or caterpillar get ready to pay for it every time you buy parts. The guys at Bobcat of Nashville good guys do a lot of business with them and yes Robert is the man when it comes to on-site service. I really like John Deere I deal with the guys at Meade quite a bit and their parts don't seem nearly as expensive as Bobcat or caterpillar but most used machines are so raged out you may have to do a lot of work to it to get it to where you want it it's a matter of looking at quite a few machines and finding the one that's right for you that you're comfortable with and since it's for your personal use try your best not to buy tier 4 emissions engine unless it's still in warranty those parts can get expensive real quick if you need them not that they're bad engines just more stuff to break
  11. raildog


    I think this is the information you need http://www.govplanet.com/jsp/s/howto/howtoBuy.html?title=Form+SF97+for+Government+Surplus
  12. My favorite is my G31 gen3 my EDC is a G43
  13. My EDC gun only comes out of the holster to be wiped down or shot But my Duty gun comes out every night and goes in the safe till the next shift
  14. If you can afford it get both Thermal and Night Vision. I have been trained to find it with thermal shoot it with NV.
  15. Have you linked it to your phone or tablet yet what do you think about that option?
  16. When in Doubt about Tennessee firearm laws just ask Oh Shoot. Sometimes I think he is the guy writing the dang things as much as he knows. Oh Shoot I would like to think you for all that you do for our group.
  17. Welcome back sorry for your loss
  18. I keep going back and forth on the optic I want one bad just can't make my self pull the trigger let us know what you think of it


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