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Ask me if reloading pays off!!

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It's always best to check several references as you guys are doing.

Back during the Newtown shortage I contacted Alliant and Hodgon and their tech reps were very helpful. Don't hesitate to reach out to them.

I have used whatever powder and primers were available, but check multiple references and the tech folks.

I especially used a burn rate chart when seeking "replacement" or substitute powders.

I loaded many thousands of 9mm rounds using Magnum primers (all that was then available) with no issues. I initially reduced the loads by 5% and chronographed and worked up from there. No problems whatsoever.

The only time I make sure I'm using Magnum primers is when I loading .357 using H-110 or 2400, but then I'm loading for higher velocity rounds.

I use a lot of Unique powder simply because it was the powder I started with several decades back.

Listing what powders you have available, when you have them available, might help with suggestions.


Burn rate chart link.






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On 1/25/2021 at 6:48 PM, Garufa said:

When did you buy the components and at what cost?

This is an excellent point.

I have what I have, but when it comes time to replace? What then?

I watched a newly released vid from the Federal CEO this morning. He actually addresses primers (something of particular interest to many of us). He referred to primers as being sold when they are a surplus item. He said all available primers for the foreseeable future (paraphrasing here) would be used in manufacturing loaded ammo.

So what will the market demand when they are again available?

I'm glad I can handload what I can handload based on the pricing of when I acquired the components, but I have no illusions the cost will be the same when they are once again readily available.

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On 1/26/2021 at 8:10 AM, PoofNoEyeBrows said:

I started off reloading because I'm the type that enjoys doing everything myself by hand. I've never really noticed a significant cost savings except for. 50 BMG which I have to say is substantial. 

Let me know what you need, chances are I might have some of your missing components/powder. I standardized a lot of my plinking recipes a couple years back and have been sitting on about 20 random powders that I know longer use.  Maybe I should just take inventory and post it all up I'm willing to give most of it up free of charge. 

PoofNoEyeBrows, I realize this post is almost 6 months old, but I have a Ad on GOC, looking for some .410 shotgun powder, that I just posted tonight.

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I just knocked out 150 or two hundred 150 gr. wadcutters for 38 Special. I'll use these rounds for out weekly match. The bullets were made from range scrap. The cost per round is in the few cents cost. I don't have to run from Big Box to Big Box looking for 38 Special WC cartridges. Also, a current project is to load 9.3x57. Wonder how much those rounds would cost? How about the 45-90 0r 45-110. Those last two run $5.00 or so a round. You get into any heavy duty reloading and it pays to reload.

I needed a box of 260 Remington. Call a Big Box. Rounds were only $36.00. That's $1.80 each. The cost of components has skyrocketed. Ammo follows the cost of reloading components or vice versa . Might be worth a second thought on the wisdom of reloading.

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On 1/27/2021 at 7:15 AM, TechAlG said:

Every .357 Mag load I have ever seen uses SP primers, not SPM.

In my first hand, been there & done that experience, standard CCI 500 small pistol primers failed to ignite the H110 powder of my .357 Mag load. First time, while tapping the stuck bullet out of the barrel/forcing cone juncture, I thought it had to be a fluke so I tried it again. Nope, not a fluke, as I tapped yet another stuck bullet out of the barrel. Lesson learned - if trying to ignite H110 (or W296; same thing), use a small pistol magnum primer (like a CCI 550).

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I used to load a lot of .357 Magnum loads with H110, 2400, and IMR4227 with standard pistol primers but, never had a stuck bullet. Shot good but, when I bought a chrono I noticed velocities were all over the place. Magnum primers are more consistant with slower powders. 

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My take on it that using a chronograph can be traumatic. When we are comparing cost on handloading one aspect has to be considered. That consideration is what do I want in the cartridges. Using low end bulk rounds is fine if that what you want.

Sometimes it's not just a matter of money. It's what I get for the money spent. When comparing the price of loading, for example, 300 Weatherby compare to store bought cartridges. I can easily beat the $100.00 dollars a box of twenty on 375 H7H.

I can load up rounds for my handguns comparable to those of the high end PD rounds. I'm getting ready to load some 257 Roberts with Barnes bullets. How long do you thing I'd have to wait at the Big Box for those rounds to show up? What about my 338 Federal rounds loaded with Swift bullets? It's not all about money.

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You are oh so right Mowgli Terry, the money is part of it, but certainly not all of it. The fact that at any time you want to go target shooting, competing, hunting, all you have to do it take the time to load up what you need and not worry about does the LGS or Bass pro have what you need. The only thing you need to stock is components. I probably have enough target and hunting ammo that it will take my grandkids to get it all shot up, plus I still have components to load!!

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