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Gun rattle can paint jobs

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Thought I’d share a few of the camo schemes I’ve messed with. Nothing fancy and far from professional but thought I’d share. Maybe someone may get the nerve to do it on their own.


Somewhat of a tree bark imitation trial here. 


My first ever camo job. Some of you probably remember me posting this years ago.


This was done using only black and grey for something different.


Nothing special, just wanted some FDE break up.


This is the rifle is use for coyote hunting most of the time.


A guy at work made some vinyl cutouts he wanted me to try out and this is what I was able to do. Adhesive vinyl would definitely be much cleaner but it works to break up the outline if you’re in a pinch or hurry. I was not happy with the pattern after trying out the stencils so the next picture is how I finished the look  


Definitely more broken up and “camouflaged”. 

I want to get it outdoors and see how well it’s hidden in the woods.


My mk18! This turned out pretty cool looking. Basically this is brushed with dark earth. I used a thin foam brush, dabbed some little areas of dark earth paint and “smeared” the brush back and forth. It turned somewhat burnt bronze-ish. I liked the look, but it didn’t break up the silhouette as much as I wanted. But as you’ll see in the next picture this outcome worked very good for the base layer color.


Here is how the mk18 looked after I applied some FDE and more dark earth. I’m much happier with this.


My Rem 700 SPS Tactical in .308. Base layers are Aluma Hyde od green, brushes in fde, dark earth, and finally some small sections of black to finish it off. Very happy with how this one turned out!


Edit: Forgot to add my Remington 870 so here it is. 

Edit Part 2: Adding the Savage 110 Tactical 6.5 Creedmoor pictures.



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3 minutes ago, A.J. Holst said:

I understand why you finished your mk18, but agree, the burnt bronze was a cool look.

Yeah, I surely didn’t expect it to turn out that way when I started it. Just though it would be dark brown smears that would need blending to even look good. Really surprised me. I’ll definitely use this method again for background work too. 

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33 minutes ago, -boatman- said:

Those look really good. I wish I had the nerve to try one but I cant see myself getting results like that.


Thank you boatman! Give it a shot. Good thing is, if you mess something up, you can do it again. I am dang sure not a professional and worry every time how it will turn out. But I may make a video next time just to show the process of how I figure out what I’m going to do as I do it. I’ll upload it to my YouTube channel and post it here. 

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5 hours ago, Grand Torino said:

You seem to have the camo thing down pretty well. Nice work!!!

Thank you GT! Understand though, I still get nervous every time I start to do another.  I’m always hoping it turns out good and not just looking like my coloring books when I was 3 😆

42 minutes ago, John75 said:

Those look great. I don't have the stones to try that with any of mine lol. 

Thanks John75, but......do it best gif GIF

Trust me I was nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs on my first one!!

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1 hour ago, hipower said:

Very nice work. I'm not a big camo fan, especially the standard green/browns; but you got some really sharp colors and patterns there. The grey/black and blue base looks really good.

Thanks Hipower! I enjoy trying different methods to see what looks good for me. 

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Grabbed my Ruger 10/22 out of the safe yesterday and gave it a quick little break up pattern. Funny thing is my Mom bought a bunch of spray paint on clearance for 10 cents a can last year some time and asked me if I could use it. I wasn’t sure what I’d do with it but I’m sure glad she picked it up. It’s called Woodland Stone and worked perfect for this pattern. 


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